Dark Woods II: New Woods
Cover Art
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Dark Woods
Predecessor Dark Woods
Successor Dark Woods III: The Plague Returns
Release Date(s) Spring 2015
Mode(s) Single player

Dark Woods II: New Woods is a horror action-adventure game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It is the sequel of Dark Woods from the franchise of the same name and follows the events directly after the first one.


Dark Woods II: New Woods retains the main fighting elements from the first game but at the same time changes a lot from its predecessor. You are now able to play three different characters; Hein, Lily and Rai who each have their own attributes. Hein is the most diverse of the three and the most balanced. Lily is focused on long-range attacks and has more support abilities. Rai is the fastest and the strongest of the three but doesn't have many abilities.

The way to gain and upgrade abilites has been changed in this game. Hein already has all his weapons from the previous games, but some of the abilities have been stripped during the battle against the Ringmaster, these being his Healing Moss, Shrinking and Light Sight. All his weapons are in the upgraded form from the last game but are the default weapons as the enemies have gotten stronger. You can gain special abilities belonging to weapons and powers to make them stronger. You obtain these by reaching a certain point in the game and having enough Ploppers to unlock them. Unlike the previous game Ploppers can now be found hiding in certain places. They can be found more easy after obtaining the Plopper Sensor from the Chorus Clown after saving him.

Weapons & Abilities



  • Level 1: Barbed Wire
  • Level 2: Maleficent Thorn (has the chance to give the opponent a poison or a sleep effect)
  • Level 3: Dragon Scale (leaves a burning effect and immediately attacks after a parry)


  • Level 1: Skeleton Scythe
  • Level 2: Blood Scythe (more blood is drawn from opponents to heal yourself)
  • Level 3: Ghoul Scythe (boosts the damage depending on the amount of combo's performed)


  • Level 1: Scale Tail
  • Level 2: Reef Tail (increases the grab and throw power on land)
  • Level 3: Shark Tail (increases the swimming speed in the water)


Nocturnal Energy

  • Nocturnal Disc: Hein creates a disc in his hands that he can throw in any wishes direction. It has good range but lacks damage.
    • Nocturnal Buzz Saw: An upgraded version of the disc that does a lot more damage and adds a staggering effect.
  • Nocturnal Explosion: Hein holds his hand in front of him and a sphere of nocturnal energy appears and explodes when complete.
  • Nocturnal Flower: Hein plants a nocturnal flower on the ground which explodes when an enemy touches it.
  • Nocturnal Sphere: Hein twirls around and creates a sphere around him out of nocturnal energy which deflects projectiles, but has slow start-up time and consumes a much energy.
  • Nocturnal Levitation: Hein twirls upwards surrounded with nocturnal energy and can immediately levitate afterwards.
  • Nocturnal Wisp: Hein launches a small projectile that floats in the air for some time but then expands to a black hole that sucks all the enemies near it, but won't suck them in completely.
  • Nocturnal Pentagram: Hein summons five orbs of nocturnal energy around him in a pentagram and they will home to nearby enemies.
  • Nocturnal Reaper: Hein summons the Grim Reaper of Dark Woods, a skeleton wearing a cape made out of nocturnal energy and wields a nocturnal scythe. It will attack for Hein until all his energy is gone. He can be drawn back early as well.

Whip & Scythe

  • Combo+: Extends the combo by one.
  • Whiplash: an alternate finisher for the whip that makes you rapidly slash with the whip.
  • Binding Slash: bind the enemy with the whip and throw them away.
  • Defensive Whip: swirl the whip around you with telekinesis for a short time for protection.
  • Scythe Raid: let's you throw your scythe.
  • Spinning Scythe: rapidly spin around with the scythe, can be moved while spinning.
  • Earthquake: slam with the scythe into the ground cracking the ground and sending surrounding enemies into the air.
  • Salto Scythe: you will make a salto upwards with the scythe hanging out.
  • Salto Scythe (air): you will spin forwards in the air.
  • Slice-m-up: performs a combo of several slashes with the scythe while you have to press the right buttons to continue.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: Allows you to breathe underwater for one minute.
  • Level 2: Time limit is expanded to 5 minutes.
  • Level 3: There is no time limit.


  • Level 1: Allows you to slowly hover in the air while descending.
  • Level 2: Let's you glide through the air on average speed while descending.
  • Level 3: Glide speed has increased and you're able to fly upwards as well.


Grim Mask

Hein wears a mask that resembles the Grim Reaper and automatically also wears a black cloak that resembles the one of the Grim Reaper. The mask upgrades your Scythe to the next level. If you already have the Ghoul Scythe then it will upgrade to the Dimensional Scythe which has all the abilities of the previous scythes plus it will create a dimensional rift every time is slices that pulls enemies in.

Ek Chuaj Mask

Hein wears a mask that resembles Ek Chuaj, one of the Gods of the Mayans. He reveals a giant empty bag which he can fill with lots of enemies until the bag is full. While he carries the bag he can stab through the bag with a spear that also comes with the mask. However the long you wait with attacking the stronger the finishing move will be when the mask time is over. When facing a boss only the boss can be caught in the bag and no additional enemies. A boss can't be caught in the bag when there are already enemies inside of it as well.

Hades Mask

Hein wears a mask that resembles Hades, one of the Twelve Olympians from Greek mythology, or rather the helmet he wears. When wearing this mask Hein can summon the Gates of Hell. Hein is able to choose between three deities to summon from Hell. The first one is Cerberus who he can ride and inflict damage with, the second one are the Fates who will support Hein by using their dark magic. The last one is Hydra who is used as an ultimate defense, as Hein sits on it although it can't move. Once a head is cut it will multiply with 2 until there are 7 heads total. After that the defense will weaken.



  • Level 1: Crescent Staff
  • Level 2: Dream Catcher Staff (has additional sleeping effect and more effective against the undead)
  • Level 3: Wicca Staff (halves healing rate and increases energy recovery speed)


Lunar Energy

  • Warp Crescents: Lily throws a lunar energy projectile in the shape of a crescent forwards.
  • Healing Wave: Lily restores a little bit of damage.
  • Celestial Fireworks: Lily creates sparks around her that blows enemies around her away.
  • Heavenly Light: Lily summons a light from above on her that covers a huge area and rapidly damages anyone in range with very small damage.
  • Lunar Blast: Lily can charge up a ball of lunar energy that she then shoots forwards.
  • Lunar Binding: Lily shoots out a string of lunar energy that attached to an opponent that then can be thrown away.
  • Light Pillar: Lily summons a glowing spot on the ground that she can move around and then a pillar of light barges up inflicting massive damage.
  • Teleport: Lily teleports forwards in a dashing motion.
  • Mine Field: Lily summons mines of light around herself that explode on impact with an enemy.
  • Astral Projection: Lily leaves a projection of herself behind to take damage for her.
  • Moon Blizzard: Lily shoots a chunk of ice that will freeze the opponent.
  • Icicle Light: Lily summons icicles above her head and sends it into several directions around her to the ground.
  • Lunar Petal: Lily takes residence in a petal of light and restores energy.
  • Lunar Laser: Lily shoots a line over the ground followed by a laser that goes over that line.
  • Astral Moon: Lily summons an astral projection of the moon and throws it down on the ground creating a huge explosion.
  • Luna: Lily calls upon the Moon Spirit Luna who will fight for Lily. She will stay there until all of Lily's energy is empty. When Luna leaves she will shine brightly causing massive damage to any enemy on screen.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: Consumes all energy to heal yourself.
  • Level 2: Consumes 50% energy to heal yourself.
  • Level 3: Consume 25% energy to heal yourself.

Luminous Sight

  • Level 1: Lights up the area around you to navigate in darker places.
  • Level 2: Extends the reach of the light around you.
  • Level 3: Blinds enemies who come step into the light's range.


Brahma Mask

Lily wears a mask that resembles the God Brahma, a Hindu God. Her skin gets a blue aura around it and she grows four extra arms in addition to the two she already has. The extra arms allow her to fight up close, as opposed to her long-range combat style. She can endlessly continue combo's and trap opponents in it. Her speed is enchanted so the opponent will be easier to trap and harder to get out of. When throwing crescents they will be thrown at 360 degree and basically every other projectile will do so as well.

Buddha Mask

Lily wears a mask that resembles the deity Buddha, the main entity worshiped in Buddhism. Unlike all the other masks this mask doesn't have any psychical attacks. When wearing it holy light will shine down on Lily. This light will constantly heal her and makes it almost impossible for her to die. The side-effect, she has not many abilities left.

Skadi Mask

Lily wears a mask that resembles Skadi, a Norse Goddess. The mask will grant her incredible ice powers. All of her moves are altered to have an ice effect to it. Some projectiles have become icicles, others have been turn into blizzard storms. For example also her Lunar staff has been turned into an icicle staff. However her standard healing magic has disappeared and now will just cause a freezing effect to the enemies.



  • Level 1: Dental White Teeth
  • Level 2: Metallic Teeth (increases defense when found in a pinch)
  • Level 3: Golden Thug Teeth (make enemies drop more munny, hp and energy orbs)


  • Level 1: Slayer Claws
  • Level 2: Fabulous Claws (allows you to continue combo's without hitting something)
  • Level 3: Double Claws (makes it unable to be knocked down)



  • Lightning Surge: Rai dashes forwards while a circle of lightning surrounds him.
  • Lightning Strike: Lightning strikes down on the nearest opponent(s).
  • Thunder Claw: Rai slashes with a thunder enchanted claw.
  • Electric Terrain: The area around Rai is electrified for a short time.
  • Electro Growl: Rai growls and stuns close opponents.

Psychical Attacks

  • Combo+: Extends the combo by one.
  • Combo++: Extends the combo by two.
  • Claw Lunge: lunge forwards to the nearest opponent.
  • Crunch: bits the opponent and keep crunching on them for as long as they don't break free.
  • X-Claw: Rai slashes in an X-shape pushing opponents back.
  • Sharp Spin: Rai spins around while running hurting nearby opponents.
  • Salto Slicer: Rai jumps in the air and makes a salto damaging anyone who he hits with his claws.
  • Claw-X-Tend: slashes forwards with an enlarged claw.
  • Bite & Throw: lunges at the opponents and bites them and immediately throws them away.
  • Quick Finish: bite the opponents in the chest and rapidly slash in its face.

Support Abilities

Quick Step

  • Level 1: Allows you to run much faster for a short time.
  • Level 2: Extends the running time.
  • Level 3: Limitless running time.

Rage Mode

  • Level 1: Boosts your strength for a certain period of time.
  • Level 2: Adds fire effect to the Rage Mode.
  • Level 3: Extend the time and change into blue fire.


Raijin Mask

Rai wears the Raijin mask which resembles Raijin's pet dog Raiju. Raijin is one of the deities in Japanese folklore. Rai gets engulfed with lightning which protects him from attacks, he still will receive damages only half of the damage inflicted damages the opponent as well. All of his attacks have been slightly altered. The lightning attacks have a much greater effect and the other attacks have a lightning effect to them.

Anubis Mask

Rai wears the Anubis mask one of the religious figures in Egyptian religion. While Rai wears this mask he gets a brand new ability which allows him to trap his opponent in bandages and tie them up as mummies which limits their movements temporarily. Rai can inflict damage on them that way. Rai can also choose to build up the Nyx Meter (by attacking opponents without tying them up) and gain the coffin to trap strong opponents in (even bosses).

Nuwa Mask

Rai wears the Nuwa mask which is based on a deity in the Chinese religion. When wearing the Nuwa mask Rai actually gains the ability to fly. Rai hovers above the ground instead of walking on all four he can ascend and descend by using the camera button and move forward. He is able to create tornado's out of nothing as well to trap and damage opponents.



  • Level 1: Picnic Basket
  • Level 2: Gingerbread Basket (replenishes energy when taking damage)
  • Level 3: Royal Basket (reduce taken damage when in a pinch)


  • Level 1: Ruby Slippers
  • Level 2: Glass Slippers (continue combo's without a finisher)
  • Level 3: Golden Slippers (restore health with every finisher)


  • Level 1: Fairy Godmother's Wand
  • Level 2: Turquoise Fairy's Wand (stun everyone in the area of where the attack landed)
  • Level 3: Black Fairy's Wand (doubles damage & saves energy in exchange for health)



  • Poisonous Apple: Red throws a poisonous apple out of her basket which works like a bomb.
  • Banana Peel: Red throws a banana peel which lets opponents trip when walking over it.
  • Lollipop Lance: Red reveals a lollipop lance with which she trusts forwards covering a decent length.
  • Spinning Basket: Red spins around with her basket causing breads, scones, muffins etc. to be scattered around inflicting little damage on the opponents, the basket itself does much more damage.
  • Served Wine: Red drinks some wine to replenish energy.
  • Croissant-erang: Red throws a croissant which functions as boomerang and can be thrown at the opponents multiple times.
  • Onions Have Layers: Red puts down a cut onion which stuns anyone who comes near it.
  • Weird Mushroom: Red pulls out a red mushroom with a face which makes her larger for a short amount of time.


  • Combo+: Extends the combo by one.
  • Slipper Spin: rapidly spin around with one foot pointed out.
  • Cartwheel: perform a cartwheel forwards.
  • High Kick: jump into the air and quickly kick downwards (automatically goes downwards if performed in the air).
  • Heel Stomp: Red stomps with her heel in the ground breaking the ground, and damaging the opponents, around it.
  • Midnight Rush: It locks everything within a radius of the user in a time freeze. Red can teleport from enemy to enemy hitting them multiple times by pressing the attack button. At the end of the combo, all the enemies hit will take the damage given during the time lock.


  • Flame Frame: surrounds herself with circling orbs of fire.
  • Ice Price: shoots a chunk of ice forwards.
  • Thunder Wonder: several bolts of lightning rain down.
  • Heal Seal: restores some of her health.
  • Magnet Magnate: pulls the surrounding enemies into one spot for her to attack.
  • Gravity Cavity: make everyone in the area float in the air.
  • Air Flair: summons a small tornado on the field.
  • Ground Pound: summon a rock out of the ground on a certain distant.

Support Abilities


  • Level 1: can turn invisible for a short time but can't do anything.
  • Level 2: can move while invisible.
  • Level 3: can attack while invisible.


  • Level 1: can shrink for a short time.
  • Level 2: can shrink for a medium amount of time.
  • Level 3: can shrink for a long time.


Sorcerer Hat

Red puts on the Sorcerer's hat based on the one from Fantasia and turns all the magic that can be performed with the Wand into Ultimate spells.

  • Heatwave: cloak yourself in a whirlwind of fire, then fly around at will, dealing damage to enemies on contact.
  • Glacier: freeze enemies before sending them flying.
  • Storm: dark clouds appear that travels across the area and strikes down when flying over enemies.
  • Resurrect: will heal you completely when in a pinch.
  • Meteor: bring a giant meteor crashing down on the enemy, triggering an explosion on impact.
  • Transcendence: create an anti-gravity field no enemy can escape, then deal damage by sending them hurtling in all directions.
  • Tornado: control a mighty whirlwind and drag enemies into the vortex, where they will take continual damage.
  • Quake: shake the earth and cause boulders to burst forth which knock enemies into the air and stun them in the process.

  • Plopper Sensor: a device granted after saving Chorus Clown that helps in tracking down Ploppers in the woods. It works like a radar and beeps on the Gamepad or 3DS and shows a red dot when when it has found one.
  • Mask Repair Kit: a kit that can be granted by Distressed Doll after saving her. You can only carry one with you, but always can get a new one when it is gone, as it is a one-time use object. You can also repair the mask at Doll without the kit.
  • Bottles: you can carry two bottles with you, these are granted after saving the Two-Headed. They can be filled with Health Fluid and Energy Fluid. These both can be purchased at a Swamp Nymph in the Swamp, the Elixer Shaman in the Rainforest and the Old Hermit in Sakura Park.


After the defeat of Ringmaster the Dark Woods turned into Eden. However Seamstress showed that there were countless more woods in the Dark Woods. Hein, Lily and Rai team up together to save the other prisoners of Lamia and get back home with everyone.


After the defeat of The Ringmaster, whose real name was Pan, the Dark Woods turned into a safe haven called Eden. Unfortunately for them Lamia had kidnapped everyone from the circus, along with Ligeia the siren, except for Lily and Rai. The three were determined to save the others as well. After exploring the area a bit Hein encountered Lamia again who put him in some kind of an illusion where he couldn't attack her. She told him that the Circus Woods were only the heart of Dark Woods and that there were many other woods left to explore. In fact she scattered all the other 'freaks' in these area's. Hein questioned why she would tell him all this, Lamia simply answered by saying that her reasons do not matter, but his actions do. She disappeared afterwards. Hein quickly headed over to Lily and Rai and told them the story. Slime appeared, having been trapped in the illusion as well, and elaborated that the Dark Woods consisted out of 11 parts total. Lily mentioned that a gate at the west opened just a few minutes ago and they suspected Lamia of doing it. Slime continued by saying that the gate leads to three other woods; the Maple Woodlands, the Swamp and the Enchanted Forest. The trio agreed that they would save the others.

They arrived in the Maple Woodlands a nice place that was engulfed by the light of dawn. There were thick trees around everywhere which were topped with brow, red and orange leafs. Many of these leafs also formed piles on the ground, where also several mole holes could be spotted. The trio ventured further into the wood and were halted at a lake of maple syrup, so they had to continue their journey higher. Luckily the branches of the trees were big enough to easily cross the maple syrup lake. They eventually landed at a circular field filled with leafs. A girl wearing a black tamer suit, with a whip as arm and several leather patches on her legs stood in the middle. Slime explained that it was the Tenacious Tamer a former member of the circus who had disappeared all a sudden. In an attempt to save her, they got attacked by her instead. They managed to defeat her and pushed a girl with green hair, wearing only the body suit of a plague doctor out of her. The female smiled and fled further into the woodlands. They first spoke with the girl. She explained that she was lured into the Dark Woods and got attacked by a Chimaera that ate her whole arm and pieces of her legs, until it suddenly went away. She was fixed by Lamia to how she was now. She also said she didn't know who the girl was controlling her, so she was adviced to go to the circus at the center as she would be safe there. The trio ventured further into the woodlands and noticed it changed a bit. It was much darker, as the top of the trees blocked the sunlight. The trees themselves had gotten bigger as well, and some had branches that looked like staircases. Also notable were the large beehives everywhere. The trio continued and eventually arrived at a massive beehive which was filled with dead wasps. At the throne they found the dead wasp queen. On the throne was the female they had been chasing, she was sporting the Leo zodiac on her outfit. They asked who she was and why she is doing this. The girl answered indifferent that she could not tell what her business was here, as it also did not concern them. She however did tell she was a Starchild, one of twelve, and was the zodiac of Leo, which also happened to be her name. She then pulled out a yo-yo-like weapon which had a buzz saw at the end. She said that her mission was to take them down and engaged in combat. She was eventually overmastered by the trio and transformed into orbs of light which climbed into the sky and disappeared from sight. The only thing left was her crest of the Leo zodiac symbol. They collected it and headed back to the circus.

They arrived in the Swamp, a place that they already were familiar with, at least Hein was. However unlike the previous time the Swamp had been greatly expanded. They made their way over the docks and entered the little swamp town where they encountered Jane, a swamp nymph, who Hein had already encountered once. She brought them to the Swamp Chief who said the village was in peril. There is a huge man in the swamps with the ability to breathe fire who has been destroying their homes. Hein says not to worry, and the trio continues into the Swamp. After crossing the first part of the swamp they arrive in another circular area where the man was awaiting them. Slime said that they were facing the Scorching Smile an ex-member of the circus with the ability to breathe fire. They engaged combat with him and pushed out a man with long blue hair, goat horns and a plague outfit. He stood up and told that they need to follow him to a place more... quiet. He jumped into the water and swam away. The man explained that he once arrived in the Dark Woods and was pushed into the water by someone and almost died, that was until Lamia replaced his lungs and esophagus with fire producing machines. It allows him to breathe fire and never feel cold. They advised him to go back to the circus, as he would be safe there now. The trio continued but soon faced the problem that they had to go into the waters. Jane appeared again to help them move around in the water. After explaining them how the controls work underwater she goes back to her village. The trio continues and often have to go up again to clear the way underwater which is blocked by moss. They eventually have to up all the way and enter an abandoned temple. There are many streams of water inside of the temple, and the stones were covered by moss. The man appeared again and introduced himself as the zodiac sign Capricorn. They asked why he was doing this to which he replied that it is for a noble cause. However the way they are doing it is selfish, but if he would know the whole truth he wouldn't understand, Capricorn said. He then revealed his ring and said it could control any water that was around, and that this ring unfortunately would bring upon their end. They fought but in the end Capricorn was defeated. Once again the body transformed into orbs of light and disappeared into the sky leaving the Capricorn crest behind. They decided to go back to the circus after informing Jane and the Chief that the Swamps were safe once again.

They arrived in the Enchanted Forest where they were amazed as to how magical it looked like. They followed the path hoping they would find something. They first found a little farmers house where a young boy lived by the name of Jack along with his white cow. They ask him if he had seen anything weird happening around here. Jack said that there was someone at the tower, who could see everything that happens in the forest, which could be reached by following the yellow brick road. They eventually arrived at the tower where they encountered Rapunzel who was sitting at the highest window of the tower. They asked her if she had someone acting weird in the forest. Rapunzel said she indeed saw that Snow White was asking weird, and that she was at the cottage close to the darker part of the Enchanted Forest. They thanked her and headed to the cottage where they indeed encountered Snow White. Slime elaborated that she once was a dancer in the circus. She attacked them and when they defeated her they pushed out another person. This time a large male with an eye-patch and long brown dreads. He quickly fired some arrows to distract them and ran into the scary forest. They talked with Snow White who told her whole skin was burned off in a freak accident that happened inside of this same forest, but that her skin was replaced with China. She was also send to the circus by the trio. They headed further into the forest where they encountered Jack once again and questioned why he was here and what happened to his cow. Jack explained that he traded his cow for beans with a man, but the beans grew into a gigantic beanstalk. They headed into the direction of the beanstalk and encounter the Gingerbread House which seemed to be the checkpoint before they encounter the cotton candy part of the forest. They went through the forest and climbed up the beanstalk. At the top of the beanstalk they saw the man they pushed out of Snow earlier. He introduced himself as the zodiac Sagittarius. Once again they asked what they were doing here. Sagittarius said he wasn't like the others and didn't like to hide things from others. He told that they were hired by some person he did not even know his name from. They had to possess the vessels so that some power could be extracted by him. More than that he didn't know, but it didn't matter because he was going to kill them either way. They engaged in combat but in the end Sagittarius lost and his body went into light orbs and disappeared in the sky and left behind the Sagittarius crest. Afterwards they headed back to the circus. If one were to decide to go beyond the beanstalk they would encounter Granny's house. Inside are Granny and Little Red Riding Hood, who preferred to be called Red. Red would tell she just saved her grandmother from the Big Bad Wolf and want to fight even more and thus joins the team.

As the group want to leave the west area of the woods they pass the statue in the middle of that area which is in the form of a Taurus. They walk to the gates which close before their faces and see that behind them the Taurus statue has turned into the actual Starchild; Taurus. He was rather muscular, was dark skinned, had curly hair and had two bull horns. He asked what the other Starchildren have told them back there. Hein told Taurus that they told them their whole plan. Taurus became angered and slammed with his Taurus-shaped morning star on the ground causing two walls to emerge from the ground which separated the three. Taurus was now only facing Rai, who asked why he was the one being targeted. Taurus said that he was needed in order for him to survive. Rai was confused but Taurus refused to give further explanation. The two engaged in combat which resulted in the loss of Taurus. Rai smashed him against the fence and engulfed it with lightning burning Taurus to crisp. He body dissembled and disappeared into the sky leaving only his sign behind. The stone walls broke down, and Rai was joined by Hein and Lily again. The entered Eden. Back in Eden they met up with the Tenacious Tamer, Scorching Smile and Snow White. They said they were not hurt in any way despite passing Taurus' statue. Hein reflected back on what the Starchildren had said, but couldn't come up with anything that could help them discover why Lamia was doing all this. The gate in the south now had opened itself. Slime elaborated that that is the place where the Haunted Woods, Arctic Woods and the Rainforest are located. They all decide to continue their mission and save their friends. Meanwhile Lamia entered the room where Plague Master was sitting in a Dodecagram. On each point of the dodecagram was a Sign of Zodiac, of which four were engulfed in green fire. Lamia said that four of the twelve already died. Plague Master replied that he could feel their powers inside. There was no way this plan would fail. They couldn't let Pan's sacrifice be for nothing.

The gang arrived in the Haunted Woods, a creepy and dark place to say so. It was filled with creepy trees that almost seemed to have faced, soiled ground, grave stones and other structures. The sky was pitch black and in the distance was a luminous mansion atop of hill. The party made their way through the forest until they finally reached the graveyard. It was hard to get there because of the misleading paths and annoying ghosts though. In the middle of the graveyard was a tomb which the group entered. Once inside they encountered the Two-Headed, a familiar face... or familiar faces to be correct. They fought and defeated the Two-Headed which drove the Starchild out of their body. He seemed like a young boy with curly orange hair on first sight, but he quickly fled. Their only speculated place was the mansion on the hill. They reunited with Two-Headed and asked what happened. Two-Headed told that after the three heroes went to defeat Pan, Lamia collected the remains of their bodies and gave new life to them... again, but other than that they were clueless about Lamia's plan. The group continued and made their way up the hill and entered the haunted mansion. It was a very large place with chambers like the kitchen, library, master bedroom and so on. In the entryway they encountered the boy, who introduced himself as Gemini. He sounded kinda frightened but held his courage up. He said that they will never find the real him. Each chamber however seemed to be enchanted by a spell put up by Gemini. In each chamber there was a duplicate of Gemini the group had to deal with. After defeating all of the duplicated a weakened version of Gemini appeared in the entryway again. He apologized for what he did, and said that he really wished to become a real person, and never wanted to be in a vessel anyway. He grabbed his weapons and committed suicide. Light disappeared in the sky and all that was left was the Gemini crest. They decided to head back again.

The group entered the Arctic Woods, a place entirely different in climate compared to the others. The Arctic Woods was completely covered in snow and ice. There were a few large mountains in the background as well as an igloo village. They decided to head to the village first to get some clues, however upon arrival it seemed like an abandoned village. The only one that was left was a Yeti, who was cowering in fear at the center. He said that a large creature with amazing vocal cords exploded the heads of the Eskimos. They asked in which direction the creature headed. The Yeti told that it was going further down south to Mt. Peak. They made their way to an ice cave which would be the shortest way to the top. However mid-way they encountered the Chorus Clown, also possessed by one of the Starchildren. They battled the Chorus Clown and drove the sign out of him who looked like a dark woman with short wavy hair and full lips. She said that she is going to complete the rest of the process at the top. The group talked a bit with the Chorus Clown and advised him to go back to the, now safe, circus to rest up while they take care of the Starchild. The group leaves the ice cave and make their way through a forest of snow covered trees to the top of the mountain where the Starchild was meditating. With eyes close she said that she was Cancer and was hoping that she could meditate her last days in this body in peace. However it seemed she had to fight them for that. She engaged in combat, but in the end lost the battle. They asked her what the plan is. Cancer replied that she didn't want to die yet, certainly not after obtaining her human body, and wished she could have spent more time in it. She said she couldn't get anymore answers even if she wanted to and that he had to solve this riddle. She died and light disappeared in the sky with the only thing left behind was the crest of Cancer. They all decided to head back again.

Th arrived in the Rainforest, a thick forest with a hot climate yet was very moist, giving it a wet heat. The whole place was filled with vegetation and the light of the sky was covered by the thick threes, only letting out beams of light here and there. They decided to head further into the forest and they'll see what they encounter. After making their way through the vegetation they found themselves in an area enclosed by trees with lianas hanging down from them. Gracefully descending out of one of them was the Distressed Doll. They got into battle and defeated the Distressed Doll. Another one of the Starchildren got out, this time one with purple hair and fled up into the trees. They helped the Distressed Doll get back up. She immediately told that while her body was taken over she was conscious enough to hear some things and that they were planning something very bad. Rai demanded her to tell, but she couldn't quite remember. Lily said her to get to the circus where the others were to calm down. The three continued by going up into the trees. Like down there was lots of vegetation, but now there were also lianas everywhere that had to be used to get across, unless you used Hein's whip for shortcuts. As they made their way through this area of the Rainforest they eventually arrived at an abandoned tree house which was rather large and inside was the Starchild waiting on them while sitting on a broken staircase. She had purple hair tied back in a knot and her weapon which was a gigantic whip laid on her lap. She stood up and says that she will have to take a break from charging up. She introduced herself as Scorpio and claimed she was the most deadly ofthe Starchildren. They fought and defeated her which made her become furious. Her body started to dissolve. She said it couldn't end here, she wanted a new body, a true life. She said that even with her death the plan of Lamia and her partner would be accomplished, just killing off innocent beings for their own good, seven in exchange for one... it was not fair. She said before dissolving and the light drifting away into the sky leaving only the crest of the scorpio behind. The gang decided to go back.

As they left their previous woods they arrived in the inbetween section of those woods and Eden. On their way in they already had spotted the Virgo statue but didn't make mention of it. Rai said that it was possible that the statue also could turn into one of those Starchildren. Hein said they could worry about that later and now need to evaluate what they had learned. They at least saved the ones they were searching for but it seems there might be more in trouble and that there was something bigger going on. Lily said that this time around all the Starchildren talked about them inhabiting a vessel that was not their for the plan of Lamia. Thus them being in that vessel could have saved their life perhaps. However as Lily wanted to continue, Rai's suspicions were confirmed and out of the statue another Starchild appeared. A young and beautiful woman with golden hair and blue eyes who was wielding a scepter with the virgo symbol. She said that she is here to inhabit the vessel selected to her. She lifted up the scepter which trapped Hein and Rai in orbs of energy that looked like a mirror. Lily asked if she was the one who was chosen for her. Virgo said she only wanted to survive. She explained that if she didn't enter her and made her a vessel for her than she would cease to exist as that plague master already was draining her life energy. However in a vessel she could continue to exist. Lily said that it now finally made sense. And asked for what purpose the Plague Master was draining the energy of the Starchildren. Virgo was startled by herself and told she had said too much already. She got into battle position and engaged battle. After defeating Virgo she said that this way his plans would succeed as well. Hein and Rai were released from their bubbles and fell to the ground. Hein quickly asked what happens when they die. Virgo only could answer that their soul would go back to their original state... and she disappeared, a light disappearing into the sky and the crest of virgo being left behind. The gang returned to the circus where they were greeted by the Two-Headed, Distressed Doll & Chorus Clown who they had rescued in the previous three woods. Distressed Doll said that she was working on repair kits for the masks they had obtained on their journey's and could fix them on the way. And of course she could fix the masks any time they visited her. The Chorus Clown provided them the Plopper Seeker, the Two-Headed didn't have anything. Lamia approached the Plague Master again and she said that they were on 2/3 of their plan. She said the plan was watertight, even if they died he would obtain their powers so it's good either way. Plague Master warned Lamia that they shouldn't progress too quickly. They especially need to be hold back once he obtains all the Starchildren in his body. Lamia said not to worry, as she had prepared something special from another dimension. Plague Master nodded. Lily concluded that the Starchildren were part of a bigger scheme involving Lamia, and she wondered what that would be. Right on that moment Lamia appears and confirms her suspicions, but taunts them by saying that they will never stop their plan on time. Lamia giggled saying that she sounded like an antagonist. Rai shouted she was, to which Lamia only gave him a nasty look. She waved with her hand and opened the third gate leading to three new sections of the woods. She teleported away quickly after. Hein, Rai and Lily headed into the new section.

The gang arrived in the Submerged Forest, one that surprised them the most out of all the woods they had encountered. It was a forest completely underwater, it could be called a forest as there was a huge amount of seaweed and many coral trees. They also noticed that their movement was slightly altered here as they would jump somewhat higher, but descend slowly and their attacks are much slower as well, this mainly irritating Rai. They continued in the forest and quickly found Ligeia, the Morbid Mermaid, sitting on a rock. They called out for her, but she quickly swam away and the group had to hunt her down. She eventually was caught on the Starchild inside swam further, she being a real mermaid, into the dark depths. The gang hurried over to Ligeia who was very glad to see Hein and gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She said she had missed him. Hein said it was going to be okay. Rai gave some looks to Lily about the relationship between Hein and Ligeia. Hein said to go back to the circus, as many others were gathered there as well. Ligeia said she wanted to help, but Hein advised she should head back as she must be exhausted and maybe is even wounded. It wouldn't be save. She accepts it and heads back. The gang continues in the depths where it is a lot darker and only some lights help them navigate through the waters and seaweed. They arrived at some Atlantis-like ruins which somehow was lighted by mysterious orbs of light. They entered it and encountered one of the Starchildren at the plaza of the ruins. She had long blue hair, a mermaid tail, blue eyes and sported a trident with the aquarius sign worked into it. She immediately apologizes and says it was not her intention, but she didn't want to die just yet. Lily asked where their bodies would go if they die. Aquarius said she didn't remember much but that it was part of the plan of some plague doctor guy who wouldn't reveal his name. Hein said that it was the Plague Doctor who he had encountered once before. He must be the true mind behind all of this, he concluded. Aquarius then held her trident pointed towards the three saying that she had to do this, although they seemed very nice. They battled Aquarius and she said that she is glad she was slain by them. She dissolved and a light headed up out of the water and the aquarius crest was left behind. The group headed back.

The gang arrived in the Fossil Woods, a deserted place which actually didn't look much like a woods in their opinion as there only were a few bald trees to be spotted. The sun was shining bright down on them. A man approached them dressed in some sort of safari outfit, accompanied by a woman in a doctor's coat, though her clothing underneath was short. They said that something creepy was going on here. The woman said there was a small creature wandering these grounds. Hein was confused and asked what they were doing here in the first place and how they got here. When thinking about it they didn't exactly know how, and only know they are on an expedition to seek dinosaur fossils, and have found quite a few. Rai said to ignore it and continue as he was dying from the heat in here. The gang continued and quickly found the humanoid slenderer, which was revealed to be an old woman. But apparently she was very strong. They beat her and the Starchild fled her body. The old woman was lying on the ground in pain. They said that she needed to be brought back. Lily suggest she will carry her on a Lunar platform and that Hein and Rai continue. The two find an opening to a cavern filled with dino fossils and enter it, expecting the Starchild to have headed in there. They make their way through the cavern and meet a boy with light blue hair and a selfish smile. He said he was expecting them, to which he got a sarcastic remark from Rai. Hein demanded an answer as to why their souls had to be collected. The Starchild first introduced himself as Pisces and then he might answer their question if they can beat him. Of course they manage to beat him which sends him in last stand. Pisces said he usually doesn't keep promises but he'll make an exception for them. He had spoken with Lamia who said that they were trying to achieve a power that would make her wish come true. Unfortunately she didn't say anything else as it was time to departing. And now he was on his knees dissolving. He disappeared and a light flew through the top of the cave and a pisces crest was left behind.

The group arrived at the Sakura Park, a beautiful place filled with Sakura trees and a tranquil place to be around. They were approached by an Old Hermit, who Hein recognized as the Wise Old Hermit from his previous adventure. Old Hermit said that there was a warrior who came to the Sakura Parks and was battling the Jade Warrior at this moment. The three went off to search for the unknown warrior assuming that it might be one of the Starchildren. They traveled through the nice park until they reached a zen garden where a Geisha was worried about the fight going on between the Jade Warrior and the one who calls himself Joyful Juggler. The three interrupted the battle and brought the Jade Warrior to safety and fought the Joyful Juggler. After defeating him the Starchild fled further into the park. Joyful Juggler asked what was going on. Rai said that his eyes were stitched together. Juggler replied indifferent that he already knew that. Hein said that he should head back to the circus where the others were. The three continued. The park was pretty much the same although this area contained a lot more water and bridges, but nonetheless it was still crowded with sakura trees. They eventually arrived at a big shrine where inside the Starchild, a girl, with long pink hair and glasses. She said that they had finally come for her. She stood up and went into battle position with a dull look on her face. Rai asked why she was attacking them while she could live. She said that the plan is something she wants to accomplish, and by doing this it only will go faster, the other way she will only fade from existence. It is a hard life for a Starchild, only being used let someone get higher powers. But she is convinced this person is noble. They engage battle with Libra and manage to defeat her. She dissolves and disappears and her light disappears into the sky, once again leaving the crest behind of the libra.

They left the last three woods and arrived at the intersection separating the woods from Eden. The Aries statue came to life in the shape of a boy with an emo-cut and crimson eyes. He said he had been waiting for them to finally arrive, and suspected he was the last one left now. Hein said to give up. They knew they were close to discovering Plague Master's plan. Hein tells it thus somehow involves the deaths of all the Starchildren so he can get a power in order to make Lamia's wish come true. Aries said that was all true, but that they still would never understand that it actually was for a good cause. Rai got furious by saying that Lamia killed all of them psychically or mentally and made them freaks. He said there is no way she could have good intentions if she does this to humans. Aries rolled his eyes stating that none of them were pure humans and that all of them contain DNA of Lilith, and that somehow Lily also contains some of Eve. Lily asks how he knows all of this. Aries tells that unlike the others he went on further investigation, but he digressed. He summoned a scythe in his hand and bind Lily and Rai in dark energy. Aries said that Hein will be his vessel, even if he was the last one to survive this. Hein eventually beat Aries who then kneels on one knee. He chuckled, repeating again that their plan has succeeded, with their help. Aries dissolves and the last light headed towards an unknown area and the aries crest was left behind. The three entered Eden again and went to the circus tent where all the others were waiting for them. Ligeia immediately hugged Hein, glad that he returned safe. Hein told that they should stay here in the circus tent until they stopped Lamia and the Plague Master. They agreed to stick together. Suddenly a portal opened from the back of the circus tent and a gigantic flesh monster was spawned out of it. Lamia suddenly stood among the freaks saying that hopefully this will be enough to hold them off. Everyone battled the Flesh Monster until it was defeated. Hein said that they had to hurry to the last woods. They stumbled upon a gate which was sealed with Lunar energy. Lily easily broke it and they entered the true Dark Woods.

The Dark Woods, it was different from what the three remembered but still was oh so familiar to them. The ambiance was still the same as first time, only the locations seemed to have changed quite a bit. They headed further down the road until they reached the only intact building in the Dark Woods, a threshold, something not to be expected in the place. They entered the building and were greeted by Plague Master who said they couldn't go beyond this point. Hein confirmed that he was the guy that he had encountered at the church the other time. Plague Master said that it indeed was him, he was preparing to summon the Starchildren at that moment, but unfortunately got interrupted by him. But now he finally has obtained the powers he was wishing for, Nova powers, the strongest of all. Hein was confused as Pan said that Solar was the strongest of all. Plague Master laughed and said that Lunar and Nocturnal are on the same level thought one being offensive and the other defensive. Solar is one combines both and is slightly stronger because of it. But if you combine all three together even the power of Nova couldn't be achieved. But with the powers of the Starchildren he now has obtained the Nova powers and basically all the powers of the universe. Rai shouted to him to get out of the way as he wanted to kill Lamia for what she has done to all of them. Plague Master said that she was off limits. They engaged battle with Plague Master who is assisted by Rosie and Posie and manage to defeat him in this round. Rosie and Posie were thrown by the side and ignored by everyone, so they managed to sneak out successfully. Plague Master pulled off his broken mask along with the upper part of his costume. His true body was now shown. He was a muscular man, he has black hair reaching to his shoulders and his eyes looked like an entire universe was inside of it. He introduced himself again, this time as Nostradamus. He said that they didn't know the truth behind this power, the purpose for using it. He said that they now will witness the true powers of the Nova. They engaged in combat once again. It was a though battle which resulted in Lily and Rai being heavily wounded, but Nostradamus as well. Hein rushed at Nostradamus with his scythe and slashed him in his shoulder going halfway through his body. Nostra laughed and said that if he continues with this that he truly will be a murderer. Hein said he wasn't and that Nostra was the murderer here. Nostra says that this action will taint his heart forever, possibly the only part of Hein which still is humane. He chuckled again. He said that Pan told him, before he got killed, that Hein had seen their past. Hein eyes widened and asked if he was the black-haired boy from Eden. Nostradamus didn't say anything. Hein said that he still was wrong and that his death was the only way to get back to their normal lives. Nostra said that their lives would never be normal again and laughed. Hein sliced through and killed Nostradamus, the Plague Master. His last words were: You just killed a father. The corpse immediately started to rot and only dust was left behind among his clothes. The three continued through the threshold and encountered Lamia. Rai immediately jumped against her and grabbed her by her throat. Lamia said not to hurt her, as she is with child. This shocked all three of them, and was the only thing that held him from punching her to pulp. Hein said that Nostradamus was the father... Hein told the past of Eden that he had seen before (in the first game) and explained that the Plague Master possibly used his powers to place Lamia's uterus back so she could have children again. Lamia said that was the story. Lily got Rai off Lamia and said to leave her alone. She then looked at Lamia, and said she could never forget what she had done but that they wouldn't have to deal with each other ever again if she created a portal to their world again. Lamia agreed and waved with her hand. She said a portal opened at the circus. The three left without saying anything. They returned to the circus where everyone was waiting at the portal. They all smiled at each other and went through the portal to the real world again. They all were transformed back into their appearance before they entered the Dark Woods, and no long had any powers or suffered was missing limbs or whatever they had. They all headed back home safe.

After the last gate to the true Dark Woods opened up, and peculiar portal opened in the back of the circus tent. It seemed like a rift to another dimension. The group decided to enter it and found themselves in a place with a dark ambiance. They were on the roof of a hospital, the sky was dark and lightning struck down in the background. Suddenly out of a hatch the lead to the roof, a person climbed out. She was wearing a white doctor jacket, had bandages around her legs, a red shirt. She had purple hair which matched with her eyes. But the strangest things were that the outsides of her mouth had been stitched together and her arm was replaced by a gigantic needle filled with organs. She didn't talk, but simple rushed into combat with them. After managing to defeat her she seemed to lie dead on the ground. The rift behind the group appeared again and they left the place. But right before they left the camera focuses to the lying Leah again who stands up while widening her smile.

Rosie, now in humanoid form, runs with a bucket of water through a house and kneels down next to Posie, in humanoid form, and Lamia who is laying on a mattress. Lamia was giving birth. She pushes and pushes and gives birth to a girl with magenta hair and eyes. The screen goes black.


Main Characters
  • Hein, the Grim Kid
  • Lily, the Deformed Diva
  • Rai, the Blue Beast
  • Slime the slug
Dii Consentes
  • Two-Headed
  • Chorus Clown
  • Distressed Doll
  • Ligeia, the Morbid Mermaid
  • Bearded Woman
  • Joyful Juggler
  • Snow White
  • Tenacious Tamer
  • Scorching Smile
  • Jane, the Swamp Nimph
  • Swamp Chief
  • Swamp Nymphs
Haunted Woods
  • Maid
  • Butler
  • Polterdog
Enchanted Forest
  • The Woodcutter
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Grandmother
  • Rapunzel
  • Jack
Artic Woods
  • Yeti
  • Shaman Tribe
Fossil Woods
  • Professor Artimo
  • Dr. Jaspenon
Sakura Park
  • Geisha
  • Old Hermit
  • Jade Warrior
  • Lamia, the Seamstress
  • Nostradamus, the Plague Master
  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces
  • Murderous Medic


  • Creeper - a little black creature with sharp claws
  • Lurker - similar to a Creeper only bigger and stronger
  • Diver - an underwater Lurker
  • Unicornius - a unicorn-like creature
  • Harpy - a flying deformed cupid
  • Satyrium - a goat-like creature on two legs
  • Blood Bat - a bat that immediately lunges at you
  • Treek - a tree that only awakens when someone comes close
  • Blue Phoenix - a  small bird made of blue fire
  • Tarantulax - a giant poisonous spider
  • Dragonflux - an electric dragonfly
  • Terrapigs - pig-like creatures that reside underground
  • Chimera - a hybrid of a lion, goat and snake
  • Minotaur - a bull-like creature on two legs
  • Bandersnatch - a wild boar-like creature with devastating bashes
  • Jubjub - a fragile looking bird with sonic screams
  • Night Wolf - a pitch black wolf with glowing purple eyes
  • Seaweed - enchanted sea weed that tries to trap nearby people
  • Shackle - a shackled shark with razor sharp teeth
  • Hammerhead - a shark with a head shaped like a hammer
  • Foil - a shark with a nose as sharp as a foil
  • Grim Haunter - a grim reaper-like creature that wields a powerful scythe
  • Plague Remnant - orbs made out of black death's essence
  • Rockin' - a golem-like creature made out of rocks and marsh
  • Mummoid - a humanoid-shaped mummy in a coffin that hover in the air


Wood Freak Zodiac
Eden Taurus (I) Virgo (II) Aries (III) Murderous Medic (IV)
Maple Woodlands (I) Tenacious Tamer Leo
Swamp (I) Scorching Smile Capricorn
Enchanted Forest (I) Snow White Sagittarius
Haunted Woods (II) Two-Headed Gemini
Artic Woods (II) Chorus Clown Cancer
Rainforest (II) Distressed Doll Scorpio
Submerged Forest (III) Morbid Mermaid Aquarius
Fossil Woods (III) Bearded Woman Pisces
Sakura Park (III) Joyful Juggler Libra
Dark Woods (IV) Flesh Monster, Nostradamus

Star Reports

Just like in the previous game there are reports that you can collect, and just like previous time there are 12 of them to collect. This time around they are written as horoscopes and tell something about the members of Organization Zodiac. They are written by an unknown author.


22 Dec - 20 Jan

There is the never-give-up always fighting, always moving, always gaining altitude kind of person and there is also the confined person with self-imposed restrictions, who likes to stay at one place and work for what he values the most. But these two kinds of personalities have some common traits, the most notable of them being that of complaining and grumbling.

Capricorn brings about a trait of not being contented with prevalent conditions. Capricorns are very committed to their cause and are really good at getting what they want. There is a negative side to this too – they become successful and privileged and find that there are not a lot many people up there so they feel quite lonely. They are really good at coping up with this, but now this not something that can be completely taken out of the system, is it?

Capricorns are people who seem to be a little formal, a little out of place with their fun-loving background, but that is because they actually like to have the right thing in the right place. They like to climb the social and professional ladders and are not left behind in trying to impress their superiors and even loved ones. They have a different kind of sense of humor which is rather refreshing in a gathering or party.

Capricorn is granted with the Ring of Fortune which is able to gather all the water in the area and control it at will.


21 Jan - 19 Feb

Aquarians are probably the most individualistic and strong kind of people. Now you can read that as pigheaded and rebellious, but that’s your wish. And as is the way of the world, the distinctive and strong in character are the ones followed by one and all. Now things are not all rosy and jolly for Aquarians. If I had to describe an Aquarian in the least possible number of words, I won’t classify him as a leader or pioneer, I’d call him a walking bag of contradictions – coz that’s what he most definitely is. They do pioneering work, they go against the tide and try to change how the society thinks about something, yet they themselves find it very hard to change their mind on something once they have made up a notion.

So this difficulty in modifying oneself and one’s beliefs becomes more and more noticeable and prominent with maturity; an Aquarian might need a lot of help and encouragement in coming up to prevalent times and practices. However, another important thing that makes them such good leaders is their cool temperament and emotional control – you could not find a person better at taking affirmative action in practically testing circumstances. Also, these guys are really understanding and do not find it very difficult to suffer contravenes of fellows. That is why they make such good friends.

Aquarius is granted with the Trident of Bliss which can change the flow of the water, create explosive bubbles and take command over the sea creatures.


20 Feb - 20 Mar

Pisceans are characterized by their emotional depth. They have such a vast reservoir of positive creative energy that they don’t even come close to realizing their true potential. They are too modest to admit their talent, and often underestimate themselves. No one has the ability to express true human emotions such as happiness, love, anger and forgiveness in his art as much as the Piscean. Pisceans give their friends unconditional support when needed. They believe in the notion that a friend in need is a friend indeed. But this works both ways. They also need to be understood and helped when in need.

Pisceans are also susceptible to developing habits and then acting as if they will show themselves out. Eventually, it becomes so late that things go out of control, and the habits take a heavy toll on their personal and professional lives. Friends and family might find this a little difficult than they might think because Pisceans tend to be a little deceptive, thinking that it is for everyone’s good. So the picture I paint is not a very rosy one – it would seem that it’s hard for the Piscean to even live normally without help. But it’s not like that. Pisceans have so much stuffed up inside them that it is hard for them to stay balanced. That’s the only reason why they need help.

Pisces is granted with the Cannon of Pride which is able to shoot balls of energy and absorb projectiles and change them into powerful energy to reflect.


21 Mar - 19 Apr

Aries is representative of verve and energy and while many may associate a ‘me first’ attitude with Ariens, the truth is quite different from this. The ‘me first’ refers primarily to their competitiveness and their desire to be at the top of the world. Of course, the selfish aspect of their personality is true to some extent, but it can be controlled. They are known to be highly simple and straight-forward in their dealings. This is the secret behind the amazing clarity that they seem to possess regarding everyday life.

In their childhood, Ariens are characteristically hungry for success. They generally wanna be good in sports, studies and almost everything they get involved in, though there might be the odd case of an Ariean almost deliberately messing up their grades, just cause they don’t care. This attitude just gets stronger with age. They will do all they can to get to the top. And to many, this might mean that the personal life suffers, but not to Ariens. Ariens are really attached to their family. They also make excellent partners. They are intent on enjoying their sex life to the fullest, which is great for their partners. This comes from the fact that they are very passionate and fervent, but they also have certain selfish tendencies which can make things sour.

Aries is granted with the Scythe of Sorrow which can rip open portals and summon hell beasts out of those, as well is embedded with Nocturnal Energy.


20 Apr - 20 May

Of all the twelve sun-signs, Taurus is the one most in need of order, security and self-assurance. Taurus are not friendly to indecision and chaos at all. They work hard at bringing security – social and economical, in their and their loved ones’ lives. They will find it very hard to risk it for something in the air, no matter how great and majestic it might be. These are really patient people that will never throw in the towel and keep fighting for what they value and what they believe in. They can settle for very few accomplishments, or long lean periods, but they need to know that certain changes are inevitable, and certain things will come to you only when they have to, no matter how hard and long you try. Quite a contrast from the patient plodder, huh?

This is why onlookers would feel that Taurus are too slow or too dull – the truth is they are in a world of their own, where everything has its own pace, and nothing needs to be hurried. Emotional security is just as important for them as economic. They make really stable relationships, and hold on to them with all their moral strength. But as we have said, they are afraid of change, and afraid of letting things go. Thus they might get really possessive at times, to the inconvenience of the companion.

Taurus is granted with the Morning Star of Wrath which power gets stronger the more the damage the opponent, when marked the weapon automatically follow you.


21 May - 21 Jun

For all the people you see in your workplace, pegging along at a slow pace, working on things that are too linear to test any kind of ability or intelligence of any person and taking care of the same mundane tasks every single day with the sole objective of making a living, there is one thing you can be pretty damn sure of – they are definitely not Geminians.

Of all the great tragedies and maladies of the world, nothing terrorizes the Geminian more than boredom. They are, since birth, used to multitasking. They just can’t go about life one issue at a time. Parents might find this amusing, but they should nonetheless try not to encourage it. Doing too many things at once from a young age spoils their sense of style and brings about a trait that is most common in Geminians – superficiality. For them, after a point, all that looks good is good enough. They become a jack of all trades and start concentrating only on the packaging. In some professions such as ones relating to media, however, that is exactly what you need from a person – a little knowledge of almost everything, but not too much. So its not such a bad thing after all. In the workplace, it is important that they have as many projects as they can, so that they may work on whichever they have the mood to work on at that moment.

Gemini is granted with the Scimitars of Pudency which can duplicate its wielder and release waves of wind.


22 Jun - 23 Jul

Cancerians are very defensive creatures – defensive of themselves, their friends and family. They have a very strong and formidable defensive fort in his psyche. They are not intimidated that easily and can sometimes take aggressive stand in order to protect himself emotionally from transgresses of others. Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally jeopardizes their or their close ones’ dignity or self-respect, you will feel fended off or even pinned down. But if you persevere and gain their trust with time you will see the soft, caring and considerate inner self – because now you are one of the protected.

Their family is very important for them, and comes at the top in the list of priorities. They make excellent parents, but are not so good at letting go of their children when the situation requires it which again tells us about their protective self. They also happen to be very emotional and often fall into the depths of nostalgia. No wonder they have an excellent memory – they hardly miss a piece of detail about their past. Cancerian children start out being extremely sensitive and emotionally fragile, but with time they develop their protective and affectionate self.

Cancer is granted with the Claws of Lust which can easily trap an opponent or be used as a protective barrier.


24 Jul - 23 Aug

All Leos of the world can be described using one metaphor – the sun. They want to be a sun giving out light and warmth to the whole world, and to see everyone in their circles thriving in or at least benefiting from their radiance.

People of this Leo sun sign innately want to lead and be a master, but for those they adore and revere, they are ready to become slaves. They are very well organized and do things just the way they ought to be done, but it is also true that they are much better at organizing and systematizing others’ lives than their own. This trait of theirs sometimes borders on bossiness. But all this effort to improve another person’s life comes with an unnatural amount of warmth, kindly encouragement and a promise for help without having to ask, whenever it is needed.

The other thing about Leos is their creative streak – they possess some talent that hardly anyone around them is good at. But they can also be influenced very easily, and are prone to losing out against nagging criticism. They therefore have a great need to be encouraged and shown the right way.

Leo is granted with the Saw of Greed which is able to move swiftly along with its user and stagger opponents in attacks.


24 Aug - 22 Sept

Of all the twelve signs, you will find these Virgo guys the busiest. And here’s the funny part – it’s not that they take up the most responsibility or the toughest job, or that they are so polite that they do all their coworkers’ work. It’s just that they end up the most swamped – might be because they are not that well-organized, or for some other reason, but they just can’t seem to be getting enough time.

Another very important characteristic, probably their most prominent, is their desire to serve people. They can literally become slaves for the ones they love; pleasing them is all they wish to do! In doing so, they can get tricked or let down once in a while, but they do make very good friends.

Virgoans are very versatile and have a great number of talents, but most remarkable of them is their excellent judging and critical capability. They can size up things, form an opinion, and express it in a very diplomatic and constructive way. But they do this with a very honest humility, and just the way they are critical about everything, so also they are critical and judgmental about their own ability and talent. And this is horrible for their future prospects.

Virgo is granted with the Scepter of Truth which has a wide variety of protective and status magic.


22 Sept - 22 Oct

Librans are known most for their laziness. But there is really a lot more to it than meets the eye. Librans actually know how to cool down, and how to relax and just let things go. That’s why, even when they hustle, they seem to have a lot of time for petty things like dressing up and making coffee. They even have time to just lie around and take a time out, with all the work of the world piled up, much to the chagrin of friends. If you look through their eyes, you’d feel people are too impatient to take pleasure in the small things in life.

As you might expect from people with such a bend, Librans are very romantic. They always long for a long-lasting, committing, all-in kind of relationship. And as long as they don’t have it, they will always feel like something is missing within them. So they are definitely marriage material, but this comes with a glitch. Their inherent need for intimacy makes them rush into relationships without even taking the situation into account – in some cases, they are so young that they don’t even understand what a relationship means.

Libra is granted with the Katana of Balance which makes objects heavier or lighter depending on how the user has focused it.


23 Oct - 22 Nov

The first thing you will notice about a Scorpio is their forceful and vigorous nature. So if you cut open a Scorpio, I mean metaphorically, you will find a very intense source of energy. It will be like looking at the sun – you can’t look straight at it, or get too close. This source is what drives the Scorpio, and he/she uses this energy in whatever way they find most satisfying. Now, as it is said, with great power comes great responsibility. There is a great need to channelize this energy in the right direction. Otherwise, things are bound to get disastrous.

This high-energy state is also of an emotional nature. People who are in this state tend to get overly aggressive. This is a great asset as well as a great liability. Not many can keep up the vigor and enthusiasm in their sex lives the way Scorpios can. But as I have said, there is the destructive side. And one of the first signs of this side taking over is denial and withdrawal. The Scorpio stops taking active interest in things, and grieves inside. The usual intense and vivacious expression is replaced by an introvert, brooding-within-oneself one. When inquired, the Scorpio will be the quickest at denying about having any sort of issue, before resuming to the same old routine.

Scorpio is granted with the Whip of Envy which can extend its length to the user's desire and filled with deadly poison.


23 Nov - 20 Dec

The first thing one would observe about a Sagittarius is their amazing frankness and practicality. Generally people who call themselves practical tend to be polite in the more diplomatic sense, but for these guys, the practicality seems to stem from the frankness. Actually, if you cut open a Sagittarius, you’d find that what drives them most is their broad outlook, and their quick, positive grasping power of almost any kind of problem. But mind you, the one inclined to get the whole larger picture is liable to miss out on the minor details. They always thirst for challenges in life, and most of the time are restlessly looking for one. Another thing that makes them restless is the endless pursuit of something better. One moment, they might be completely happy with what they've got for themselves and the very next moment, they wish they could have had better.

Sagittarians are very caring and lively towards their loved ones, and have a great tendency of understanding their mistakes and learning from them. One very important thing the partner needs to understand here is that they love their freedom too much. Here the word freedom is used in a very different sense. The freedom does not refer to individuality or not wanting to change one’s way of life, it refers to the way in which a person wishes to express their love for their partner. And another aspect of this need for freedom is fear of closed spaces, in the psychological sense. Excessive possessiveness may take it’s toll on the Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is granted with the Bow of Gluttony which has an endless amount of arrows to be shot from that never miss their target, and can be enhanced with the force of nature.



  • Nostradamus, the Plague Master, name is based on Michel de Nostradame who was well know for being an excellent plague doctor during the Black Death.
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