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Dedf1sh is a DJ that made her debut in the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion. She's never encountered in the game directly. But she is in charge of making all the music that plays in Octo Expansion.

She used to be a normal Octoling that found herself in an underground facility while pursuing her dreams. Unfortunately,She got sanitized while exploring the facility and haslost a lot of her former self. Despite this,she continues to play music for those that happen to be in the Deep-Sea Metro.

Physical Appearance

Dedf1sh is a Sanitized Octoling. She has green skin with red and black fingers. She wears a white hat with headphones on top of the blue and red tentacles that make up her hair. She wears a pair of Octoling Shades on her face and wears a black shirt with a red wristband.

Game appearances

Splatoon 3: Operation β

Dedf1sh makes an appearance as an NPC in Splatoon 3: Operation β. In this game,She has gotten a new look and she can be found inside the Kamabo Tower. if you talk to her,you can set how frequently certain songs play during matches. However,Most of her dialouge will consist of her being quiet.

In Sunken Scroll 9 of the game,it's revealed that she and the rest of the Denizens of the Deep escaped the Deep-Sea Metro after Kamabo Co. shut down. Ever since then,she has moved to Inkopolis Central to continue making music.

My Hero Academia: Infinite Potential

Dedf1sh Badge

Dedf1sh makes an appearance in My Hero Academia: Infinite Potential as a Sanitised Soul. Her Puppet Fighter is the Pro Hero, Eight, whose movements are extremely erratic, and will try to attack to the beat of the music. Equipping Ded1sh's Soul grants you easier dodging.


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