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Darklight (or Dark Light)




Developer(s) Lightning Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo/Nintendo
Platform(s) SNES

TurboGrafx16 (cancelled)

Release Date(s)
April 12, 1993

Multiplayer Co-Op

Age Rating(s)
Mature 12+
Genre(s) Indie


Series Dark Light
Successor Darklight II: Gears of Dust

Dark Light is a Action/RPG game of Lightning Studios, developed by Lightning Studios for the SNES and Sega Genesis in 1993.

On August 27, 2016, Lone Planet Productions purchased the rights to the game and its sequel.


An island called Florisbelli, there was a family with the surname of Mayden. And that family was the most powerful weapon of an entire world. This secret has been revealed by Mayden family, the family showed this powerful weapon, which seemed only a sword. But it was a sword with cosmic powers of a supernova, the sword glowed per century. Only there was a problem, the islanders sucked one of cosmic powders and then began to feel very, very badly. People disintegrated into cosmic powders and the island became uninhabited. Then the sword was hidden by Mayden family. Only one day, the sword was stolen by a secret villain to world domination. Someone says is the oppose of a angel, and someone says is the devil itself. The villain has wrote a letter to the Mayden family. The letter was written in Maori, and said: Tana patu kaha, naku. Ka maka e ahau ki roto ki wāhi, me te hanga i te supernova ao. Meinga he pakaru gamma hihi, e whakangaro i te whenua. No one understand. Then they need to figure out what that letter said before the cosmic dust spreading across the world and exterminate the human race.


Character Description Advantages Disvantages
Scott Mayden Principal character of the game, 24 years old, for safe he have a pistol and a car, and a flashlight.
  • Flashlight can exterminate ghosts
  • The pistol is a good weapon
  • He jump slower

Rosa Yorkwich GD

Rosa Yorkwich

She have a Crystal Sword, a powerful sword made of crystals. She's 11 years old, and she is born on England. The last survivor of Florsbelli accident.
  • Sword can slash various enemies
  • Vulnerable to high falls


Character Description
Cosmik First boss, master of cosmos, and space. He have powerful psychic powers.


Name Photo Description
Florisbelli Florisbelli The unknown island of the game.
Florisbelli TV HQ Florisbelli TV The main television network of Florisbelli.


  • X = Attack
  • B = Jump
  • A = Run


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