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Darkness (Cursed Enigma)
Full Name Darkness
Current Age Infinity
Date of Birth Beginning of Eternity
Gender Male
Location Darkness Realm
Current Status Undead
Family and Relations
Shadow Being - Minions

Mateo - Main Minion

Main Weapon(s) Darkness
First Appearance Cursed Enigma (2012)
Latest Appearance Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm (2013)
Darkness is the main Antagonist in the Cursed Enigma (Series).


Cursed Enigma

Darkness appears as the final boss in the game. He resides in his base, Darkness Sky, where he guards the final part of the mega jewel, the Moonlit Sphere. The player must slice off Darkness's tendrils, before hitting the back side of his head. The player must repeat this 5 times, to defeat him. He will regenerate 10 seconds after his tendrils are knocked off.

Fantendo Nightmare

Darkness appears as the boss of Chapter 43: Darkness Realm. His boss fight is similar to that of his appearance in Cursed Enigma.

Cursed Enigma: The Secret of the Wind

Darkness reappears as a boss in this game. It is unknown if the fight is the same.

Moonlight Racing

Darkness appears as an unlockable driver in this game. He is very slow but has a good drift, his vehicle is entitled the Black Squid.

Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm

Darkness reappears in the sequel, where he must be fought again, in exactly the same way. He appears in Level 8, the Shadow Catacombs and Level 10, the Sky Temple, where the player must fight all the bosses from Cursed Enigma, who were resurrected by Robo.