Dazzling Dungeons is a game concept created by TheFandomBoy. It is a type of game that features quests, a hub, various areas, multiplayer, and of course, dungeons. It also features several items that enhance gameplay. The battle system is simple. The battling system is basically like all RPG battle systems. Each turn, the player controls his/her characters to either run, use a spell, or attack, or even an ability. Then it is the enemies turn, then so on. The player wins when the enemies lose all of their health, and loses if the player loses all of his/her health. Also, each ability takes 4 turns to recharge, and 8 for the ultimate. It will be on Mobile, Maybe Steam, and the RamenCup.

Dazzling dungeons



You are a farm-boy named Freddie. You visit your father to the blacksmith, and the moment you go outside, you feel the earth shake! A strange giant skull is destroying cities! You then see death himself and the slime king, they were up to this! Now, you must befriend allies, destroy enemies, and beat dungeons in order to destroy the skull. What will happen? Only you can decide!


Name Icon Description Mobs
Farmland Where Freddie spawns. You can buy food from merchants and talk to villager NPCs. None
Farmer Field After you exit Farmland, you will go to the Farmer Fields. This is when you start your first battle since mobs can spawn here. Worm, Slime,
Critter Forest Where the challenge begins. This forest is the pathway to the biggest city in the game, Acacia city. Slime, Bush Soldier, Tree Guard
Acacia City This city has shops with potions, food, hotels, clothing ,armor, weapons, items, and much more. It also has lots of quests. None
Midnight Way Path to the first dungeon. Bandits will attack you and if you loose, you will lose an item. Bandit
Undead Haven The first dungeon. It contains many undead monsters. There are 10 stages, and you get a reward after completing this dungeon. Skeleton, Zombie, Bat, Mimic, The Eye


Trading System -

Slithereen -


You can always change the name of your characters. There are 9 Classes in the game. They are Hero / Knight, Warrior, Mage, Healer, Rogue, Minion, Blacksmith, Archer, and Necromancer (Ncro. For Short)

Default Name Image Class Abilities Nickname Flavor Text
Hero Trickshot - Do 25% more damage. If you have a ranged weapon equipped, do 50% more damage.

Bawk Bawk Fury - Add Bawk Bawk, Freddy's chicken, as a temporary ally for 3 turns.

ULTIMATE: The Golden Hero - Equip Freddy with Invincible Golden Armor and a 100+ Damage Sword for 2 turns.

The farm-boy "Chosen one" scroll not included.
Mage Respect your Elders - Turn all enemies into old people with slower attack for 2 turns.

Flying Broom - Winona can't be attacked for 2 turns.

ULTIMATE: Witch Power - Restore the recharge of all of your character's abilities

The Old Witch If only she had a reverse age spell.
Warrior Orc Spirit - The whole team gets +10% Damage for 1 turn.

Rage - For the whole battle, Lugdum now has a chance 20% to do a bonus attack when he attacks

ULTIMATE: Orc Commander - Lugdum gets +20% Defense and temporarily spawns 3 Orc Soldiers as Allies for 2 turns.

The Rogue Orc He may look intimidating, but once you get to know him, he's as soft as a pillow.
Ncro. Rise of the dead - Add two skeletons for 2 turns.

Absolute Power - All spells have 10% more effect for 3 turns.

ULTIMATE: Death's Wish - An enemy loses half of their health. Revive a dead ally for half of their health.

The Demented Summoner Mr. Evil is in the building!
Father Hadrian
Healer Group Prayer - All allies restore +10% health.

Blessed - Add two healing potions into your inventory. This can only be used once.

ULTIMATE: Praise the Lord - Add the lord into your team for 2 turns.

The Priest He's not just any killer, He's a lady killer.
Tell me the duck story
Archer Overpoach - Burn an enemy.

Egg Storm - Timothy attacks three times.

ULTIMATE: The Ugly Duckling - Timothy goes into his "true form". Two enemies get paralyzed, and Timothy gets +20% attack for 2 turns.

The Duckling This little duckling brings in a whole new story.
The Arachnid
Fire wizard
Mage Flame Charge - All fire spells do +25% more effect for 2 turns.

Fireball Blitz - Brendan attacks twice, both attacks have 15% more damage.

ULTIMATE: Fierce Flame - All enemies are burned.

The Pyro Wizard "WHOO! I'M ON FIRE TODAY!"
The Cultist


Minions can be spawned with spells, by a necromancer, or by an ability. They do not have ultimates. They can also be on the enemy team.

Name Image Abilities Nickname Flavor Text
Ooze Battleground - All enemies get -20% accuracy for 2 turns.

Don't Die - If this dies this turn, resurrect it into a weaker slime with no abilities.

The Slippery Foe He's not the borax type of slime.
Bloodsucker - Once you hurt an enemy, this gets +10% attack.

Bat Barrage - This attacks 3 times.

The Sucker for Blood He takes out normies with his screeches.
Swamp Strike - If this is still alive in 3 turns, this turns into a swamp protector.

Body Slam - Do 25% extra damage.

The Fat Soldier Donkey not included.
Bush Soldier
Regrowth: Heal an ally by +10%.

Berry Bonanza - This attacks 3 times.

The Forest Friend One day, he wants to run for president.
Swamp Protector
Swamp protector
Ogre Recruiting - Add two Ogres to the team.

The Sword of the Swamps - This gets a sword that gives +25% attack for two turns.

The Ogre Guardian Protecting swamps since 2001.
Misfortune - All enemies get -15% luck.

Yellow Gem - An enemy gets paralyzed.

The Imposter Chest He worked at a storage unit once. It didn't go very well.


Bosses are enhanced enemies that cannot be befriended. There are some that can, however.

Name Image Abilities Nickname Flavor Text
Tree Guard
Tree guardian
Environmental Reinforcements - Add two Soldier Bushes to the team.

Plant Healing - Heal a dead plant to full.

ULTIMATE: Ecosystem Power - Add +10% To the whole team's stats for 2 turns

The Tree Guardian Don't talk bad about his hair, trust me...
The Eye
Dark Aura - Other corrupted allies regain +20% of health

Corruption: Make a hole under one enemy. They cant attack for 2 turns.

ULTIMATE: The Naked Eye: This gets +50% attack for 2 turns.

The Corrupt Pedestal Eye see you!
Yin yang
Yin's Evil - All enemies lose 15% accuracy for 3 turns.

Yang's Good Deeds - The whole team regains +150 health

ULTIMATE: Yin-Yang Flow - All enemies lose 30% accuracy for 6 turns and the whole team regains +300 health. This can only be used once.

The Good and Evil You might think they are friends after being stuck to each other for centuries, but believe me, they're not.
Assassin Bug
Ass ass in
Smoke Bomb-The Assassin Bug can't be hit for one turn.

Corpse Crunch-Goes up in the air and deals +30 damage to 2 allies.

ULTIMATE: The Injection-A hero is poisoned for three turns. Can be used twice in one whole boss battle.

The Shady Beetle The shifter of shapeshiter, The sass in assasin, the beetle in bug...
Bite - An enemy is poisoned.

Attraction - An enemy is confused.

ULTIMATE: Serpent's Kiss - An enemy is poisoned, paralyzed, and confused.

The Snake Woman Hurry! Fireball it!
King Slime
King slime2
Slime Recall - Add two slime minions to the team.

Gooey Surprise - Two enemies are covered in slime and cannot attack for 2 turns.

ULTIMATE: Sticky Slam - ALL enemies are covered in slime and cannot attack for 2 turns.

The Slime Enforcer The other slimes wonder what happened to the Queen. They think the king ate her.
May Death be Upon you - Kill an ally. This can only be used once.

Night of the ghosts - Turn all enemies into weak ghosts for 3 turns.

ULTIMATE: Gravestone Protection - A gravestone is put in front of death. He can only be attacked when the gravestone is destroyed, and it takes 3-4 hits to destroy it.

The Master of the Dead There would be a joke here if it didn't kill anyone who read it.
May Death be Upon you - Kill an ally. This can only be used once.

Death Laser - All enemies become paralyzed.

ULTIMATE: Humanity's Destruction - Kill two allies. This can only be used once.

The Final Boss So, you've come this far... good luck, hero!



Name Objectives Obtained By
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