Descent is an MMO game made by Dreams Inc. and released for the PC, Xbox ONE, PS4 and Wii U in 2019, the game takes a lot of inspiration from Andrew Hussie's webcomic, "Homestuck".


One day in the planet Earth a mysterious glowing orb was found by NASA, the orb was small but slowly moved through space and towards Earth, the scientists researched and did everything in their power to stop it, they didn't know why but they just felt that something bad would happen if it came in contact with Earth, but nothing could stop it and eventually it entered Earth's atmosphere, it just seemed to phase through everything until it came in contact with the ground of New York, USA itself, the state was lifted up into the air and dropped, it phased through the planet itself and simply kept falling into the abyss of space until a black hole appeared and sucked the entire city in.

All of the people thought they would die, but instead they landed in a dark world, filled with strange creatures dubbed "Nightmares", these creatures are extremely hostile and seem to come from worlds that can be accessed via strange portals known as "SubWarps", the SubWarps lead to crazy worlds way more strange than anything Earth had seen.

However, lucky for them, many people had been affected physically by the black hole, and had given them strange abilities, such as the ability to create tiny black hole-like portals to store objects, and the ability to mix materials and craft new objects out of nowhere and without the help of machinery, after gaining these abilites a strange alien race living inside the black hole known as "Soanas" started taking interest in them and taught thme how to use these abilities to their advantage and how to survive.

Now, New York, USA is known as "Reliquos" and is counting on the humans with special abilities, which have been labeled "Entdeckers", to collect materials to expand on "Asanser", a giant elevator built out of all of the strange materials which they hope can allow them to explore more and eventually find a way to escape.



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