You don't eat gum, but you chew that. Simple, isn't it? Chewing gum.
Darwin, The Banana, The Amazing World of Gumball

Fusionfall: CN and Nintendo Collide

This is the first fanon game in which Darwin appears(along with Gumball).

Orange 'n' Green

In Super Mario Silver Spurs: The Crossover Vacation, Darwin goes with the rest of the Watterson family on vacation. He becomes a companion to Luigi in the same way that Gumball does to Mario. In fact, Darwin even becomes a friend to Bowser Jr.

Dog and Cat Goldfish

Darwin also appears in Gumball: Double Trouble as a major character. He has a slight rivalry with Mint Chewers in the game; however, his knowledge of underwater environments helps the group throughout their mission.

Gumball vs. Jimmy Neutron

Here he appears as a playable character, rival to Godard.

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