Destination Timewarp: An Adventure Time/Dexter's Laboratory Crossover

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All the covers are made by Yoshifraga97 (tbc)
Developer(s) Lone Planet, SamStation, Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) Lone Planet
Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo Epsilon

Release Date(s)
Early 2014
Genre(s) Platform

Beat 'em up

Destination Timewarp: An Adventure Time/Dexter's Laboratory Crossover is a 3D platformer/beat-'em-up created by Lone Planet Productions, in cooperation with Sam Station Inc.™ and Electric Enterprises. It will be released sometime in early 2014 for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Epsilon, ElectriTablet, and the SamStation.

Plot Summary

Dexter travels to the future (i.e. the Land of Ooo) and enlists Finn the Human and Jake the Dog to help him stop his nemesis Mandark from using the Time Warper to dominate both of their worlds. Finn's friends have been kidnapped by the Ice King as well, causing double trouble for the heroes.

Dexter, Finn, and Jake make their way through both eras, completing missions as they go along. They face off against Mandark, the Ice King, and Finn Nega, before eventually coming across a hooded villain who reveals themselves to be Lalavava, Mandark's sister. She locks the heroes in cryogenic tubes and steals Dexter's Prototomic Core, absorbing the energy and becoming a mighty time lord. Mandark later releases them, and together they fight Lalavava, who falls into the void of time, possibly never to be seen again.



Image Name Description
Finn the Human The game's main protagonist, and the hero of the land of Ooo. He's faced off many things, such as the Ice King, the Lich, and many other villains and monsters. He's excited to check out the past and see what it looks like.
Jake the Dog Finn's buddy and sidekick. He has magical powers that allow him to transform into anything, helping him to uncover various secrets and travel across the world.
Dexter Remote
Dexter The young scientist from the past. Kind of arrogant, but has an arsenal of machines and devices to help Finn and Jake. He's kept his lab a secret from his parents for so long... but not quite his sister Dee Dee.


Image Name Description
Princess Bubblegum A good friend of Finn's, and his possible love interest. She sends Finn and Jake on missions when her kingdom's times are hard.
Dee Dee-1
Dee Dee Dexter's annoyingly cute sister. She always knows how to press Dexter's buttons... literally.
BMO Finn and Jake's talking multimedia device. He's one of Finn's other best friends besides Jake.


Image Name Description
Dex mandark 174x252
Mandark The initial main antagonist of the game, and Dexter's nemesis. He's always looking for ways to be better than Dexter, and erasing him from history just might work! But first, he'll have to get past Finn and Jake...
Propd at char iceking
Ice King A secondary villain and Finn's main enemy. After realizing the powers of time travel that could enable him to have Princess Bubblegum all to himself, he joins Mandark to destroy Finn, Jake, and Dexter.
DextersLabLalavava by Wickfield
Lalavava The real main villain, Lalavava is Mandark's sister with a love for all things dark and frightening. She becomes a sort of time goddess towards the end.
Dark Finn the Human
Finn Nega Finn Nega is, of course, dark copy of Finn, but he actually seems to think the opposite. No one knows exactly who he works for, but what is known is that it's his mission to destroy the real Finn.
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