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Dark Woods IV: Descend
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U, The V², PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Dark Woods
Predecessor Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns
Successor Dark Woods V: Freak Show
Mode(s) Single player, Multi-Player

Dark Woods IV: Descend is a horror action-adventure game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for the V², Nintendo Wii U and PlayStation 4. It is the fourth installment of the series and takes place roughly two years after the events of Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns and an unknown time after Fantendo Sports Resort.


Like in the previous installments Dark Woods IV is an open world environment where the characters are free to roam around and explore different parts of the woods. Five playable characters appear in the game although only two can be used at a time, you are free to change characters when one is in the hub. In co-op mode both of the characters can be controlled by the players when entering a new level. All characters have their own unique abilities that can aid them in different situations.

When Hein and the other three enter the Dark Woods a special spell of The Threat extract the powers of them making them weak again. The same happened to Ashley and Nostradamus when Eight entered the Dark Woods. They can level throughout the game and gain new abilities along the way. They can obtain new weapons and abilities when defeating bosses, while others have to be bought at the shops or just hidden in treasures in the Dark Woods. The support abilities have mostly turned into passive abilities of which only one can be activated at a time, but can be switched as long as they are out of battle.

Of course the Deity Masks also return. They stay the same as the previous game only this time around every character has two masks duo to the addition of Ashley to the team. There also is another Mask hidden in the game that can be used by all, but a secret boss needs to be defeated beforehand.

In addition there is a side-story that requires two players, and thus cannot be played alone. It revolves around Shiphrah and Ephraim's quest in the Dark Woods. Unlike the main story mode their gameplay is a lot more limited. They don't have Deity Masks. They can level up and gain new abilities, but only have two variations for their weapons and one support ability.


Action Control
Move L
Camera R
Center camera R3
Jump B
Melee attack Y
Block A
Interact X
Scroll abilities R1/L1
Deity Mask R2 + L2
Open menu/ pause +
Map -
Menu navigation up/down/left/right

Weapons & Abilities

Hein is probably the most all around character in the game, and also the one with the most options of variety. His main weapon is the scythe which is best used for close combat and inflicts good amount of damage, his whip is a side weapon that has somewhat longer reach but inflicts less damage, but can be used to grab certain objects (replacing the function of his tail in previous games). His stats are very all-around.



Hein's Skeleton Scythe.png Blood Scythe.png Ghoul Scythe.png Surgeon Scythe.png Unicorn Scythe.png Aries Sign.png Franken Scythe.png
Skeleton Scythe Blood Slicer Ghoul Reaper Operating Surgeon Majestic Unicorn Aries Sign Franken Scythe
the default scythe of Hein more blood is drawn from opponents to heal yourself boosts the damage depending on the amount of combo's performed every killed enemy gives an exp boost less energy is used when performing nocturnal energy gives a boost to every stat automatically repulses enemies when taking too much damage


Barbed Wire.png Maleficent Thorn.png Dragon Scale.png Morning Star.png
Barbed Wire Maleficent Thorn Dragon Scale Morning Star
the default whip of Hein has the chance to give the opponent a poison or a sleep effect immediately attacks after a parry with a flare damage dealt increases when low on health


Nocturnal Energy

  • Nocturnal Disc: Hein creates a disc in his hands that he can throw in any wishes direction. It has good range but lacks damage.
    • Nocturnal Buzz Saw: An upgraded version of the disc that does a lot more damage and adds a staggering effect.
  • Nocturnal Explosion: Hein holds his hand in front of him and a sphere of nocturnal energy appears and explodes when complete.
  • Nocturnal Flower: Hein plants a nocturnal flower on the ground which explodes when an enemy touches it.
  • Nocturnal Sphere: Hein twirls around and creates a sphere around him out of nocturnal energy which deflects projectiles, but has slow start-up time and consumes a much energy.
  • Nocturnal Levitation: Hein twirls upwards surrounded with nocturnal energy and can immediately levitate afterwards.
  • Nocturnal Wisp: Hein launches a small projectile that floats in the air for some time but then expands to a black hole that sucks all the enemies near it, but won't suck them in completely.
  • Nocturnal Pentagram: Hein summons five orbs of nocturnal energy around him in a pentagram and they will home to nearby enemies.
  • Nocturnal Reaper: Hein summons the Grim Reaper of Dark Woods, a skeleton wearing a cape made out of nocturnal energy and wields a nocturnal scythe. It will attack for Hein until all his energy is gone. He can be drawn back early as well.

Whip & Scythe

  • Combo+: Extends the combo by one.
  • Whiplash: an alternate finisher for the whip that makes you rapidly slash with the whip.
  • Binding Slash: bind the enemy with the whip and throw them away.
  • Defensive Whip: swirl the whip around you with telekinesis for a short time for protection.
  • Scythe Raid: let's you throw your scythe.
  • Spinning Scythe: rapidly spin around with the scythe, can be moved while spinning.
  • Earthquake: slam with the scythe into the ground cracking the ground and sending surrounding enemies into the air.
  • Salto Scythe: you will make a salto upwards with the scythe hanging out.
  • Salto Scythe (air): you will spin forwards in the air.
  • Slice-m-up: performs a combo of several slashes with the scythe while you have to press the right buttons to continue.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: Allows you to breathe underwater for one minute.
  • Level 2: Time limit is expanded to 5 minutes.
  • Level 3: There is no time limit.


  • Level 1: Allows you to slowly hover in the air while descending.
  • Level 2: Let's you glide through the air on average speed while descending.
  • Level 3: Glide speed has increased and you're able to fly upwards as well.


Grim Reaper Mask.pngGrim Mask Hein wears a mask that resembles the Grim Reaper and automatically also wears a black cloak that resembles the one of the Grim Reaper. The mask upgrades your Scythe to the next level. If you already have the Ghoul Scythe then it will upgrade to the Dimensional Scythe which has all the abilities of the previous scythes plus it will create a dimensional rift every time is slices that pulls enemies in.
Ek Chuaj Mask.pngEk Chuaj Mask Hein wears a mask that resembles Ek Chuaj, one of the Gods of the Mayans. He reveals a giant empty bag which he can fill with lots of enemies until the bag is full. While he carries the bag he can stab through the bag with a spear that also comes with the mask. However the long you wait with attacking the stronger the finishing move will be when the mask time is over. When facing a boss only the boss can be caught in the bag and no additional enemies. A boss can't be caught in the bag when there are already enemies inside of it as well.
Hades Mask.pngHades Mask Hein wears a mask that resembles Hades, one of the Twelve Olympians from Greek mythology, or rather the helmet he wears. When wearing this mask Hein can summon the Gates of Hell. Hein is able to choose between three deities to summon from Hell. The first one is Cerberus who he can ride and inflict damage with, the second one are the Fates who will support Hein by using their dark magic. The last one is Hydra who is used as an ultimate defense, as Hein sits on it although it can't move. Once a head is cut it will multiply with 2 until there are 7 heads total. After that the defense will weaken.

Lily is a more agile character in the sense that her speed and defense are much higher than others. She has the least amount of power but makes up with that for her other stats. She has many status and support abilities which come in quite handy. She however is a long-range character and really can't fight up close. Most of her attacks have a chance of binding an enemy, preventing them from moving.



Crescent Staff.png Royal Scepter.png Holy Executioner.png Bo Peep Shepherd.png Wicca Staff.png Dream Catcher.png Fountain of Youth.png Virgo Staff.png
Crescent Staff Royal Scepter Holy Executioner Bo Peep Shepherd Wicca Staff Dream Catcher Fountain of Youth Virgio Sign
default drops more money from enemies increases the power stat slightly increases binding effect on enemies halves healing rate and increases energy recovery speed has additional sleeping effect and more effective against the undead immediately heals when in a pinch and uses less energy initiates a protecting barrier when getting attacked by many enemies


Lunar Energy

  • Warp Crescents: Lily throws a lunar energy projectile in the shape of a crescent forwards.
  • Healing Wave: Lily restores a little bit of damage.
  • Celestial Fireworks: Lily creates sparks around her that blows enemies around her away.
  • Heavenly Light: Lily summons a light from above on her that covers a huge area and rapidly damages anyone in range with very small damage.
  • Lunar Blast: Lily can charge up a ball of lunar energy that she then shoots forwards.
  • Lunar Binding: Lily shoots out a string of lunar energy that attached to an opponent that then can be thrown away.
  • Light Pillar: Lily summons a glowing spot on the ground that she can move around and then a pillar of light barges up inflicting massive damage.
  • Teleport: Lily teleports forwards in a dashing motion.
  • Mine Field: Lily summons mines of light around herself that explode on impact with an enemy.
  • Astral Projection: Lily leaves a projection of herself behind to take damage for her.
  • Moon Blizzard: Lily shoots a chunk of ice that will freeze the opponent.
  • Icicle Light: Lily summons icicles above her head and sends it into several directions around her to the ground.
  • Lunar Petal: Lily takes residence in a petal of light and restores energy.
  • Lunar Laser: Lily shoots a line over the ground followed by a laser that goes over that line.
  • Astral Moon: Lily summons an astral projection of the moon and throws it down on the ground creating a huge explosion.
  • Luna: Lily calls upon the Moon Spirit Luna who will fight for Lily. She will stay there until all of Lily's energy is empty. When Luna leaves she will shine brightly causing massive damage to any enemy on screen.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: Consumes all energy to heal yourself.
  • Level 2: Consumes 50% energy to heal yourself.
  • Level 3: Consume 25% energy to heal yourself.

Luminous Sight

  • Level 1: Lights up the area around you to navigate in darker places.
  • Level 2: Extends the reach of the light around you.
  • Level 3: Blinds enemies who come step into the light's range.


Brahma Mask.pngBrahma Mask Lily wears a mask that resembles the God Brahma, a Hindu God. Her skin gets a blue aura around it and she grows four extra arms in addition to the two she already has. The extra arms allow her to fight up close, as opposed to her long-range combat style. She can endlessly continue combo's and trap opponents in it. Her speed is enchanted so the opponent will be easier to trap and harder to get out of. When throwing crescents they will be thrown at 360 degree and basically every other projectile will do so as well.
Buddha Mask.pngBuddha Mask Lily wears a mask that resembles the deity Buddha, the main entity worshiped in Buddhism. Unlike all the other masks this mask doesn't have any psychical attacks. When wearing it holy light will shine down on Lily. This light will constantly heal her and makes it almost impossible for her to die. The side-effect, she has not many abilities left.
Skadi Mask.pngSkadi Mask Lily wears a mask that resembles Skadi, a Norse Goddess. The mask will grant her incredible ice powers. All of her moves are altered to have an ice effect to it. Some projectiles have become icicles, others have been turn into blizzard storms. For example also her Lunar staff has been turned into an icicle staff. However her standard healing magic has disappeared and now will just cause a freezing effect to the enemies.

By far, Rai is the strongest character in the game. Despite him being more focused on strength he lacks abilities and energy attacks. He has the element of thunder which is used in several attacks. He has a low defense and health but a great amount of strength and speeds to make up for that.



Dental Bright.png Metal Plate.png Golden Thug.png Vampire Bite.png Brace Yourself.png
Dental White Metallic Plate Golden Thug Vampire Bite Brace Yourself
default increases defense when found in a pinch make enemies drop more munny, hp and energy orbs drains blood in exchange for health all attacks penetrate enemies much more and slightly increases defense


Slayer Claws.png Fabulous Polish.png Scissor Hands.png Iron Wolf.png Crushing Bones.png Black Death.png
Slayer Claws Fabulous Polish Scissor Hands Iron Wolf Crushing Bones Black Death
default allows you to continue combo's without hitting something makes it unable to be knocked down improves defense in exchange for speed deals more damage to the undead and makes small shockwaves while running gives a high change on inflicting poison on enemies



  • Lightning Surge: Rai dashes forwards while a circle of lightning surrounds him.
  • Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes down on the nearest opponent(s).
  • Thunder Claw: Rai slashes with a thunder enchanted claw.
  • Electric Terrain: The area around Rai is electrified for a short time.
  • Electro Growl: Rai growls and stuns close opponents.

Psychical Attacks

  • Combo+: Extends the combo by one.
  • Combo++: Extends the combo by two.
  • Claw Lunge: lunge forwards to the nearest opponent.
  • Crunch: bits the opponent and keep crunching on them for as long as they don't break free.
  • X-Claw: Rai slashes in an X-shape pushing opponents back.
  • Sharp Spin: Rai spins around while running hurting nearby opponents.
  • Salto Slicer: Rai jumps in the air and makes a salto damaging anyone who he hits with his claws.
  • Claw-X-Tend: slashes forwards with an enlarged claw.
  • Bite & Throw: lunges at the opponents and bites them and immediately throws them away.
  • Quick Finish: bite the opponents in the chest and rapidly slash in its face.

Support Abilities

Quick Step

  • Level 1: Allows you to run much faster for a short time.
  • Level 2: Extends the running time.
  • Level 3: Limitless running time.

Rage Mode

  • Level 1: Boosts your strength for a certain period of time.
  • Level 2: Adds fire effect to the Rage Mode.
  • Level 3: Extend the time and change into blue fire.


Raijin Mask.pngRaijin Mask Rai wears the Raijin mask which resembles Raijin's pet dog Raiju. Raijin is one of the deities in Japanese folklore. Rai gets engulfed with lightning which protects him from attacks, he still will receive damages only half of the damage inflicted damages the opponent as well. All of his attacks have been slightly altered. The lightning attacks have a much greater effect and the other attacks have a lightning effect to them.
Anubis Mask.pngAnubis Mask Rai wears the Anubis mask one of the religious figures in Egyptian religion. While Rai wears this mask he gets a brand new ability which allows him to trap his opponent in bandages and tie them up as mummies which limits their movements temporarily. Rai can inflict damage on them that way. Rai can also choose to build up the Nyx Meter (by attacking opponents without tying them up) and gain the coffin to trap strong opponents in (even bosses).
Nuwa Mask.pngNuwa Mask Rai wears the Nuwa mask which is based on a deity in the Chinese religion. When wearing the Nuwa mask Rai actually gains the ability to fly. Rai hovers above the ground instead of walking on all four he can ascend and descend by using the camera button and move forward. He is able to create tornado's out of nothing as well to trap and damage opponents.

Ligeia is a rather slow character who has a reasonable amount of strength and a high defense but lacks in the speed and health department. Her tentacles have a long reach and often hit multiple enemies at a time. Her water abilities are best used at distance as most act as summons that will roam the area, homing players, and other being used for long-range. Summon abilities also takes some time depending on what summon it is.



Octopus Tentacle.png Shocking Eel.png Bruising Shark.png Hammerhead Bang.png Mermaid Tail.png Jealous Jelly.png Crabby Pincer.png
Octopus' Tentacle Shocking Eel Bruising Shark Hammerhead Bang Mermaid Tale Jealous Jelly Crabby Pincer
default high change of stunning enemies increases damage dealt to enemies high knockback and damage but moves very slow increases speed and health all water abilities are infused with electricity reflects projectiles and deflects attacks automatically


  • Bubblebeam: sends out a steam of water spheres that do minor damage, but can be fired repeatedly.
  • Water Wave: sends out a wall of water forwards.
  • Water Whip: perform a quick slash with a whip made of water.
  • Dive: swim underwater with limitless time.
  • Water Pillar: forms a column of water around herself which blasts her upwards.
  • Bubble: conceal herself in a protective bubble.
  • Water Stream: conjures a manipulable stream of water that can be directed at the opponent, deceases in power when not used as attack for a certain time.
  • Tentaqua: conjures eight tentacles of water around her that slash nearby opponents.
  • Turtle Ride: conjures a water turtle that can be used as mount.
  • Sneaking Ray: conjures a water ray which is launched over the ground at high speed and deals good damage.
  • Snail Saliva: a water snail is conjured and attached itself to Ligeia and heals her over time. When receiving too much damage the snail is knocked off.
  • Shrimp Nibs: a small water shrimp is conjured which attached itself to the opponent and rapidly inflicts little damage.
  • Sea Horse: conjures a sea horse which continuously sprays water in the placed direction.
  • Puffer Bomb: conjures an inflated puffer which then can be send forwards while rapidly filling up with water and exploding at its limit.
  • Dolphin Jump: conjures three water dolphins that jump out of the ground three times while going forwards damaging anyone in their way.
  • Swan Lake: conjures a large puddle of water which traps opponents in it.
  • Whaliberation: conjures a giant whale of water and drops it on the area causing immense damage and cover a large area.
  • Aquatic Kraken: Ligeia conjures a giant kraken made of water that attacks the stage with its tentacles until all of Ligeia's energy is depleted, but can be dispelled earlier as well.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: can turn invisible for a short time but can't do anything.
  • Level 2: can move while invisible.
  • Level 3: can attack while invisible.


  • Level 1: can turn into a cuttlefish for a short time.
  • Level 2: medium amount of time.
  • Level 3: long time.


Cthulhu Mask.pngCthulhu Mask Ligeia wears the Cthulhu mask, en entity coming from a poem by H. P. Lovecraft and is the leader of a cult. When wearing the Cthulhu mask Ligeia grows immensely in size and is able to inflict much more damage over wider area. However in this transformation she will equip the Cthulhu Tentacles which basically have the same properties as the Octopus' tentacles with a power boost of course.
Cupid Mask.pngCupid Mask Ligeia wears the Cupid mask which is based on one of the Roman gods, Cupid, son of Venus and God of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. When wearing the mask Ligeia can shoot golden arrows from a majestic bow. The arrows can either cause the opponents have an aversion to flee when they are much stronger, or instantly kill them when weaker.
Abnoba Mask.pngAbnoba Mask Ligeia wears the Abnoba mask who is a Gaulish goddess who was worshipped in the Black Forest and surrounding areas and said to be the Goddess of trees and rivers. While wearing the mask Ligeia gains additional nature powers. Her deck fills itself with water and nature abilities of which some include to spawn huge trees, trap opponents in vegetation and shoot forth a cloud of razor leafs.

In a more similar fashion to Hein, Ashley an all-around character. Her strength, speed, defense and health are pretty much even just like Hein's. She has her Nursery Rhymes that are good for close combat along with her Plague abilities. However her Nova Energy is better used for long-range combat. She has few abilities because each of them are very strong in their own way. Her regular attacks have chance of inflicting poison on enemies.


Nursery Rhyme Sheet

RosiePosieGhost.png Humpty Dumpty.png Little Bo Peep.png Little Miss Muffet.png Little Teapot.png Muffin Man.png Jack & Jill.png
Rosie & Posie Humpty Dumpty Bo Peep Miss Muffet Little Teapot Muffin Man Jack & Jill
default enhances energy level can inflict a sleep or stun effect on enemies the longer the combo the more damage is dealt for a strong finisher increases chance of landing critical hits adds a scorching flame effect along with a piercing trust powerful trust and combo finish


Nova Energy

  • Swift: Shoots a couple of stars forwards with a swift motion.
  • Meteor Shot: shoots a small meteor straight forward, this can be changed up for a bigger and faster meteor.
  • Pluto Bomb: a miniature Pluto falls down from the sky on a locked enemy.
  • Mercury Trade: rolls a miniature version of Mercury over the ground.
  • Venus Love: throws a miniature Venus that will make the enemies in the field drowsy.
  • Mars War: spawns a miniature Mars that shoots needles to enemies nearby.
  • Neptune Flood: throws a miniature Neptune that creates a whirlpool on the place of impact.
  • Uranus Flight: sits on Uranus and gets a short flying time.
  • Saturn Stop: throws the ring of Saturn like a boomerang which stops very enemy hit by it before returning.
  • Jupiter Lightning: throws a miniature Jupiter in the air which then summons lightning shocks all over the place.
  • Supernova: throws a little purple ball which explodes with a huge radius killing anyone in it.
  • Sun Shine: summons a miniature sun that crashes down on the ground and sets the area on fire.
  • Milky Way Rush: locks in on every enemy in front of her and releases a barrage of planets on them.

Plague Abilities

  • Combo+: increases Nursery Rhyme combo by one
  • Combo+: increases Nursery Rhyme combo by one
  • Corruption: inflicts a deadly poison on the enemy that slowly depletes health over time.
  • Decay: create an area which inflicts poison when stepped on it.
  • BioHazard: temporarily cloak herself with diseases, making anyone who touches her get their attack reflected.
  • Shrink: inflict a shrinking disease on the enemy.
  • Nausea: confuse enemies.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: a barrier is summoned in front of Ashley for a short time.
  • Level 2: the barrier surrounds Ashley for a longer time.
  • Level 3: a bubble barrier surrounds Ashley for an extended time.

Treasure Magnet

  • Level 1: absorb treasure from nearby.
  • Level 2: absorb treasure on wide range.
  • Level 3: absorb treasure and locate treasure chest.


Triple Goddess Mask.pngTriple Goddess Mask Ashley wears the Triple Goddess mask which gives her the powers of who many neopagans adopted as they primary deity. She gains three commands, the one of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Maiden command lets her throw a waxing moon that shrinks near ones, Mother a full moon which traps and strangles enemies and Crone a waning moon that poisons near ones.
Seonangsin Mask.pngSeonangsin Mask Ashley wears the Seonangsin mask, a goddess who is the leader of lowly soldiers that feed on saliva and protect fishermen. When wearing the mask Ashley can summons little soldiers that will attack the enemies within a certain range of Ashley herself for a certain amount of time.
Kutkh Mask.pngKutkh Mask Ashley wears the Kutkh mask, a Russian deity who plays a major role in the creation of the Earth in the myths. When Ashley is wearing the mask she grows two large raven wings which grants her infinite flight and a high boost in stats.


Crucifix of Salvation

CrucifixofSalvation.png PeaceCross.png VampireStake.png
Crucifix of Salvation Peace Cross Vampire Stake
default Heals damage with every critical hit. The more damage taken, the more mana is restored.


Crucifix of Salvation


Support Ability


  • Level 1:
  • Level 2:
  • Level 3:


Pentagram of Waste

PentagramofWaste.png FruitySeastar.png SecondStartotheRight.png
Pentagram of Waste Fruity Seastar Second Star to the Right
default Drops more money when defeating monsters, chest prizes are better. Grants extra EXP with every defeated monster.


Pentagram of Waste


Support Ability


  • Level 1:
  • Level 2:
  • Level 3:


After Hein and the others were banished back to their own dimension by the Plague Master things stayed quiet. And it did so for almost two years, that was until a pink-haired girl approached them, Ashley, now at the same age of them. She requested their help as Dark Woods, and possibly the rest of the Fantendoverse, was in danger by a huge threat.

Unlike the previous game, each character has its own story, with the exception of Ephraim and Shiprah who are only availible for co-op mode. There are 6 stories in total that all occur at the same time.


For a full transcript see: Dark Woods IV: Descend/Story

A lot had happened in these small two years, and it seemed like big things were still going on, really big things. But Hein and the others shrugged it off and faced what was coming to them. It was a regular day when someone suddenly knocked on the door, to Hein's surprise it was Ashley who now looked older than him as opposed from previous time. Ashley explained that because of the flow of time being faster in Dark Woods that she had gotten much older. But the real reason she came was to ask for help. She explained that the Dark Woods was in trouble and that once they're done there it will effect their realm a great deal.

Hein and the others understand the situation and after some discussing follow Ashley to the Dark Woods. Once they have arrived she takes them to the circus tent which has been somewhat repaired since last time and looked like a decent home inside. She said that they took the circus tent as their new residence and that it became a shelter after the threat appeared in the Dark Woods. Lily mentions that they know about The Threat from others in their realm, and that she means bad news. Ashley explains that the circus is protected by a magical sphere that only allows some to pass through, but it takes a lot of concentration and effort, as their powers were stripped away. She says her father is holding up the barrier and that he will continue to explain. Hein noticed several people taking shelter including Slime and Jane. A small little pyramid-shaped girl as well. Ashley takes them to Nostradamus who has greatly aged.

Ashley takes over and Nostradamus begins explaining that they lived happily in the Dark Woods under the protection of The Enemy and that Nostradamus became a deity in the Dark Woods. They thought they could live out their days here but suddenly they were caught up in a war between The Enemy and The Threat which ended in The Threat sending one of her henchmen to destroy the Dark Woods. Something had stripped them from their powers so they needed help and that is where the heroes come in. Hein understands the situation and agrees to help, seeing a real change in his former enemies. Ashley hands over the protection field again to her father and leads them out of his room.

Ashley thanks them for helping them and walks outside of the circus tent to show them what happened to the Dark Woods. They enter the intersection and decide to have a training there. After the training the ground suddenly starts to shake and Eight appears. She says that it time that 'they' should be released. A gate opens from the ground and all kind of creatures swarm out and cover the arena. The heroes quickly have to run back to the circus tent while many enemies appear out of nowhere. Once they enter the circus tent they realized they are save.

After arriving back safe inside of the sphere of the circus tent, our heroes take a breather. They all head into the back of the tent to meet up with Nostradamus, Ashley makes her report of what they have seen. Nostradamus sighed and said that Eight finally has taken her plans to the next phase. However he was shocked to hear that all those creatures stormed out of a gate from the ground. Slime also seemed not to know what it meant. However Isis walked in, overhearing them and explained that The Gate is a way to what is the underworld version of the Dark Woods. It is there that all the deceased beings from this realm reside, and most of the time have taken on a monstrous form.

Suddenly Nostradamus feels a disturbance at the church and asks the group to check it out. They head to the church and encounter two warriors there, who seem very hostile towards them. Hein and Ligeia recognize their attire but don't get the chance to asked and are drawn into battle. The fight ends in a draw and Hein quickly asks if they are the apprentices of Father Trip. When the two ask how he knows him, Ligeia explains that he helped them in her journey to discover who she truly is. The two strangers introduce themselves as Emphraim and Shiphrah and decide to join them to the circus tent.

Back at the tent they discus with each other what happened, again. Ephraim and Shiphrah decide they will go their own way as they were tasked with bringing back someone really important in this realm. The two warriors leave the tent. Isis' eye suddenly glows bright, blinding everyone, and suddenly goes insane. Isis runs out of the sphere. Nostradamus quickly says someone should get her back. Lily and Rai decide to go after her. Ligeia, Hein and Ashley decide to go outside as well.

As the three are standing outside, Hein notices something strange going on. He excuses himself for a bit and heads back inside. There he sees Slime, Jane and the others stuck in time and heads to the back. There he sees an undead version of Pan standing in front of Nostradamus. Hein is shocked to see him again.

Nostra and Pan discuss what happened, as Pan seems to recall all the memories but clearly has gone insane and couldn't think clearly anymore. Pan wants to attack Nostra, but right before that moment his attack is parried by Hein. The two engage in combat until Hein manages to scare Pan away when Ashley walks in. Hein tells that Pan was brought back from the death, but gone totally bonkers. Ashley suggests that they search for a way to revive Pan. Nostradamus says that if it doesn't work that they should immediately kill him again, as he is not who he used to be.

They head outside to let Ligeia join as well, but find her mysteriously disappeared. They look around for a bit but can't find her. Hein wants to search for her but Ashley assures Hein that she'll be alright and that they should focus on Pan now. Hein agrees. Jane walks out and says she'll guide them through the swamp, as she is most familiar there, despite the dangers lurking there now.

Ashley, Hein and Jane venture into the swamp. At the entrance of the swamp they see it is desolated for the largest part, as most of the residents are at the circus tent. Ligeia guides them through the first section of the swamp and remarks that the Whispering Flower might return his sanity back. She leads them down the road where the flowers are located.

They venture through the whole section and at the end find a flower patch with small blue flowers. Before they can get close however, a giant swamp monster emerges from the dirtied water. Jane looks surprised as she thought the swamp monster was already dealt with. Ashley remarks that it was probably brought back to live as well, and Hein adds that it now has indeed taken on a more monstrous form, having only one eye and thorn vines. Hein and Ashley battle the swamp monster and at the same time have to make way for Jane to grab a whispering flower.

They eventually succeed in defeating the swamp monster and obtaining the whispering flower. They store it safely inside their inventory and decide to head back.

Ligeia finds herself awake at the bottom of a lake. She looks around and immediately thanks her ability to breathe underwater. She questions how and why she ended up in this place, especially close to the tower where she was residing when she was turned into a Siren. She got out of the lower waters and was closer to the surface.

Suddenly a large skeleton fish swam by and started attacking Ligeia. After a quick rendez vous the skeleton fish fleed the scene. Ligeia quickly chased it, trying to take shortcuts where the skeleton fish didn't fit through and eventually had it cornered in a coral reef, close to the surface. She battles the skeleton fish, but close to defeating it, the fish jumps out of the water and doesn't return.

Ligeia sees she can't jump that high and swims to the shore where she looks around to see if she can find the skeleton fish, or something similar around, having grown suspicions that it might be something important that brought her back to this place.

After Isis had run away from the circus tent, Lily and Rai venture through the Dark Woods to get any hints of where she might have run. They eventually find a trail of glowing teardrops and follow it, whilst fighting the monsters along the way, which leads them to a graveyard.

They enter the graveyard and see the teardrops heading inside of a large tomb, thus they enter it. They are lead all the way down where Isis is resting. They ask why she has gone to this place and says that something told her to come this way, someone really powerful led her to this place. Lily walks up to Isis and embraces her in a hug, which might not have been for the best. As Lily does so, Isis begin to light up again, her eye turning red. She breaks through the tomb, and hovers above it in the graveyard. Rai and Lily quickly head to the surface again where they battle Isis, although they don't want it.

After defeating Isis she falls down into the hole she created when leaving the tomb. Rai and Lily approach the hole and suddenly see an evolved form of Isis ascend from the dark hole, this being the true form of Isis. She thanks the two for releasing her from that weak locked up form, and that she now finally can gather the energy needed to destroy everyone in the Dark Woods.

Eight suddenly appears next to Isis saying that she will co-rule the Dark Woods with her under the command of The Threat. Eight tells her to go to the most secluded place in the Dark Woods to gather the energy needed to evolve again. Meanwhile Eight says she will be at the fortress. Lily and Rai are determined to defeat Eight first and head back to the circus tent to report in.

Hein, Ashley and Jane leave the swamps and head back to the circus tent. Jane says that the shaman will make a potion out of the whispering flower, and elaborating that he can make more potions if the right ingredients are brought to him. He holds a list with requirements for certain potions. Ashley suggest looking for Pan to give the potion to. The two head out in the Dark Woods to locate Pan. When they do so they lure him to the intersection where they meet up with Jane again who gives them the potion and quickly departs again.

Hein and Ashley manage to trap Pan and pour the potion into his mouth. They take a few steps back and see him evolving into something even more gruesome. Pan loses his hat and his hair goes wild. He begins to start walking on his hands with his legs dangling in the air. Hein and Ashley remember the words of Nostradamus and fight Pan, this time killing him for good.

Pan's body turns to ashes and a soul flies into the sky disappearing in the height. Hein and Ashley return back to the circus tent where they meet up with Rai and Lily. The two tell that Isis turned into a God-like creature and that Eight's hideout is in the fortress. Nostradamus joins the conversation, first hearing about the failed experiment with Pan. He then explains that The Enemy told him that Isis apparently is the Goddess of the Dark Woods, but has lost her way. The Enemy told that Isis was locked up in The Gate by accident when the New Fantendoverse was created, and that is also why Nostradamus had been the deity of the Dark Woods for the time being. But it should be noted that no harm has to be done against Isis now, and that their main focus is Eight.

The group decides to go to the fortress, until Hein says that he needs to look for Ligeia as she has been gone for too long. The other understand and say they can handle Eight on their own. The group departs to the fortress and Hein goes on his search for Ligeia.

Rai, Lily and Ashley journey to the fortress. It is on the other side of the Dark Woods, so a long distance has to be traveled to get there. Along the way they are pestered by a couple of demons, one purple flaming chicken, a dark-skinned Cupido and a small faceless kid. Without being able to engage in combat with them they eventually arrive at the gates of the fortress.

As they enter they see the fortress has even declined more in its state, being a complete wreck. They have to take a detour to the throne room through the garden where the frozen statue of Bride can be spotted. They make their way to the throne room where they see Eight sitting on the said throne. Eight reveals the three demons that have been stalking the protagonists for a while and says that these were a few of the strongest warriors in Eden. She then releases the three out in the wild.

Eight says that their spirits will make sure that Isis gets her power to evolve into her final form. The origin form of Isis took their powers, and the true form will take their whole soul to evolve. And they have been so kind to provide those to her. And that when she evolves Eight can use her to break through Nostradamus barrier and kill him along with the others and then the realm will be that of The Threat, and she will finally get the praise she so longs for. But for now she needs to eliminate the heroes.

Rai, Lily and Ashley engage combat with Eight and barely make it out alive. They manage to drive Eight back who then says that her power is low in this form, but more attractive for The Threat. She departs leaving the note that the demons are starting to harvest souls already. The three heroes make quick work to prevent it.

Hein ventures through another part of the Dark Woods when he suddenly sees a skeleton woman rush by, making him confused. He wants to chase her, but knows he needs to find Ligeia. He continues and shortly after encounters her. Ligeia is glad to see him again, as she was kidnapped and found herself at the bottom of the Luminous Lake, in the tower she was in when she was a Siren, for unknown reasons. She now chases down a skeleton as she feels something is iffy about her. Hein tells that he saw the skeleton pass by earlier and saw her going into the direction of a thick forest area.

The two make their way and see that it is Willow's Wood. At the entrance of the woods is a flower that begins talking to them, the flower recognizes Hein and tells she is the Willow and speaks through the flower. She recalls Hein entering her a few years ago, but now she has grown so fast that a whole forest surrounds her, with her being in the center of it. She requests to visit her so they can get to the skeleton they are chasing faster, should she still be inside of the woods.

Hein and Ligeia venture to the center of the woods and see the old willow standing over a small creek. Willow says that she can determine the location of the skeleton best from this place and will make a path for Hein and Ligeia to follow so they will find the skeleton. She does as she says and roots begin glowing underneath the earth acting as the path Hein and Ligeia should take to find the skeleton. They follow it and encounter the skeleton at the end of the line and corner her.

They engage in battle with the skeleton. After winning said battle Ligeia suddenly sees who they have been fighting, her own mother, but in a different form. Ligeia asks what she was doing here. She explains that her soul is still attached to the Dark Woods, despite her dying in the other realm. She tells Ligeia that she loves her very much and can finally find the peace she so longed for. Spine's bones dissolve into dust and are carried away by the wind. Hein comforts Ligeia, who says that they should continue their journey.

Lily, Rai and Ashley quickly head out of the fortress and see the three creatures each go into a different direction. They agree that they should split up as well and follow the one they think they can fight best. Rai follows the dark-skinned angel, Hollowing. Lily follow the small faceless child, Jaco and Ashley follows the flaming chicken, Chickember.

Rai arrives at the windmill where he goes into conversation with Hollowing. He tells that he once was a resident of Eden, a respected one. He was popular and everybody loved him. Yet he never could find peace as something was missing. Rai says that he never has known love, evident by the hole in chest where his heart should be. And that because of that he takes on the appearance of Cupid one who lets others fall in love, but never can find true love himself. Hollowing gets outrageous at Rai's words and asks him what made him an expert at love. Rai elaborated that he has found his true love already, they have been through a lot and always will be there for each other, and that her love gives him strength, the strength that he needs to defeat him. The two engage in battle and Rai eventually manages to defeat Hollowing. He lies down defeated on the ground and admits that true love wins in the end, and wishes them good fortune as love it hard to find in such a cruel place called the world. The spirit of Hollowing leaves the body and departs.

Lily follows Jaco to a cottage somewhere in the woods. Jaco suddenly stops and turns around, just staring at Lily who in turn asks what he is doing here so alone. Jaco doesn't answer, instead a shadow leaves his mouth. The shadow begins to speak, saying this body is merely a vessel to him. The one he is possessing has lost his original soul a long time ago, but still makes up for the perfect combat body. Lily mentions how disrespectful it is for one to use a body not belonging to them. The shadow ignores her comment and rushes into battle with her. Lily manages to get the upper hand and defeat the shadow. The shadow mocks Lily by saying that she cannot destroy the body and therefore cannot defeat him. Although it is hard for her she destroys the body which shatters in pieces on the ground. The shadow leaves the body. It quickly lunges at Lily to possess her, but she quickly casts a shield preventing him from doing so. The shadow ascends to the sky.

Ashley finds herself at a pumpkin patch where she faces Chickember. Ashley asks what unfinished business she has on the Dark Woods that got her trapped in The Gate. Chickember laughs and just comments that there have been certain things in live she never accomplished. Ashley shakes her head and wonders why she would turn all evil now because she didn't accomplish something. Chickember refuses to answer, commenting that Ashley couldn't possibly understand and starts attacking her. After a fierce battle Ashley manages to pin her down. Chickember gives up asked if Ashley still wants to hear her goal before her flame fades. Ashley nods. Chickember explains that she always has been destined to take over the chicken farm that her parents had in Eden, and never was allowed to do her own thing. She didn't even know what she wanted to do and hoped she could discover it in this second chance. But now she realizes that one cannot in this hellish place. Thus she asks Ashley to make this a better place where people can get start living normal lives again. Ashley promises she will. The fire is extinguished and her spirits ascends to the sky.

The three gather back at the circus where they meet up with Hein and Ligeia again.

Back at the circus tent Slime approaches the group. He tells that been doing some research and that he discovered some other things going on in the Dark Woods. There has been another force that entered the fortress, one familiar and another one atop of the mountain, also familiar, yet different. He hopes that they can be eliminated as soon as possible. The group agrees to do so. Nostradamus then joins the conversation saying that they must hurry as he feels the power at the top of the mountain getting stronger.

Hein, Lily and Rai decide to go to the fortress as Ashley and Ligeia go to the mountain. The first three make their way to the fortress yet again, only with Hein now instead of Ashley. Underway they talk about how it is with the old trio again, although they didn't mind the extra help. About halfway on their journey they encounter Eight. She suddenly appears out of nowhere and confronts the three, saying she isn't here to kill them, yet.

Lily asks why they should believe her. Eight comments that she has much larger things planned for them, well not herself but the great and almighty Threat. She has taken an interest in their unique abilities and wishes to experiment on them, especially those of Hein. Eight says that it won't be long before she is done collecting spirits and when she is finished that the Dark Woods will finally meet its end as it is now. Rai asks who exactly she is, to which Eight only gives a grin back before disappearing. After being distracted by her the three continue to the fortress. Once inside they encounter Stein.

Hein tries to reason with Stein, asking how he came back to live without Lamia, and how he was at the sports resort. Stein seems incapable of answering the question, as he lacks the ability to properly speak. Rai says that it won't help talking to him, and that it is best to cut him down for good. The three charge at Stein, who seems surprisingly stronger now and try to defeat him. Unfortunately Stein gets away, they want to chase him down but get stopped by Shiphrah and Ephraim. They say that Stein is their mission objective and that they shouldn't interfere anymore, saying that they will take care of it. Hein asks why they need Stein, but only gets the answer that Father Trip knows the answer to that and that he should ask him back in their own realm. Hein has to agree with this and the duo departs.

After leaving the circus tent Ligeia and Ashley make their journey to the mountain. They climb the trail of the mountain with surprisingly many airbone creatures and enter a cave halfway the mountain. During their time in the cave they start talking about Hein. Ashley asks what Ligeia's relationship with Hein is and she confirms that they are dating. Ashley seems disappointed much to Ligeia's confusion. Ashley admits that she has a little crush on Hein but keeps saying to herself that it is only because Hein is one of the few males she knows. She longs to have more friends in the Dark Woods, she likes living with her father, but just wishes there was more to her live than just this. Ligeia understands her and that they certainly should do something once all of this is over. Ashley asks why she is confident that they will win, to which she replies that she doesn't know, but certainly is going to try.

The two leave the cave and find themselves in the snowed in part of the mountain. They make their way to the top where they encounter Isis in her true form. Ashley asked what has happened to her. Isis responds that she is recalling who she used to be and that her rightful place is as the ruler and goddess of this realm. The girls try to reason with Isis, but she doesn't understand, being completely in denial and seeing it only from one side. Isis concludes that Ashley and Ligeia, as well as the others, are a threat and need to be eliminated. Hoping their souls will be enough to complete her harvest.

The three engage in combat with as result that they throw Isis off the mountain. Unfortunately for them Isis has the ability to levitate. She laughs saying that she already has targeted two other souls to harvest, she just needs to break through the barrier in the circus tent, but that will be easy as she has been in there before. She departs in a hurry so Ashley and Ligeia quickly make their way to the circus tent to prevent what she is going to do.

Isis makes her way to the circus tent and transforms into her origin form, as she was seen in the beginning of the game. She enters the circus tent where she is greeted by Slime. She quickly transforms into her true form and kills Slime, absorbing his soul and leaving a dried-out body behind on the floor. The others in the circus tent quickly flee the scene, but get ignored by Isis anyway who heads to the back where Nostradamus is.

Nostradamus lets down the barrier and confronts Isis. They have a conversation, Nostradamus saying that he knows who she truly is and that she cannot take his soul, even if he wanted to. Isis says there is another way to unlock her final form, and then enters the body of Nostradamus, taking it over. She transforms into a mix between the Plague Master and her true form.

The group gathers again at the intersection and quickly make their way to the circus tent after Ashley and Ligeia tell the news of Isis. They see the barrier is down and that everyone is being attacked by creatures. Jane says to hurry and save Plague Master before it is too late, and that she will handle everything here. They decide that a few should stay behind to help Jane and the others while two go ahead.

(select two characters)

Before doing so they see the corpse of Slime and grief over it shortly but know they need to continue. The two head into the circus tent and confront Plague Master Isis. She speaks with a mixed voice of hers and Nostradamus. The two engage in battle with Plague Master Isis and manage to push her out of the body, despite her taking some of Nostradamus with her. Nostradamus strangely is reverted to a younger version of himself (as we regularly know him, yet in the still attire of his older self) while Isis absorbed enough of his soul to transform into her final form.

(three new characters can be selected for the battle)

The three engage in combat with the final form of Isis and eventually manage to defeat her. The five, with the additional help of Plague Master, chain Isis with their powers. As they do so Eight appears again, out of nowhere. She gets enraged and comments that her whole plan is falling into ruins, worried that The Threat will punish her for her failure.

She then laughs it off and says she won't give up this easy. Eight opens up a portal which leads to a pocket dimension inside of the Threat's realm. She takes Isis and drags her into it, saying that she will find a way to manually use Isis to destroy everything, and maybe learn use a trick that Seven used, just swallow her. Eight heads into the pocket dimension, leaving it open for anyone to follow her.

Plague Master conjures up the barrier again, this time doing it will ease, but unfortunately needs to keep giving it energy. The ones that have been inside of the barrier retreat again inside of it. Plague Master comments that at least the residents are safe again. Hein heads over to the corpse of Slime commenting that he didn't deserve it. Lily approaches and says that he will be remembered and will be given a proper burial after this. Hein is confident that they will defeat Eight and save the Dark Woods. Rai joins the conversation and says he is convinced that Isis didn't mean to do it, and that this was all orchestrated by The Threat and Eight, at least that is what he believes.

Plague Master says to use their remaining time to prepare for the great battle and enter once they are ready. Once they are the five enter the portal. Once inside they find themselves in a strange realm. There they see Eight awaiting them with Isis (in her true form again) chained up in the sky. Eight laughs saying that they cannot beat her on her own turf. The battle starts. During the battle there will be a forced switch between the five playable characters as they battle with Eight. They have been separated in closed off parts to fight Eight, and once they damage her enough she moves on to the next space. Eventually they manage to defeat her.

Eight transforms into her origin form, a giant blob. Hein commands the others to quickly take Isis and get out, risking his own life to defeat Eight and save the Dark Woods. The others go back to the Dark Woods again as Hein battles Eight again alone. Eventually Hein manages to defeat Eight who shifts into a tiny mouse and flees the scene. Hein quickly makes a run towards the portal... but is too late as it closes right before his eyes.

All alone Hein wanders through The Threat's realm, battling weird creatures that inhabit it. Eventually a portal opens and he is grabbed by someone and brought back to the circus tent. Once Hein is able to see something again he sees that it is The Enemy who brought him back.

Hein reunites with his friends and Plague Master. Hein thanks The Enemy for getting him back, to which The Enemy responds that it is only fair after they made sure that the Dark Woods is under the territory of the New Fantendoverse by defeating Eight.

Isis approaches the gang and apologizes for the trouble she has caused. Everyone forgives her after she explains that she had been misled by The Threat into thinking that Plague Master and the others wanted to destroy her realm, Eden, although it is now the Dark Woods. Isis forces all the monsters back into The Gate, allowing Plague Master to put down the barrier.

The Enemy says he will be going now to deliver the good new to his brother. Plague Master comments that he wants to step down as his position as deity of the Dark Woods and return it back to Isis, which was no problem at all. The Enemy even said that Isis will be accepted as a deity in the New Fantendoverse, and may take part in meeting... if they will ever have one and hope for their support in the war against The Threat as they witnessed how big this threat is. With that note The Enemy departs.

The scene fades black and then shows everyone at the funeral of Slime, giving him a proper burial as they planned, commenting that he always was there as their friend and never will be forgotten. After the funeral Hein says that he and the others will head back to their homes again. Ligeia approaches Ashley and tells her that from this point on things only will get better. The realms are now open for traversing now so she surely will find someone. Ashley smiles and they hug. Hein, Ligeia, Lily and Rai leave the Dark Woods and head home.

At Svarga, Eight is summoned by The Threat. She comments on how Eight has disappointed her in her simple mission to take over the Dark Woods by defeating the Plague Master. But then again she didn't foresee the manpower The Enemy would bring to stop her and that it probably had been wiser if she send someone stronger there. Eight pleads to The Threat to not kill her, as she loves working for her, very very much. The Threat smiles and only comments that she just needs to make sure Nine or Ten don't kill her, then she will be alright.

The game ends with Hein and the others sitting in the living room with a drink celebrating their victory and that they finally can put all of this behind them, noting that their participation in the war will be their next mission, as a hero never rests.

At a certain point in the plot one can speak to a NPC that is in the circus tent. They say that they have seen a strange person go somewhere in the woods behind the luminous lake. The party decides to check it out. They cross the luminous lake and surface on the other side where a trail leads them to a hidden tower. Once they are inside they encounter a strange looking man. He looks like a ragdoll with many needles stick in him wearing a long jacket and a hat. He says that he wants his masks back. Without further conversation they engage in combat, with the Mask Maker using a new Coyote mask. After defeating him, he drops the mask and simply disappears. The gang can add the mask to their collection.

The co-op side story about Ephraim and Shiphrah who's main mission is to take down Isis. They fight Plague Nurse, Stein and Isis' true form

Part 1

Ephraim and Shiphrah stand in the church of Father Trip. Trip tells them that they should head in and collect a being that looks like a zombie. It goes by the name Stein, and it is of importance that they capture him. The two understand the mission and head to the Dark Woods.

Once they are in they explore the area, having arrived somewhere around the fortress as Trip said that is the most likely location that he went to. However once they are there they are stalked by a strange being, they decide to follow it out of curiosity and find out that it is something bearing a resemblance to a plague doctor, only this time female. They fight and defeat the creature, with it simply dissolving into nothingness afterwards.

Part 2

Seeing that Stein is not somewhere around the fortress they decide to head further and arrive at the Church where they encounter Hein and the others and engage in combat. The fight ends in a draw and both parties explain what they are doing here. Ephraim and Shiphrah continue their journey after that.

They travel through the Dark Woods where the encounter lots of monsters. Being clueless they return to the fortress where they suddenly see Hein, Lily and Rai battling with Stein. However the fight ends with Stein being able to flee. Ephraim and Shiphrah tell the others the back down as they will take over from here and chase Stein. They fight Stein at the top of the fortress and manage to defeat him. They take his unconscious body and make their way to the intersection, where they were first spawned, as the portal would open there soon.

Part 3

As they arrive at the intersection they suddenly see Isis in her true form descend from the sky. They know that she means no good and taunt her, wanting to battle her. They lay Stein to the side and engage in combat with her. During the battle the portal opens and Trip calls for them, saying that they must hurry before the portal closes. A timer is added to the battle, and they drain as much health as they can from Isis before they have to depart.

Once they are back in their own realm, with Stein, Father Trip compliments them on a successful mission. He lays Stein on a table and says that this being is going to get a new life blown inside of him.


Main Characters
Main Antagonists
Other Characters



Enemy Description
Creeper A creature created from the shadows, the Dark Woods is filled with these. Watch out for their sharp claws as they can come from anywhere.
Lurker Some sort of a big brother to the Creepers, a Lurker is a tall and more malicious creature. It seems like Creepers find trust in Lurkers, although they often come out later during a fight.
Diver When going underwater I noticed that the shadow creatures from above also adjusted themselves to the waters. They still have their menacing claws, but in addition to that can even swim.
Unicornius On first sight a majestic animal, until you find out that it is seeking blood. It is very fast and can pierce you at high speed, dodging skills are needed to defeat this horse.
Harpy One thing I didn't think would show up were flying demonic creatures. They wear a little armor and are equipped with bow and arrow while they roam the skies with their tiny wings.
Satyrium A spawn from Hell, the creature literally emerges from a demonic portal and starts attacking you by using its dark horns which also can shoot dark falmes.
Blood Bat Small, yet dangerous creatures. They often are sleeping in trees or caves but awaken when smelling blood. They lunge at you at high speed and drain your blood!
Treek This things loves to jumpscare. It is a tree-like creature that hides itself between real trees and attacks when you're passing. They have reckless attacks and can be quite hard to even hit.
Blue Phoenix Usually I think of red flame birds when thinking of a Phoenix, but this one is blue, the flames of the Underworld. They can leave a burning effect once they attack you with their blue flames.
Tarantulax Quick and deadly these are. They walk on all eight legs to quickly advance to you and inject you with their deadly poison. They also shoot webs that entrap you. Luckily their weak spot is indicated with a large 'X' on their back.
Dragonflux One of the larger flying creatures here. They seem to be made out of wires, which are uncommon in the Dark Woods. They can electrify themselves and damage you or shoot down a lightning blast.
Terrapigs These gross pink creatures can dig their way into the ground and quickly advance to you with a headbutt from underground. They may also sneeze rocks at you, so be careful.
Chimera A most peculiar creature with three heads, one of a lion, one of a goat and one of a snake. This thing is dangerous as it has three kinds of attacks. The lion growls sonic blasts, the goat breathes fire and the snake shoots acid. In addition it has wings to slightly hover above the ground. Such a drag.
Minotaur One of the strongest creatures I encounters, and one of the more humanoid. It seems to be a half-human, half-bull that wields a giant axe to attack you with. It is rather slow in attacking but its movements are fast, so watch out.
Bandersnatch This big and reckless animal can deal massive damage with its crunches, scratches and headbutts. However have you tried riding on its back, it is very effective.
Jubjub At first they seemed like harmless creatures, until I got close and frightened them. They unleash sonic screams which gives a high-pitched noise in your ears.
Night Wolf More fearsome creatures than the Lurkers, they always reside in dark places to not be spotted. The only way to see them is by following their purple glowing eyes. Luckily they appear weak, hence why they are such sneaky creatures.
Seaweed I don't know whether this is just my imagination, but the seaweed underwater seems to try and get a hold of me so I can't continue...
Shackle Swimming in the water are big shark-like creatures decorated with heavy chains that they use for attacking you. They can rapidly attack you, despite it not dealing too much damage.
Hammerhead A brother of the Shackle is the Hammerhead who has a head shaped like a hammer. They are somewhat slower but their slams are deadly.
Foil The third one of the group sports a giant foil-like horn at its top. It rushes at you underwater to pierce right through. Dodging is important this time around.
Grim Haunter Hein is not the only reaper around as there are skeletons dressed in black cloaks with a simple scythe roaming around ready for a fight.
Plague Remnant I saw the orbs flying around over the fields, try to keep your distance from these as they will poison you big time. Projectile and long range attacks are adviced for this one.
Rockin' Poorly disguised as rocks with moss on them these golem-like creatures quickly awaken to attack you. They are strong and can control the earth around them, creating earthshocks etc.
Mummoid Coffins are lying around through the woods which seem to be inhabited by the evil spirit of the mummy inside. The coffin is hard to break but when you do the mummy is rendered powerless and easy to kill. However watch out for the laser from the coffin when it is still in one piece.


Name Fought by Location Notes
Monster hoard Everyone Intersection-Circus Tent
Ephraim & Shiphrah Everyone Church
Pan (1st battle) Hein Circus Tent
Isis (Swamp Monster) Hein & Ashley Swamp
Skeleton Fish Ligeia Luminous Lake
Isis (Origin) Lily & Rai Graveyard
Pan (2nd battle) Hein & Ashley Intersection
Eight (1st battle) Lily, Rai & Ashley Fortress
Spine Hein & Ligeia Willow's Wood
Hollowing Rai Windmill
Jaco Lilly Cottage
Chickember Ashley Pumpkin Patch
Stein Hein, Lilly & Rai Fortress
Isis (True) Ligeia & Ashley Mountain Peak
Isis (Plague Master) Everyone Circus Tent
Isis (Ultimate) Everyone Circus Tent
Eight (2nd battle) Everyone Threat's Pocket Dimension

Name Fought by Location Notes
Plague Nurse Ephraim & Shiprah Fortress
Hein Ephraim & Shiphrah Church
Stein Ephraim & Shiphrah Fortress
Isis (True) Ephraim & Shiphrah Intersection

Name Fought by Location Notes
Mask Maker Everyone Hidden Tower

Top 10 Reports

The collectible pages return once again in Dark Woods IV. There are a total of 12 pages to be collected throughout the game, returning to the same amount as the first two games as opposed to the 7 pages in the third game.



  • This is the first Dark Woods game to have an active role in the New Fantendoverse, although the events of Dark Woods III were already leading up to this with the involvement of The Enemy.
  • For the first time Nostradamus doesn't seem to be the main antagonist of the game, rather it is The Threat this time, although through Eight.
  • Dark Woods IV features the most amount of playable characters ever, being 7 in total.
  • It also marks the first time a transcript is written for a Dark Woods game.