Darmanitan Slam series
Developer(s) VictoryStar
Publisher(s) Logo
Genre(s) Platformer
Spinoff(s) Darmanitan Slam Party
First Game Darmanitan Slam
Most Recent Game Darmanitan Slam U
Nintendo 3DS
Wii U

The Darmanitan Slam series is a series of games starring the Blazing Pokémon, Darmanitan. The first game of the series is Darmanitan Slam. The series was rebooted with the game Darmanitan Jam.

Main Characters

Darmanitan The main hero of the series. He is known for his incredible strength and his love for Nanab Berries. Darmanitan Dream
Darumaka Darmanitan's best friend. He is very smart and has a large knowledge of gadgets. He is also short-tempered. Darumaka Dream
Pan Brothers Friends of Darmanitan and Darumaka. They sell invaluable items to the two on their adventures. 511Pansage Dream Pansear Dream
Panpour Dream
Lilligant A beautiful Pokémon who has a love interest in Darumaka. She is the princess of the Forest area. Lilligant Dream
Emboar The main antagonist of the games. His strength surpasses Darmanitan's, but he is less coordinated. Emboar Dream
Pignite Emboar's spoiled son. Pignite wishes to follow in his father's footsteps when he grows up and take over the island. Pignite Dream
Excadrill A Pokémon hired by Emboar in Darmanitan Slam. After being defeated by Darmanitan, he fled somewhere. His current whereabouts are unknown. Excadrill Dream
Milotic A Pokémon who resides in the the Beach area of Pokémon Island. She first met Darmanitan and Darumaka when she helped them defeat a giant Octillery. Milotic Dream
Tepig Pignite's cousin. Unlike his cousin and uncle, Tepig does not want to be evil. Emboar and Pignite trapped him in Darmanitan Slam Party, but Darmanitan saved him. Tepig Dream
Drilbur Excadrill's relative. His best friend is Tepig, since they share the same feeling of not wanting to be evil. Excadrill trapped him, but was saved by Darmanitan. Drilbur Dream


Main Series


  • Darmanitan Slam Party - The first spin-off of the series. It features a Mario Party gameplay. It also features some new characters: Reuniclus, Leavanny, Simipour, Simisage, Simisear, Tepig, and Drilbur.


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