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Dark Woods
Cover Art
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Dark Woods
Successor Dark Woods II: New Woods
Release Date(s) Spring 2015
Mode(s) Single player

Dark Woods is a horror action-adventure game developed by Dark Heart Games and published by Fantendo for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The game was first announced on November 11, 2014. Its worldwide release currently is scheduled to be during the spring of 2015.


Dark Woods has a simple gameplay that is similar to puzzle-adventure games like The Legend of Zelda. You play as one character, Hein, who ventures through the Dark Woods. It is an open-world where Hein can roam and explore everything freely. There are however restrictions to areas that haven't been unlocked. These parts will be unlocked through the progress of the game, and sometimes just requires a special ability that Hein is to gain later in the story.

Hein can interact with certain things in the game. These things are either friendly characters, of which there are few, and shiny objects. Most of the time the shiny objects either need to be interacted with to proceed or they are one of Hein's personal belongings that you can collect in the game. The personal belongings are scattered throughout the every level of the game and are important to collect, which will be eleborated on below. Hein has two other commands; one for his equipped weapon and one for one ability (although it gets upgraded to two near the end of the game). Only one weapon and ability can be equipped at the same time. They can be easily selected with the use of the Gamepad, and otherwise in the menu.

Upon collecting a personal belongings you can go to your backpack and investigate the object. With the help of the Gamepad's screen you can find the Plopper attached to it. Ploppers allow you to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Ploppers come in various colors, and only one color can be assigned to an upgrade. Each upgrade requires 5 Ploppers of the same color. There is a total of 30 Ploppers in the game in the colors; Lavender (whip), Viridian (moss), Vermilion (claw), Cerulean (tail), Saffron (sight) and Pewter (energy).

Weapons & Abilities

Power Usage Obtained Upgrade
Root Whip Can be used to slash enemies and cross platforms by swinging. Medium range, weak power. Default

Barbed Wire

+range & power

Moss Regenerates health. Defeat the Swamp Colossal Can be used while moving
Bug Milk Makes you small so you can enter places with small openings. Found behind Madame Willow -
Centipede Claw Can be used to slash enemies and destroy certain objects. Short range, medium power. Defeat Centipede


+range & power

Gills Allows you to breathe underwater. Talk to the Wise Old Frog -
Tail Accelerates your speed underwater. Can lift objects and throw them. Defeat Siren Side scales that can also bind enemies
Luminous Sight Lights up too dark areas. Encounter Ringmaster Neon Sight which extends the duration and range
Lunar Energy Allows you to throw nocturnal energy balls Defeat Amelia Nocturnal Energy also leaves them stunned
Rosie & Posie Allows you to equip two special powers. Defeat Plague Master -
Levitation Allows you to hover around. Defeat Deformed Diva -


A pubescent boy, Hein, has ran away from home along with a bag of valueble stuff. He doesn't know where he is going, but he wants to get away from his home. Without realizing he finds himself in the woods, one that he isn't familiar with. And to make things worse he suddenly is knocked out. He awakes again with his bag gone. He seeks out to find his belongings, which contains his most precious object, and get to some place safe. But Hein soon discovers that it isn't a regular forest he arrived in.


Hein is running through the streets of his village with a big bag in his hand. He stumbles into a gate saying: "Stay Away. Danger." Ignoring the warning Hein climbs over the fence and runs deeper into the woods, until he suddenly gets KO'd. He wakes up in a cage car near a circus tent. Hein manages to break out and notices his bag is gone and goes out to search for it. Hein notices that the woods are filled with creatures of the dark and has to stay on the path to evade them. Eventually he arrives at a hollow tree and goes inside to take shelter. Inside he encounters a slug who tells his name is Slime, and that it is his house. Hein explains his situation and Slime is surprised that he still is intact, he probably escaped just in time. Slime says he knows a person who can take him out of here. Hein thanks him, but he first needs to find something precious to him. Slime accepts that and says he will accompany him on his quest.

Hein and Slime first look for a base which they find in a hollow tree. It is also here that Hein obtains his first weapons, a root whip, which he finds inside the tree. The first location Hein and Slime discover is the circus which goes by the name; "Dark Wood Circus". Slime tells Hein that it is a place were freakish creatures are being held captive and trained for the shows, although he never knows how the Ringmaster obtains these creatures. Hein enters the circus and is greeted by the Ringmaster. The tall man tells that he is free to roam the circus as long as he doesn't enter the dimension cages. Each of the inhabitants is locked up in a pocket dimension that one only can proceed through when certain abilities are obtained. When Hein is about to leave he encounters the Seamstress. She tells him that the Ringmaster has gone mad and must be stopped. She tells that his journey will begin in the swamp and that he most likely will find some of his possessions in there too. Hein decides to explore the swamps.

Hein approaches the stinking swamp and finds himself in an abandoned fishermen village. There are a lot of docks which make up for the roads, although most of them are broken. There are houses on the same level as the docks, as well as some houseboats and some houses attached to the thick, mossy and large trees. As Hein progresses he encounters a man at the end of the last dock, fishing. A man with a rotten appearance, reeking of fish. Hein asks what happened to the village. Mr. Seemore tells that it once was a good running fishermen village until the attack of the Swamp Monster. It terrorized the entire village and ruined it. All the fishes were scared away, and everyone was either killed by the swamp monster are was turned into one themselves. Hein says that he least he can do is to defeat the swamp monster. Seemore smiles in reply and continues staring at the water, waiting to catch a fish. Hein must make his way through the swamp, mostly by swinging from platform to platform with his whip. That is until he reaches the biggest tree of them all, which is the dead end. Behind him the Swamp Monster emerges. Hein is able to defeat him. After the battle a lotus drives by and stops before Hein. On the lotus is a bottle with a tag attached to it saying: Rub me into your hair. Slime says it might be best to do so. Hein follows Slime's advice and smears the green fluid in the bottle in his hair. They notice that Hein gained regeneration skills. Hein decides to head back to the circus again.

Hein returns to the circus where he enters the pocket dimension of the Two-Headed, using his whip to swing across platforms. Hein arrives in a room which is decorated as if it were a little child's room. There were huge plushies, balls etc. Hein heard two voices in chorus from the distance greeting him. It was a two-headed child. Most likely twins that were stuck to each other. The female one was very cheerful while the male seemed to be depressed. The boy said that he had to get out of this place while the girl said it was fun here. Hein said that there still is something he must find. The twins then said they won't allow him to go further, although both for their own reasons. They attacked Hein but they lost in the end. The stitches broke and the body fell into pieces. The pocket dimension lifted and it was now normally connected to the circus.

Hein found a plushy next to the Two-Headed and saw it was his. He then suddenly recalled a memory of the Two-Headed. The twins were walking hand in hand through the forest. They were scared and lost. They suddenly encountered a Nocturne Wolf that chased them. The wolf caught up to the twins and ripped them apart. A shadow appeared above the twins and squatted to grab the pieces. Hein put the plushy back in his bag and left the tent. In the main tent he encountered the Seamstress again. She said it was unfortunate that the Two-Headed died, passed Hein and entered their tent. She exited the tent again with a kart which had the corpses of the Two-Headed on it and went to the back tent which closed behind her. Slime said he knew where to head next.

Hein and Slime went to the Whispering Willow. It is said to be the oldest fauna in the entire woods. She is filled with wisdom that might be a necessity for Hein. Slime figured that she would hold the key to finding the precious object of Hein. They traveled to Willow. Hein was surprised that she could talk, but asked her where his object was. Willow told that she holds all knowledge inside of her willow, so he has to shrink down and get inside of her. Slime says there is bug milk in Willow's back that let's you shrink at any time after drinking it. Hein drinks the milk and becomes the same height as Slime. He can now ride Slime as he ventures through Willow. He encounters a Ladybug that battles him so he can't get through, afterwards the same happens when encountering a Beetle. At the peak of the Willow they encounter a Centipede which Hein battles. After defeating it he obtains the claw to attack with. But unfortunately couldn't find anything concerning him. He heads out again and says he didn't find any knowledge and called the Willow a liar for not containing all knowledge inside her. Willow then explained she contained all her knowledge inside of her body. The bugs inside of her body know everything that happens in the woods. Hein silently leaves. Slime mentions that he might be able to pass through another pocket dimension now.

Hein entered the next pocket dimension where he had to use his ability to shrink to pass through certain parts of the dimension. He eventually arrived in a new tent, this one looking much different than the previous one. There were several cords hung up through the tent without safety nets underneath. A woman, bearing the appearance of a wooden doll with a gigantic French wig stood on the highest one. Her eyes widened and said: "You..." Hein was confused that she recognized him. Doll then said what his purpose here was. Hein said he is looking for something precious to him. Doll warned him that the precious something will lead to his certain death. He should make haste and get out of the woods while he can. Hein says he can't leave just yet. Doll sighs and says that she won't give him a life like theirs. She jumps down and starts fighting him. Unfortunately for Doll, Hein slams through her wooden body with the claw and smacks her down on the ground, breaking the carcass of her body and revealing her organs. Her wig also had fallen off and showed her brains underneath. As Doll was losing conscious she said that he shouldn't try to meet the Diva. Hein inspected the inside of her wig and found his harmonica in it. Hein suddenly got another memory, this time of Doll.

Doll, still as a normal woman was entering the circus, there she met the Ringmaster who took her to the back and slaughtered her. They brought in a wooden body and placed all the organs inside of it and made everything function. Her skin was used to make an umbrella. Hein was shocked that the Ringmaster had done this, but not surprised. He went back to the main tent and encountered Seamstress there again. Hein asked what she did with the Two-Headed. She told him that she's only trying to protect and heads into Doll's tent. She comes back with a bucket which seems to be filled with organs and leaves to the back once again.

Seamstress enters the back where she encounters Ringmaster. He asks what had happened, to which Seamstress replies that Hein killed another one of the circus members. She says she can restore it, but for that needs another body. Ringmaster says he will take care of that and that she should focus on letting Hein dwell further into the woods.

Slime tells Hein that there is a lake near which has a tower underwater that contains many valuable treasure and asks Hein if his object can be considered treasure. Hein says it can be some kind of treasure. Slime then says that a Siren guards the treasure, and that he needs to get gills. The two head to the Wise Old Frog who grants him the ability to breathe underwater after giving him a big dead fly. Hein travels underwater and must leave Slime behind. Hein makes his way through the water and the tower until he reaches the treasure room with the Siren. He battles, and defeats her. The Siren however kisses him at the end of the battle and converts some of her siren power into him, calling him a great fighter. And thus Hein grows a tail. But aside from that a memory was placed in Hein's memory that he knew the Siren for a long time already. Hein looks around the treasure room but fails to find his precious object and goes to the surface again where he tells Slime the news. The Seamstress then approaches them and tells that there is another pocket dimension accessible for him. Hein tells that there is a girl underwater who was a good friend of his but now is dead, and seeing as she does something with the dead that maybe she could revive her. Seamstress explained she never did anything with dead people, and that she also doesn't have any gills. Hein nods and heads to the circus. However Seamstress walks into the lake afterwards.

Hein and Slime walk back to the circus again when Hein starts to wonder who the Seamstress actually is and why she is trying to help them. Slime speculates that she might not like the business going on inside of the circus and wants Hein to save all of them. Hein however disagrees and says that she might be after something else... maybe she just wants Hein dead.

When they arrive they enter the next pocket dimension and use the gills to navigate through the water to finally reach the tent of Chorus Clown. The tent was really designed for a clown, it has a canon in the background, many props, barrels etc. and pie throwing targets. Chorus Clown appeared and only let out a loud grunt and started to attack Hein. He manages to defeat the clown by throwing stuff in his mouth with his tail. The Chorus Clown implodes because of the pressure, but right before he did so Hein heard him say: "!" Hein was surprised when he saw his laptop in the tent and walked up to it and suddenly saw a memory of Chorus Clown.

A rather fat man was walking through the forest seemingly clueless. He came across a lake and entered the pier. Unfortunately it broke and he fell in, while he wasn't even able to swim. However someone fished him up, with the hook in his mouth, stretching the whole thing. Seamstress is then seen performing an operation on him, making his mouth as long as it appears now and apparently fixing his vocal cords. Hein now knows for sure that Seamstress is behind all of this, and Slime agrees with it. They went to the main tent again, but strangely she wasn't there this time. Hein and Slime leave to find her, but shortly after their departure she enters with a stretcher which has a person, covered by a blanket, lying on it. She notices that another pocket dimension has been closed and collects the remains of Chorus Clown and heads into the back again.

Hein and Slime continued their journey to find the precious object. Slime wondered what the object was. Hein sighed and admitted he had to tell it to him. It was an amulet which had a picture of him with his sister embedded in it. It was the only thing left of her. As they were strolling the Ringmaster suddenly appeared in front of them. He giggled. He said he knows where the amulet is. Hein reacts aggressively, asking where it is. Ringmaster says that it is indeed in his possession, but not with him. Hein wanted to attack him but the Ringmaster ticked on his forehead and teleported him inside of a cave. Hein discovered he had luminous sight now, probably granted from Ringmaster. He meets an old man who says he has been lost forever in this cave after saw his daughter go in it. And he can't find her anymore... nor does he have the strength for it. Slime says that they might not make it out, but Hein assures they can. They eventually encounter the daughter of the man who has the same eyes as Seamstress. She attacks them until she is defeated and return to normal. She says that she arrived here with her father and saw other people being taken away so they hid in the cave... but got lost. She says she will find her father and get out of the place. Amelia gives Hein the Lunar Energy by giving him her eye. Hein and Slime find the exit of the cave and quickly return to the circus tent.

The two return to the circus tent and want to head to the back. However when they enter it they see there is another pocket dimension... but only can be crossed if you fly across of it. Grumpy about it he goes into the next pocket dimension where he has to navigate through using his luminous sight. He eventually reaches a tent which is much different than the others, because of the fact that it is a cage. In the back is a guy with a straitjacket eating a piece of human flesh. Hein examines him and sees him as oddly familiar. However the Blue Beast already starts attacking him. Hein fights him by using the Lunar Energy powers which work very well when aimed at the straitjacket. After defeating him it lies unconscious on the ground. His straitjacket was off now and Hein could see the dog collar that was from his deceased dog and picked it up.

Hein sees a flashback again, one that really surprises him. He sees his sister walking along with her boyfriend in the woods carrying their bags. They explore the woods and see the circus tent and head inside. Inside they are confronted by the Ringmaster and the Seamstress. The Seamstress grabs a hold of Rai and dragged him away using Lunar powers, as Rai watched his girlfriend being touches by Ringmaster. He was thrown into a cage where he started to get really aggressive, so Seamstress bond him with a straitjacket made of Lunar energy. He was kept there for days and was only getting human flesh as meals. He didn't like it at all but had to eat to survive. Eventually he became obsessed with human flesh and it became the only thing that he wanted to eat. The Lunar energy, along with the eating of human flesh, made him go insane and turned him into the Blue Beast.

Hein now has realized that his sister must be here as well. Rai regains consciousness and sees Hein who is startled at first until he sees Rai returned to his old ways. He says that Seamstress will soon find out that the energy wore off and requests him to save Lily but that they need to go to the Village Ruins first to collect the Holy Water that can stop them. Hein says he will come back to save him too. Rai nods and commands Hein to leave. Hein quickly leave the circus tent before Seamstress comes back. After their departure Seamstress walks into the tent. Rai says that Hein will stop her and the Ringmaster. Seamstress does not reply in instead fixes the straitjacket, slowly making Rai insane again. (Rai is the only one present in his tent after Hein's battle with him. He however is locked in a cage which you can't enter).

Hein and Slime hurry to the village ruins. The village has a medieval look to it, although everything was in ruins. There were many crosses in the ground symbolizing the deaths that occurred in this village. Slime told that the village once was a safe haven where the 'lost ones' could be safe. But the Black Death entered the village somehow and killed everyone inside of it. Hein sees a church at the top of the hill and speculates that the Holy Water must be there. They travel towards the church and enter it. Once they have entered they are confronted with a man dressed as a plague doctor. He doesn't introduce himself but instead says that he won't let Hein have the Holy Water. Hein gets ready for combat, but the Plague Doctor summons two little floating girls out of his sleeves.

He calls the two Rosie and Posie, and that they are manifestations of the Black Death. Hein and the Plague Doctor engage in combat. After the battle Rosie and Posie are near death on the ground, while the Plague Doctor is badly wounded. He says that this won't be their last encounter and transforms into a crow to fly away, leaving the girls behind. Hein sees that most of their powers have been drained by the Plague Doctor and takes the last bit of their power, granting him the ability to use two abilities at once. He goes further and finds a fountain with holy water. He grabs a glass bottle and fills it with the water. He goes to the circus again. Underway Slime asks if he still is searching for the amulet. Hein says that if his sister is here that they can make new pictures together, and that his objective has changed.

Hein and Slime arrive at the circus again and enter the last accessible tent. They make their way through the pocket dimension, having to make use of all the abilities acquired throughout their journey. They arrive in the tent of the Deformed Diva. There was a depressing mood inside of the tent. It's interior resembled that of a royal palace, only with a dark color scheme and things like rotten black roses, corrosion on the walls and broken mirrors. Diva was sitting on the ground in a pretty, but dirty, dress and a blindfold. Hein's eyes widened and ran towards her to hug her. But before he could do so, he stopped. Lily suddenly said depressing things "I want to die." "Please let me die." "Don't touch me." "Don't look at me."

Hein was shocked and called out her name. This made something inside Diva snap. She stood up and began attacking Hein. She was very strong and Hein had to make use of all his abilities to stop her. After defeating her, Hein quickly grabbed the blindfold and threw it away. Lily finally saw who was in front of her and teared up. Hein and Lily hugged. Hein said he was going to stop Ringmaster and Seamstress. Lily suddenly says that she wants to give her eyes to him. She overheard that by giving someone your eyes you will achieve the highest demon rank. Hein says she doesn't have to do that. But Lily takes out her eyes and puts them into Hein. Hein's eyes are now pitch black sees he can fly. He then wonders why this didn't happen when Amelia gave her eyes, though she had the same eyes as the Seamstress. Lily says that her eyes then already had been taken, just like the Seamstress' eyes. Hein now also sees that Lily has the same blank eyes. Hein then says that while he takes down Ringmaster and Seamstress that she must free Rai, as she now must have Lunar Energy which can break the straitjacket. Before they depart Lily gives the picture amulet to him.

Suddenly he gets a different kind of memory, this time one of the Dark Woods itself. It was bright, colorful and seemed perfectly normal. He saw a teen boy with silver hair who resembled Ringmaster and a teen girl who resembled Seamstress and another boy with pitch black hair. The three seemed to be good friends and he could hear the black haired one calling the other two Pan and Lamia. One day the King of the realm flirted, and then sexually harassed Lamia. However instead of the King receiving punishment, Lamia got one by the jealous Queen. She ripped out her uterus as punishment so she never could have children. Lamia got angry but couldn't do anything. The black haired one said he would avenge her, so Lamia gave her eyes to him. He levitated from the ground with his black feather wings. He killed the King and Queen and turned the whole land into the Dark Woods. During the Black Death in the village where the remaining people are, Pan takes the eyes of a little girl (Amelia) before teleporting her to a cave. Pan and Lamia establish the circus and Pan starts luring people into the Dark Woods for Lamia.

Hein, Slime and Lily exit the tent and encounter Ringmaster in the main tent. Hein quickly tells Lily to go and save Rai. She quickly leaves the main tent. Hein confronts Ringmaster calling him Pan, who in turn is surprised that he knows his real name. Hein asks why he does all of this, to which Pan responds that it is all for Lamia, as she is the one he cares about most. Pan tells that she close to completing her plan and that Hein is not going to stop her. Pan attack Hein, but Hein defeat him in this round. Pan laughs and quickly flies away to the back tent. Hein follows and uses his levitation powers to get through the pocket dimension between the main tent and the back tent. Once he arrives in the back tent he is horrified by what he sees. He sees four cages each filled with someone he defeated; the Two-Headed, the Distressed Doll, the Siren and the Chorus Clown. All were left in the same state he defeated them in.

Hein goes to the only one who is able to speak to him, the Siren, who now is a human. He walks to her and asks her what is going on. She says that they have been locked up for some plan of the Seamstress. Although she doesn't know why. The Siren does tell that the Ringmaster went up ahead, and that he must be stopped. Hein says that he first will free her, but unfortunately the cage is protected by some high-level spell, as Slime explains. Hein at least wants to know the Siren's name, to which she answers; Ligeia. Hein says he will come back for her and the others and follows Pan.

Hein goes further into the back and enters another pocket dimension where Pan was waiting for him. Pan says this is the place he will die, nothingness. He says the pocket dimensions were created by their other friend, who is the most powerful being in the whole dimension. Hein just says he is going to defeat him and get the hell out of the place. Pan laughs commenting that even if he defeats him, that there is no escape. The two engage in combat, Pan releasing his true form during this final battle. Eventually Hein does manage to defeat him. Pan is bleeding to death while fading away at the same time. He only chuckles about how Hein never can go back to his old life and will be trapped inside of the circus forever.

The pocket dimension disappears after Pan is defeated. Hein returns to the cages as fast as he could, but all four of them had disappeared. Slime tried to comfort him, but Hein was not getting out of his depression. Lily and Rai arrived on the scene and asked him if he killed Pan and Lamia. Hein said he only killed Pan, Lamia got away and took the others with her. Rai says that they will get them back, and in the end will get back home. Lily says that for now Hein must be the new ringmaster of this circus. The End.

This is a bonus level which only can be accessed by using the ability to swim and the upgraded Centipede Scythe.

When returning to the swamp Hein encounters Mr. Seemore once again. He tells that after the disappearance of the Swamp Colossus there has been a disturbance in the swamp, and suspects it comes from the swamp's secret underwater temple. Hein goes out to investigate it.

Inside of the temple he is constantly stalked by figure with a feminine voice that keeps stalking him, talking in a very weird language. Hein has to find his way through the temple and eventually arrives in a chamber that looks like the swamp, having a lake in the middle of it. Out of the lake appears a Swamp Nymph who appears to have been the one that has been stalking him. She continues with the weird language and suddenly attacks Hein. After Hein defeat her she says; 'Come visit us' and disappears in the lake. When Hein returns back to the surface Mr. Seemore says that the weird disturbance has vanished, and asks Hein how he did it. Hein only told that there was a swamp nymph in the temple, to which Mr. Seemore replies it must have been in his mind as swamp nymphs extinguished a long time ago.

This is a bonus level which only can be accessed by using the levitation ability and the upgraded neon sight.

When returning to the cave after defeating Ringmaster for the first time you'll be able to use the levitation ability to go across a giant gap to the entrance of a hidden mine which only will reveal itself when using the neon sight. Hein goes out to investigate it.

The inside of the cave is, unlike the cave, much brighter duo it being filled with crystals. When Hein enters the entrance of the mine collapses and he needs to find a way out of it. He travels deeper into the mines and encounters seven creepy dwarf-like creatures. Each time when Hein is heading towards the right direction of the other exit the dwarfs will attack him and prevent him from getting out. After slaying every demonic dwarf he manages to get out on the side of the cave by using the neon sight to see through the secret wall entrance. Hein wonders what the dwarfs were doing there, Slime says that they might have belonged to someone who lived in Eden... but has probably died during the black death, or so the rumors tell.


Main Characters
Cirque du Lune
  • Pan, the Ringmaster
  • Lamia, the Seamstress
  • Two-Headed
  • Lily, the Deformed Diva
  • Rai, the Blue Beast
  • Chorus Clown
  • Distressed Doll
  • Mr. Seemore
  • Swamp Nimph
  • Swamp Colossal
Whispering Willow
  • Madame Willow
  • Beetle
  • Centipede
  • Ladybug
Luminous Lagoon
  • Ligeia, the Siren
  • Wise Old Frog
Echo Cave
  • Edward Heartust
  • Amelia Heartust
  • Demon Dwarfs
Village Ruins
  • Hein's Parents
  • King of Eden
  • Queen of Eden


  • Creeper - a little black creature with sharp claws
  • Lurker - similar to a Creeper only bigger and stronger
  • Diver - an underwater Lurker
  • Unicornius - a unicorn-like creature
  • Harpy - a flying deformed cupid
  • Satyrium - a goat-like creature on two legs
  • Blood Bat - a bat that immediately lunges at you
  • Treek - a tree that only awakens when someone comes close
  • Blue Phoenix - a  small bird made of blue fire
  • Tarantulax - a giant poisonous spider
  • Dragonflux - an electric dragonfly
  • Terrapigs - pig-like creatures that reside underground
  • Chimera - a hybrid of a lion, goat and snake
  • Minotaur - a bull-like creature on two legs
  • Bandersnatch - a wild boar-like creature with devastating bashes
  • Jubjub - a fragile looking bird with sonic screams
  • Night Wolf - a pitch black wolf with glowing purple eyes
  • Seaweed - enchanted sea weed that tries to trap nearby people
  • Shackle - a shackled shark with razor sharp teeth
  • Hammerhead - a shark with a head shaped like a hammer
  • Foil - a shark with a nose as sharp as a foil
  • Grim Haunter - a grim reaper-like creature that wields a powerful scythe
  • Plague Remnant - orbs made out of black death's essence
  • Rockin' - a golem-like creature made out of rocks and marsh
  • Mummoid - a humanoid-shaped mummy in a coffin that hover in the air


  1. Swamp Colossal
  2. Two-Headed
  3. Centipede
  4. Distressed Doll
  5. Siren
  6. Chorus Clow
  7. Amelia Heartust
  8. Blue Beast
  9. Plague Master
  10. Deformed Diva
  11. Ringmaster


Lavender Viridian Vermilion Cerulean Saffron Pewter
Toothbrush Socks Book ID card Chips Plushie
Hairgel Underwear Nintendo 3DS Wallet Bag of peanuts Harmonica
Deodorant Scarf Sketchblock Bustickets Coke bottle Laptop
Towel Gloves Headphones Roll of mints Sandwiches Dog collar
Bandage Roll Swimming trunks Mobile phone Army knife Medicine Picture amulet

Nostradamus' Reports

There are reports that appear as collectibles in the game. There are 12 reports that you can collect in total and each describes a certain person some of which are unknown. They are written by an unknown person by the name Nostradamus.


The reports describe how Nostradamus has been observing the Lilith who had to be lured to Dark Woods from the human world. Things about their past lives are revealed in these reports and also foreshadow the other characters that were introduced in Dark Woods II.


One entity that was split into two beings as it was created in the uterus of a regular human woman. They spend most of their time together, I can see how much they love each other. The boy he is such a nice fellow, but so passive about everything. Luckily he has his sister to always cheer him up. The boy is smart, the girl social, two sides of a coin.

But they need to be together, they need to be one again like how they originally should have been. They need to stay intact... two heads... two-headed. A smile and a frown, the perfect form for them to be in.

Such a beautiful, elegant woman. She was cursed with her beauty to entertain the people in her realm. Everything in her life was given to her, she was born in fortune and had everything her heart could desire... yet why isn't she satisfied?

From my observations she is empty inside, like something is missing. Could it be her husband? I don't sense love in their relation, she seems distressed. Maybe all she needs is a new start, so she can achieve things on her own.

A new body. One made of wood, one that hasn't been tainted. Her heart should be brought along, it is the core of her being. Her brains as well, she hides much intelligence. In this new body she can show her true beauty.

Is this is where that world is heading? People just keep eating and eating don't they? Only fast food. The one who slipped in that 's' is a brilliant person. To imagine that one of her kind could look like this. He is an average American Joe.

But enough about his size. He can fit in perfectly, he just needs to be more happy. This man was much thinner before his divorce. And working at an office doesn't give exercise either. The man never has a say in things, he has no voice. I should give him one, so he can be heard. His opinions matter as well. His life will only get better here.

Such a strong man. He really lives up to his name, when having a name that means 'strength' you have to live up to it. This man has been through so much to reach the point where he is now. His hardships in the past must have been so difficult. I can see it when I look at him... that cold face showing no expression. It is neutral when it comes from me, but this man should be happy now, he got his happy ending.

Or didn't he get one? Maybe he still has trouble with getting over the loss of his little daughter, she wasn't even born yet, but it must be difficult. Children are difficult, I hope I never get one. I should give him a warm feeling one that will draw a smile on his face, he must smile. I got a nice fire for him with me, one I know he will appreciate. His skin and insides may burn but at least the smile will return.

When I look at him, it reminds me of someone, that someone must probably be me. I see myself in him. He once was so full of joy, and now he just seems like an empty vessel filled with hatred and pain. He is exactly like me. This boy has seen too much, much more than the others I have observed. If there is someone I'm rooting for it is him.

The best way is too let him close his eyes. His pain has been too much, and he doesn't need to see any more pain. I will gladly shut his eyes for him, and instead be his eyes, as I never will get my joy back. This boy will, he will get his joy back, I will make sure of that.

Age, it is such a difficult thing to understand if you are immortal. Also I can die, but not of age, this woman can, and it looks like she is close. You have so much history to explore, you have experienced so many things and because of you I have gotten so much wiser of the human world. You were the first one I followed, I did so ever since you were little.

You have lived a great life, but despite of that I know there was something wrong in your life. You never got to be who you truly wanted to be. How do humans says that again? A man trapped in a woman's body. I can't do much for you now... I can cut off the front, I can mess with your voice and I even make you able to grow facial hair. But unfortunately I can't do more for you. But I will try and give you a perfect life before all this is over.

What a peculiar being. A young and healthy woman who was working at a dolphin water park, her life had just begun and she already made it this far in life by herself. She is so young, so full of potential, so much she had yet to accomplish. I don't want to take such a young life... but I have to.

I will give her what she wants. A life as a fish, I heard her talk about it, a life as a mermaid that can roam through the water with no worries. Her wish shall be granted, and when I need her I'll just turn her back into what she once was. This nice morbid siren will be prominent outside of this circus as well, I want to give her something nice before it is over.

Hair as black as ash, lips as red as blood and born during the heaviest storm in the winter. She might as well be the princess herself. This little girl who is as white as snow, Snow White, she will fit in perfectly.

Deep in the enchanted forest she can reside in the little cottage by the lake. Seven goblins to protect her from the dangers in the forest. Her skin will be as white and fragile as a little china girl, she might as well be a china girl. She could live fairy tale life. She is just a little girl so she must always have wanted to be a princess of sort.

In addition I will even give her a magic mirror and an evil queen to let her experience the complete fairy tale life.

I am not a lover of animals myself, but this young lady certainly does love animals, maybe a little bit too much. She has no social contacts with anyone and only interacts with her animals. She owns so many animals, most of which she picked up from the streets because they were in need. I have never seen someone so pure of heart.

However she doesn't have any friends, she must need some. Unless she sees the animals as her friends, something I possibly can never understand. But she needs to be less fragile, stronger maybe more tenacious to say so. She will keep her animals, without them I think she will never be able to live a complete life.

Teenagers are so hard to understand. At least from the perspective of the parents. This girl was always on good terms with her parents, yet why did she get in trouble with them so much? Was it really because of that boy? That boy can't be the reason, right? She was popular, still a virgin, still clean. Her parents did not allow their relation, wanted they to keep her clean?

It reminds me of someone, one of my dearest friends... one of the two I have. However there is something off about her, I somehow feel her inside of her. Eve. Why would I sense Eve in her? It is even stronger than my dear friend. But I know what to do with Eve's. They should be deformed. This beautiful diva, I will give her to my other dear friend, he knows how to deal with Eve. His mother was one after all.

It is hard to be looked at weirdly. I got those look all the time, me being a member of the black sheep family here in Eden. Everyone looks differently at you, and everyone judges you even though you haven't done anything wrong. You want to prove yourself to the world even though you're at the bottom of it.

A father that you never have seen, one that has never cared for you. A mother that is always away earning money to satisfy herself with alcoholic fluids. It must be so, so hard for you. But I feel for you. You're just like me. You will grow tired of people judging you for something you aren't, so why not just become what they think you are, a beast. I did so as well, and I showed them my true colors. You must become this beast as well.

You are something I have never seen before. To have two of her kind in one family. His sister also was special, but I can now see that the specialty runs in the family, as you are even more special. You love your sister I know it. You will follow her footsteps if she will try to do something. You would give your life for her as I would do for the ones I consider family.

I hope to see you soon grim kid. You are the missing ingredient, a dangerous ingredient indeed. Taking him in may bring my doom, but it might make me more powerful than possible. He could save the lives of the vessels, and be reborn in the new world. I want to take him there, he seems so full of potential. But at the very least, he will be an interesting piece on the chessboard.



  • The known names of the main characters are based on names of demons/underworld deities etc.
    • Hein is taken from Magere Hein which is Dutch for Grim Reaper.
    • Lily (Deformed Diva) is taken from the name Lilith, which is a name for a female demon and the ex-wife of Adam
    • Rai (Blue Beast) is taken from the name Raiju which translates to thunder beast and is a demonic beast of the Shinto god of lightning, Raijin.
    • Lamia (Seamstress) is based on the Greek myth who devours children.
    • Pan (Ringmaster) is based on the Greek myth who lures children with his flute, also similar to the Pied Piper.
    • Ligeia (Siren) is another word that can describe a siren. Siren often are seen as creatures that seduce men and drown them.