Darmanitan Dream
Darmanitan, hero of the jungle.
BIRTHPLACE Pokémon Island (Jungle area)

Darmanitan is the main hero in the Darmanitan Slam series. His best friend is Darumaka. Darmanitan has been known for his super-strength and his love for Berries. He has also been dubbed as the king and protector of the jungle.


Darmanitan is mostly laid-back, lazy, and loves to relax in his hut in the jungle. He spends his days collecting Berries and being with his best friend, Darumaka. He only uses his strength for good reasons, but so far the only reasons are if his Berries have been taken or if he is protecting the island. He likes to eat all kinds of Berries, but his most favorite kind of all is the Nanab. Around three-fourths of his Berry hoard is all Nanab Berries.

Darmanitan is, at times, very fearless. He will do anything to protect his friend Darumaka, who is smaller than him. He will also try very hard to defeat a villain when it comes to getting his Berry hoard back. He also has a short temper and can cause problems if he misreads a situation. His strength gets a little out of hand when he becomes angry.

Powers and Abilities

Darmanitan is famed for his strength. His punches are fast and powerful. His trademark ability is Hammer Arm, which is used to stun nearby enemies by slapping the ground. He gets rid of enemies by jumping on them or rolling into them with the Rollout ability. He has also mastered Superpower. Darmanitan is always in his Standard Mode, but when he needs it most, he is capable of changing into the Zen Mode. In Zen Mode, all of his physical strength becomes mental strength. He attacks by releasing strong psychic waves that can defeat any enemy. There is a limit to the Zen Mode, so when Darmanitan gets too tired he will switch back to his Standard Form.

Game Appearances


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