A Dash Pepper in Super Mario Star Journey.

A Dash Pepper is a berry-like pepper which first appeared in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It transformed Yoshi in Dash Yoshi, which gave him the ability to walk up walls and run on water at high speeds.


Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

The Dash Pepper reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.5, identical to it's appearance in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It first appears in Woody Wilds Galaxy in the level, Top Speed in the Treetops, where Mario must race up trees with Dash Yoshi.

Super Mario Star Journey

Dash Peppers made another appearance in Super Mario Star Journey. They are found in Stonecarving Valley, in the Mission Pepper Dasherator. They were usually found on walls and ceilings. In Polar Volcano's mission, Burn the Whole Place, Toad must speed through freezing liquid. He also needs help from Yoshi, who needs Dash Peppers to speed up. This is need to hit a particular switch which burns the whole volcano.

RedYoshi's Universal Conquest

The Dash Pepper makes its return in the game RedYoshi's Universal Conquest. It is one of RedYoshi's Berry power-ups, along with the Bulb Berry and the Blimp Berry.

Super Mario Universal

The Dash Pepper allows Yoshi to run at supersonic speeds, as in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Mario Kart Silver

The Dash Pepper appears as a new item in Mario Kart Silver. In the game, it is super rare, as one can only obtain it in eleventh or twelfth. It acts as almost the same as the Bullet Bill item, though the difference is that it lets the player control where they are going, allowing them to take shortcuts or cut through patches of dirt. Like the Bullet Bill, the Dash Pepper will also make the user invincible, and race at a faster speed, though the Dash Pepper's speed is much faster. Once used, the Dash Pepper also makes the racer glow red, which will start to dim as the Dash Pepper's effect wears off.

Super Mario: Multicolored Mayhem

Dash Peppers appear once more in Super Mario: Multicolored Mayhem, as well as the Blimp Fruit, and the new Chilly Bean. They can be found in Yoshi's Tree Town. Yoshi can eat this fruit to run up walls and across water currents. It loses it's power after a certain limited amount of time.

Mario Kart Silver

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