David Party is a party game spin-off in the David series by Master Productions Incorporated which stars David characters for the Master Pro. David Party's story is divided into Chapters and it's locations are from the David series. The game is Rated E and it's release date is unkown as of now, but rumored to have a Late 2012 - Early 2013 release. Many mini-games can be played and a Multiplayer and Online feature is avalible. David Party focuses on David and his friends returning the Seven Party Elements to restore the party back into peace.


The Big Middletown Party has come and everyone in Middletown is invited especially David is invited! But the only person who wasn't invited was Max and Roger so they crash the party and ruin everything, now the David crew has to stop the evily duo and save the big Middletown Party and have some fun! Max and Roger have also have an evil plan of their own as they capture all Seven Party Elements and David and friends must get them back and restore peace back so the party can continue.


There are 7 chapters in story mode

Chapter 1: The Big Party comes to Town!



  • Downtown
  • The Park
  • Wuzzabub's Water Park
  • Adventureworld Theme Park
  • West Middletown
  • The Dark Forest
  • Smasrtsville
  • Smartsville University
  • Adventureworld Water Park
  • Jewelsburg
  • Powersville
  • Powers Industry Building
  • Limal Mountains
  • The Ancient Ruins of Limal
  • Computer Caverns
  • Furious Forest
  • Bright Blizzards

Playable Characters



  • Ruby
  • Roger Power
  • Challzo
  • Henry
  • Jimmy
  • Jake the Jwump
  • Fred the Fistnot
  • Alan the Akiloy
  • King of David's Dreamworld




Easy as Pumpkin Pie - Very Easy

Relaxing - Easy

Neat - Average

Darn.... - Hard

Leapin' Lizards! - Very Hard

Holy Guacamole! - Super Hard



  • Master Online is rumored to be in the game.
  • David Party is one of the only Rated E David games and the same with the other spin-offs in the series.
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