Dashed Koopa: Knocked Out is a game by Stelios7 for the Series Swap Day 2. It shows a more darker side to the series learning about Dashed Koopa's mysterious past.


Dashed Koopa was still surviving as a salesman, but what had his life come to 24 and selling 'fake' jewellery.

He got kicked out of Waresh City 2 years ago now. The days went slowly. Selling 'fake' treasures. Can you understand why Dashed got kicked out now?! He had the right not to be run out of town, he was a citizen. The people wouldn't believe his identity.

Now, stuck in Three-One-Four selling 'fake' goods to citizens, the majority give them a evil stare. As his feeble body rose he thought my life is slipping away.

One of the most depressing things is that he hasn't see his sister in 2 years and his parents in 23 years.

Watch his story unfold from how he got here as you try to establish a boxing career. Good Luck, you'll need it!

Dashed awoke from a fitful sleep, to see 3 burly men covered in black clothing, only, Dashed could just about work out what he was saying, "Koopa, your under arrest.", "What? How Where?" "What you say could be taken into questioning and into a possible trial." "Ok. But -" "


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