Darkest Skies Official Poster
Written by Buziel
Main Theme "Sometimes" by My Bloody Valentine
Co-Writer YoshiEgg
Original Run March 1st, 2011 - May 9th, 2011
Genre Serial Drama, Thriller and Mystery
Motto "Revenge converts a little right, into a great wrong."
Total Chapters 51
Air Dates Monday-Friday
Status Ended


Revoir, arrives at his new hometown to meet his sister after many years of not seeing her, when he arrives he finds out she died, he vows to find the killer, who he thinks was the family that she was working for at the time, he then decides to move in with the family with a new personality and confidence, a victim of the "wolves", his sister suffered, he becomes a "wolf" himself to seek revenge within the "den of wolves" that are the Genevieves and the "darkest of skies" as are the situations and obstacles.

Main Characters

Leopold Montgomery "Leo" - (Originally known as, Revoir Mantabelo) Kind and wise, was in pain to the fact his sister died, from that point on, he becomes a cruel and cold hearted person wanting revenge, by destroying the Genevieves. Main Protagonist/Anti-Hero

Zandra Betancourt - (Originally known as, Lea Welno) Friend of Revoir, cares for him like a brother, helps Revoir with as much as she could/Acts as the cousin of Leopold, in order to help him get his revenge. Co-Protagonist

Mirror De Genevieve - Madam of the Mansion of Anastasia(House Of Anastasia), mother of Madeline, Lawrence, Olivia and Quentin, she is vain and cruel. Primary Antagonist

Madeline Genevieve - She is cruel and manipulative, she sets her eyes on Revoir and does anything to keep him in the palm of her hands. Secondary Antagonist

Lawrence Genevieve - He is arrogant and cruel, helps his mother with her plans and tries to control Revoir/Framed by Leopold. Co-Antagonist

Victoria Chandler - Loyal servant of the Genevieve's, understanding and cooperative, unknown to the conducts that are committed within the family.

Xavier Ruiz y De Teresa - Brother of Mirror De Genevieve, returns to the house of anastasia after a call from Zandra, although her plans backfire on her, he is cruel and passive aggressive. Antagonist



  • The name of "Darkest Skies" has been changed numerous of times as it was originally to be called "Dark Intrusions" then "Darkest Shadows".
  • Like the other two series, in which "Chapter 24" is a flash-back based chapter, this is also true for, Darkest Skies.
  • Originally due to its different way of ending, Iceario thought of making a sequel series.
  • Longest production so far by Iceario/Buziel, having a total of 51 chapters.
  • Its soundtrack was forever lost due to the closing YouTube account of the creator, but some were recycled in newer productions.
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