Desperado Kopper (More commonly known as Despo) is a Chao from the Fantendoverse and a member of the Lunar 6.


Despo is a thirteen-year-old Chao born in the Fantendoverse. Though only being 13, Despo is wise in Fantendoverse knowledge and the other members of the Lunar 6 are blissfully unaware of most of the secrets Despo hides... He is fluent in English and joined the Lunar 6 in hopes of exploring new galaxies, and, of course, to fight evil. He apparently knows a lot about Nightwolf and his past adventures, but hides it. (Sometimes, however, facts slip, making Nightwolf question how he knows that, and Despo quickly changes the subject.)


Despo is kind and thoughtful, but is very sneaky. He stands up for what he believes in and is his own man. (Or, rather, his own Chao.) He can keep a secret.


Despo, like all other Chaos, can hover above the ground. He is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can beat up somebody almost twice the size of a regular adult human. Due to his size, he can sneak past things easily, and he can spy on people without being noticed. As mentioned before, he is fluent in English, and Despo is also apparently good with guns.



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