Dead Earth is an Upcoming Western Open-World RPG Title set to release in July 28th of this year. It is being devolped by Alien Nation California Studios and is an Exclusive title to the Xbox Scorpio.


You explore ruined America in the game and often craft things like weapons and food to survive. There's a hunger meter and a life meter,You must eat in-game food to survive. There is also RPG Like Battles where you can actually use a gun in combat and run around while choosing the options of Attack,Item,Defend and Run,Often there is a secret fifth option called survive. There's also skill trees letting you customise a certain characters Charisma,Trustworthines,Agillity,Health and Speech, You can also use guns and melee weapons in combat like Baseball Bats,Knifes and even A AK-47 with no Ammo in it! You'll also run into other humans too in the wasteland at random letting you trade items for stuff like weapons or furniture for your home. There's also a home or base you can build to live in at random locations and often keep stuff in it aswell as customise it! There is also different allegiances and factions you can join that'll give you missions since you can do missions to get rare items or weapons.


This is dedicated to all the named characters. Feel free to add your own character into the list!


  • Curtis (Allegiance:Good,Faction:FBI)
  • Joshua (Allegiance:Good,Faction:None)
  • Katie (Allegiance:Neutral,Faction:California Survivors Union)
  • Sergeant Blake (Allegiance:Neutral,Faction:Force 1)
  • Nate (Allegiance:Good,Brother of Joshua)
  • John (Allegiance: Salty, Faction: British Armed Forces)
  • More coming soon!


The game started Devolpment in 2009 under the codename of Blackwater. It was developed by a small team and was originally a Top down action RPG Title set to be released on The XBLA and PSN. Soon it got bigger and became a new game on itself. In early 2013 There was a Kickstarter for The Project before finally being revealed at E3 2015 as Dead Earth along with Octovia Noctis,A Hack and Slash title set in The Universe of The JRPG Morganis Blades Of Chaos. Now it has a set release date after it was delayed to release in December 2015.

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