Deadpool: The Official Video Game is the best god damn game ever made. It was published by these shits and released on a glorifyed tablet, a 4-K peice of shit, the console that's only popular 'cause of Halo, and Gabes magmum opus.


One day, Deadpool (Yours truley) was just relaxing in his appartment, doing random shit and watching The Matrix 1, cause 2 and 3 suck dicks. However, the heroes lifestyle would change soon as someone came a' knockin' at the door. It was a group of nerds from some shitty 3rd party game company who wanted to make a game base of me, Deadpool! How could I say no? So i signed the contract and they gave me the script. At first I was like "What the fuck is this? Reading?" But then I remembered that another Deadpool game already did that, so I decided to actually read it...until it accedently got chopped to bits thanks to a fan and some Tacos. Eh, fuck it. I didn't need it.



W.I.P (It ain't done yet, jackass.)


Character/Name Description


"Badass Killing Machine"

It's your boy, D to the...eadpool. I'm a 4th-Wall breaking, Mexican Loving, ass kicking assasin who has a healing factor that would make Wolverine jelious. Today, I'm on a mission to have the best game ever. Because apperently killing off C-List Villains and making dick jokes is popular now. I'm also the guy you get to play as throughout the entire game, but there are a few moments where you play as another guy...







Deadpool Shorts




Usless shit Trivia

  • Yes, nearly every peice of info on this page is being told by yours truley.
  • I'm wearing Wonder Woman underware right now. They look pretty sexy, ammi right ladies? ;)
  • The game's offical theme is the Deadpool 2 rap by the fine ass guys at Teamheadkick. Credit to 'em for realizing my awesomeness!
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