Current Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Somewhere in USA.
Current Status Alive
Class Magician.
The Elemental Keepers.
Family and Relations
The Elemental Keeprers (friends)
Main Weapon(s) Magic tricks.
Ability/ies Use illusions as attacks, plus can mix and match attacks with the Elemental Keepers.
First Appearance Magic
I just wanted to be an illusionist, not to discover weirdoland!

Dean is a 16 years-old human and the main protagonist of the Magic series. Dean is a illusionist, who discovers the world of Magikos and he discovered that he was the chosen one to defeat the Black Magician. While on the world of Magikos, Dean's illusions become more powerful, at the point that he can defeat the Black Magician's troops.


I guess I am the only sane person here.

Dean is often sarcastic, often outgoing hero.



Dean can use illusions for his attacks. Here's the list of illusions that he can use:

Illusion Description Lv.
Music Replacement Dean replaces the current band to another band. This illusion requires a SD Card with a music, so the player can replace the current song with any song on the SD Card. 1
Good Bye Chair Dean puts an enemy on a chair and makes him disappear. 1
Vroom Summon Dean summons a car with two warriors that serves as a temporary summon. 1
Metal Levitate Dean can levitate small metal objects. 3
What Walls? Dean can go through walls for a short time. 5

Co-Op Moves


  • Dean's name is based on the famous magician Dean Dill.