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Deku Baba
A Deku Baba in Skyward Sword
Rarity Common
Alignment Evil
Average Behavior Aggressive, Immobile (Except Bio Deku Babas & Baba Serpents)
Habitat(s) Forest, Jungles, Caves & Dungeons
Ability/ies Biting
Weapon(s) Teeth
Vulnerable To Fire, Sharp Weaponry
First Appearance Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Latest Appearance Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Horizontal Deku Baba

Bio Deku Baba

Quadro Baba

Baba Serpent

Withered Deku Baba

Shadow Deku Baba

Boko Baba

Fire Baba

Deku Like

Deku Shrub

Deku Stick

Deku Seed

Kalle Demos (Boss)

Diababa (Boss)



Deku Shrubs

Deku Baba is a recurring enemy in The Legend of Zelda (series). Deku Babas attack by trying to bite at Link whenever he approaches near one or tries to attack one. There are many other kind of it's species such as Baba Serpents,Boko Babas, and Quadro Babas. Deku Babas can be defeated when it's stem is cut apart or when it is attacked on it's head. Some variations however such as the Bio Deku Baba will detach themselves and continue fighting and some are more resilient to damage like Kalle Demos & Diababa.


Deku Babas differ somewhat in appearance with regards to their subspecies. The common Deku Baba is a Blue, Venus Flytrap-Esque Plant, about the same size as Adult Link. They usually have thorns and/or leaves along their stem leading up to their head and always heave leaves at the base of their body. They are most commonly Blue on their head with some occasional colour variations. In addition they have small seperated, serrated teeth lining the inside of their mouth which they commonly use to attack.


  • Deku Babas bear a strong resemblance to Piranha Plants, this is a trait they share with Manhandla a Plant Boss from the original Legend of Zelda who was referred to as a Big Piranha Plant
  • Boko Babas are the only Deku Baba species to appear in the Adult Timeline, Canonically, this possibly indicates that unlike other members of Ganondorf's Army, Deku Babas were unable to move quickly enough to higher ground or that higher ground was not very fertile.


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