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Descension is a power in the Fantendoverse reserved only for judges. The only currently known Judge Species is the Beorn, which were mostly killed during the destruction of Zeon. The act of Descension is not to be taken lightly, as it strips deity of their immortality and many of their powers.

A sub-power of Descension is "Stripping". This can only be done on Order and Chaos, and will strip them of their status as the source and representative of order and chaos, respectively. Upon this, their previous energy will be transferred into a spirit which can possess a new host. An interesting difference between Descension and Stripping is that considering the two CAN be killed, murder will also strip them of their title and transform the energy into a spirit.

Descension is notoriously one of the most powerful and hardest to obtain ability in the New Fantendoverse. Attempting to recreate Beorns has led to attempts of artifical Beorns without the sought-after Descension ability and the only successful attempts have come from literally sucking a Beorn of their blood to be used. While other beings with the Descension ability existed prior, they are also notoriously hard to find and cannot be replicated without the ability.


In order to do Descension, a Judge must place their hands over the chest of a deity they need to strip the powers of for five seconds and with their mind focused on relieving the deity of their powers. Some more talented Judges can selectively remove powers through thought.

These powers are lost when the Descension process finishes, possibly forever unless another Ascension takes place.