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David and Thomas: Battle of the Brothers is game for the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance and the first installment in the David and Thomas series. The game features the two heroes of the game David and Thomas. The game's villains are Max Power and Roger Power. David and Thomas: Battle of the Brothers is Rated E10 and was released in September 2004. A multiplayer mode is in the game as Player 1 can be David and Player 2 is Thomas, but when the game is beaten Player 1/2 can be either David or Thomas.


The game begins where it was a hot normal summer day in Middletown and David and Thomas were out drinking sodas until they both here a rumbling noise. They both hide and later find out it was Max Power's Spaceship and it was shooting it's lazer and it shot right at the store, the two were found and they both were running until they hid behind a hardware store. The brothers sneaked into the ship and find out Max's secret plan. Max's plan was he will destroy all the buildings in the city, replace them with Powers Industry, and make everyone work for life making Middletown into a destroyed and polluted wasteland. But this time Max isn't working alone this time he got his brother Roger to join on his plan. David and Thomas rushed out of the ship before being caught and they were shocked about Max and Roger's plan so they both decide to stop the two's plan and save the city.


Area 1:

The Suburbs

Area 2:


Area 3:

The Megamall

Area 4:

The Park

Area 5:

Adventureworld Theme Park

Area 6:

West Middletown

Area 7:

Max Power's Spaceship

Area Bosses

Area 1

Boss 1: Sam Shotgun

Boss 2: The Drill-inator 5000

Area 2

Boss 1: Miles Machete

Boss 2: Wormhole

Area 4

Boss 1: Bombdad

Boss 2: The Destruct-inator

Area 5

Boss 1: Dr. Apocolypse

Boss 2: Eternal Moonshine

Area 6

Boss 1: Demon Dragon

Boss 2: The Quadra-Leg 9000

Area 7

Boss 1: The Eliminators

Final Bosses: Max and Roger Power


In the game you can play as David or Thomas by switching characters and if one dies like for example if Thomas dies he lies there on the floor for a minute until his health is fully restored, but if both David and Thomas die then you have to start at the checkpoint or at the start of the level. The game is up to four players them being David, Thomas, Matt, and Travis. The game is also free roam and you can do many things like buy items, play mini games, or do sidequests. Each time your character gets hurt there's no need for a health bar the health restores itself like in all David games. As four players you can play fun minigames together or battle. There are also some hidden stuff in the game like in Level 2 of Area 2 you can find a Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga poster on the wall or in Level 3 in Area 5 you can find a rollercoaster that looks like the rollercoaster California Screamin' in Disney California Adventure. The game has cheats but not a lot, one of the famous cheats is the $5000 cheat and the never die cheat.