Deep Sea Dungeon
Deep Sea Dungeon
Deep Sea Dungeon is an RPG game coming for the PSVita, PS4, WiiU, 3DS, and Xbox One.

Playable Characters


Carp is the yellow leader of the party.He is a brave, yet bossy fish who seems tough, but is very frail. Everyone except his fellow fishies hate him.


Trout is a stand-up comedy guy.He's also the cutest of the 3, according to Coral. He isn't that strong, probably because he's too busy making jokes.


Salmon is the smart member of the party.He is easily scared, and is careful of his surroundings, thus his speed stat is low.



Jelly is a luminous jellyfish who carp has a crush on.Despite this, she likes Trout


Larence, Ichog, Lobster is a mustached Lobster who owns a shop.He despises Carp.

King Frogg

King Frogg is a greedy frog who rules all evil tadpoles.He's the first boss.


Tadpoles are the evil minions of Frogg. They are common enemies.

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