ヒカリ Hikari
Dawn Kotobukiya
AGE 10 (anime)
BIRTHPLACE Twinleaf Town (player/anime)
Sandgem Town (rival)
Johanna (mother)
CLASS Pokémon Trainer (games)
Pokémon Coordinator (anime)
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions
Pokémon Platinum Version
Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese; anime)
Emily Jenness (English; anime)

Dawn, also known as Platinum Berlitz in the Pokémon Adventures manga, is a fictional character in the anime, manga and video game versions of the fourth generation of Pokémon also known as Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl in Japan.

She is a female counterpart who travels with Ash and Brock as they make their way through the Sinnoh Region, in the anime, Dawn is a beginner Pokémon Coordinator who tries to follow in the footsteps of her mother whom already became a champion in her younger days, during the beginning of the story, Dawn is waiting for the day to be a Pokémon Trainer and become Pokémon Master., After turning 10 years old, she goes to Prof. Rowan to get her first Pokémon—when she chooses Piplup she makes her way through the eight Pokémon Gym, collects all the badges and enter the hall of origin.

Throughout the series she starts as a resident of Twinleaf Town whom lives with her Mother; her male counterpart is Lucas and her chief rival is Barry. In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Platinum Berlitz is the daughter of a wealthy family.


Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond

In Super Mario Silver Spurs 2: Adventures Beyond, Dawn rejoins Ash's group again along with Maylene. Then, Ash's group joins Mario on his quest to stop the Dark Vortex trio. She is also on the Strawberry Kiwi Punch Gogurt tube produced by Yoplait to promote Super Mario Silver Spurs 2.

Nintendo Gals: Smash Tag Rumble

Dawn is one of the default characters in Nintendo Gals: Smash Tag Rumble. She makes use of the Pokémon Piplup, Monferno, Torterra, Lopunny, Pachirisu, and Glameow.


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