Dark Woods: Survival
Developer(s) Dark Heart Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Wii U
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Series Dark Woods
Mode(s) Single player

Dark Woods: Survival is a spin-off from the original Dark Woods series in collaboration with the Don’t Starve series. The game takes place outside of the canon. It is a multiplayer game of which the main goal is to survive, being able to choose from a variety of characters.


The game is played with the use of the mouse and keyboard or just the controller depending on what device it is played on. The goal is to survive as long as possible in Dark Woods, with the count of days being displayed on the screen. With each successful day survived the player earns experience points which later can be used to purchase new characters to play as, the default character being Hein. Some characters require more experience points than others. As is common among roguelikes, death is permanent, barring the use of several rare and difficult to acquire items.

Unlike the regular Dark Woods games, there is a day/night cycle the player goes through. During the day the player is allowed to scavenge items to prepare for building fires, houses, weapons etc. but during the night they must protect themselves from the creatures lurking in the dark. A light source prevents them from being hurt by a mysterious entity. Players must feed to survive, and can’t hold on to food forever as it will spoil eventually. When not eating enough the health of the player decreases. This also happens when their sanity drops which can occur by performing unpleasant actions or by the dark, but can be replenished by sleeping, picking flowers or wearing certain items. There are animals to hunt, but some may becomes hostile towards them, but also can become allies. There is a wide variety of monsters taken from the Dark Woods series, and when sanity is low, figments of the character’s mind may become real.

The map is based on various areas recurring in the Dark Woods series, with some areas being a lot more difficult to survive in than others, the swamp for example being harder than the simple plain fields. There however are not stable structures, thus the circus tent and the fortress are absent, although ruins of the fortress remains.

To learn about certain features see: Don't Starve Features


There is a total of 11 playable characters with only one of them playable from the start. Each character has its own positive and negative traits. Characters can be purchased with experience points (XP) earned during a playthrough. Perks in Italic text are only active when the alternate costume is equipped.

Character Description Perks



HealthMeter150 Hunger150 Sanity200
A human boy who entered the Dark Woods and slowly turned into a demon. Hein is the default character who has to survive the Dark Woods. He wields a skeleton scythe and barbed wire, but they don't provide any extra damage. He is able to grapple or attack things in the distance with his barbed wire. His perk are his Nocturnal Abilities. Over time Hein surrounds himself with Nocturnal energy which keeps growing every day. At any time he can transfer his Nocturnal energy into his scythe, making it a lot stronger. He however can only do this 3 times. 4 Days will give him 10% boost, 7 days a 25% boost and 15 days a 50% boost.
Nocturnal Abilities
Fertilizes crops when standing near to them
160 XP
HealthMeter120 Hunger150 Sanity170
Lily is the older sister of Hein, known as the Deformed Diva for a while. She wears a long dress and uses Lunar magic to surround herself in bright light, but because of that does blindfold herself. She is a tidy person and can't east stall food as it depletes her sanity and doesn't even heal. She also has to sleep in a comfy place else she won't regain her sanity. She however does heal herself quicker when doing good activities than others.
Lunar Abilities
Can't eat stall food
Needs a good place to sleep
160 XP
HealthMeter200 Hunger120 Sanity120
Rai is the boyfriend of Lily and known as the Blue Beast. He is almost like a beast in that he only wants to eat meat, but can eat it raw. He can run fast when walking on all fours and even becomes static, electrifying those who first touch him. While fighting he gains some sanity and heath so he can fight the next enemy again without dying.
Only eats meat
Becomes static when running on all four
Gains power when fighting
320 XP
HealthMeter150 Hunger190 Sanity150
The girlfriend of Hein, niece of Nostradamus and formerly the Morbid Mermaid. After having lived underwater for a long time she joined the heroes in their quest. She is a good fighter, enhancing her attacks with hydrokinesis. She is the only character who can cross large bodies of water and fight in them, and retrieve materials from the seafloor without a rod. Her tentacles allow her to craft faster. Due to her wet body, lightning deals much more damage to her. She is also scared of the dark which quickly depletes her sanity without a source of light.
Can swim
Can retrieve materials from the seafloor
Can craft faster
Quicker hit by lightning
Scared of the dark
450 XP
HealthMeter75 Hunger150 Sanity200
One of the rulers of the Dark Woods and mother of Ashley whom she got together with Nostradamus. She is a seamstress, and a very skilled in it one may say. When finding armor she can enhance these at the crafting table with basic materials found in the area. She has a special manual which allows her to create puppets at the cost of 15 Health, 1 piece of clothing and 55 Sanity per puppet. These puppets will aid Lamia in combat and gathering materials and live 2.5 days before dying, after which the 55 Sanity will be restored. She is a frail being, having only 75 Health, being the weakest in the game, but she recovers 20 Sanity/minute so she won't go insane easily.
Is calm and frail
Expert Seamstress
640 XP
HealthMeter100 Hunger100 Sanity100
Stein is a clone made by Lamia using the DNA of Hein and Rai. While it barely can speak it is a formidable foe. His main perk is when he gets hit by lightning his speed increases by 25%, he emits light and rejects freezing. Being struck by lightning however consumes 100 health and 33 sanity. This effect last 1 day, but he can get hit multiple times. He can eat stall and spoiled food without any penalties, although special effects of food still take place. He however cannot sustain water, receiving damage over time, this also including rainwater. He has the lowest starting stats but can upgrade this by finding screws which increase his stats.
Not a picky eater
Charged by lightning
Damaged by water
Can upgrade with screws
720 XP
HealthMeter113 Hunger113 Sanity150
Jane is an inhabitant of the Dark Woods, residing inside of the Swamp most of the time. She is a practices Btanokinesis, which is the ability to manipulate plants. She can summons a vine around her that attacks nearby enemies for 5 Sanity. Her Hunger drains 25% faster and she does 25% less damage than others. However when it is raining she has more power than usual and also heals slowly. When it freezes, there is hot weather, or lightning strikes, she receives actually takes (more) damage.
Loves the rain, but hates other weather
Hard time staying alive
960 XP
HealthMeter150 Hunger150 Sanity200
Ashley is the daughter of Nostradamus and Lamia, although she never really had her parents to raise her, which led to her being a cruel person. She was always set on reviving her father and saw her mother as a weakness. She has Nova powers because of her parent's abilities and the black plague from Rosie and Posie. Her Nova energy allows her to put enemies to invoke sleep, freeze, fire or love (making enemies friendly) upon them. Using her Nova abilities costs her 50 Sanity and covers everything in the screen. However the effect always is at random. Because of her deadly arm there is a change her food may be poisoned, but this is not always the case. She is comfortable with darkness and thus does not lose any Sanity in it.
Nova Abilities
Has a deadly arm
Comfortable with darkness
1280 XP
HealthMeter150 Hunger150 Sanity120
Pan was the first ruler of the Dark Woods before being killed by Hein. He is the ringmaster of the circus who maintained everything, and is a powerful Solar energy user. With these Solar abilities he can light anything on fire whenever he wants and is immune to the fire, it even restoring Sanity when close to it. Because he has unlimited supply to fire he can surround himself with light all the time, so the darkness can't creep up on him, this however attracts monsters quicker. During the day he is also much quicker to spot by enemies because of his height. When his Sanity drops below 60 he will randomly lit things on fire, such as important structures and objects.
Solar Abilities
Immune to fire damage
Very tall



1600 XP
HealthMeter200 Hunger150 Sanity170
The Plague Master, his real name being Nostradamus, is a central antagonist of Dark Woods. He likes to isolate himself and doesn't come out much, the daylight even draining his sanity. He has befriended two beings named Rosie and Posie who can be summoned when Plague Master's gauge is full, which is after 4-5 days. The two attack enemies that attack Nostradamus or those he attacks. Plague Master has a hard time surviving as everything he touches becomes poisoned, making it not edible. Rosie and Posie however can grab food for him.
Has Rosie and Posie
Is poisonous
Hates daylight
Emits a giant cloud of poison when rapidly attacked
1920 XP
HealthMeter150 Hunger150 Sanity200
Isis is considered the Goddess of the Dark Woods, a deity of the Fantendoverse that rules this specific dimension. She however is inexperienced and has a lot to learn, she being quite childish at times. When she stands in spots where the sun or moon shine upon she slowly absorbs light which makes her stronger. She can also do this with fire, which adds a lot of light, but immediately extinguishes the fire. When she has too much light she transforms into her Ultimate Form. The Map and inventory will be unavailable, and the 3 main stats will disappear and be replaced by the Light Meter. Her light will decrease over time, and when he takes damage, and increase when absorbing fire. When her light reaches zero she transforms into her origin form which has 50 Health, 37.5 Hunger and 50 Sanity. Any enemy she has attacked will still be aggressive towards her.
Absorbs light
Can change forms

Alternate Costumes

Every character has an alternate costume which gives them a slightly different appearance without changing their gameplay that much. An alternate costume only adds an additional perk to the character, although it is very minor. A character's alternate costume is unlocked when a character survives through all of the seasons. A gift icon will appear in the upper left corner and can be opened near a science machine, which in return grants the alternate costume.

Alternate Description Bonus Perk
Hemp The Dark Woods is full of vegetation, varying from lovely petals to night root. Among these plants is the Hennep, a five leafed plant that contains botanesis properties and only a few grow every year. In an alternate timeline, Hein took consumed the Hennep plant which led to his transformation, having memory loss as well but quickly adapted to this new form and called himself Hemp. Fertilizes crops when standing near to them
Shrine Maiden Lily wears a black kimono patterned with white and pink lilies. She bought this kimono when she went on a vacation with Rai to Japan during the events of Hollow Remnants, having bought it for a cheap price from an old Japanese lady. Can plant petals in the ground to grow new flowers
Blue Beast In an alternate timeline, Rai was never saved by Hein and only descended further into darkness slowly becoming more like his stage name, the Blue Beast. His entire body was covered with the blue hairs, his clothing ripped off completely because of it and him now bearing a resemblance to a werewolf in a way, totally uncontrollable. Grows a magnificent fur which protects against the cold, and can be cut short with a razor
Octo-pop One of Ligeia's dreams always has been to become a music artist, one that sings for full theaters. She has a beautiful tranquil voice which is almost hypnotizing, but also can be very spicy in her vocals. She even wears a glittery outfit similar to a famous duo from the fish family. Near a campfire she can sing to restore her Sanity
Dollhouse What happened to Lamia after her death is left rather ambiguous, she loved to alter the appearances of others and basically make puppets of them. But it seems that she herself wasn't very shy to become a doll herself. Her skin is as white as it can be with freckles and her clothing looks a lot more childish, but if this is what she really wanted is a mystery. Make a decoy from her empty puppet for distracting enemies
Clockwork An enhanced steampunk model of Stein. His regular stitched together flesh is replaced by scraps of metal and powered by steam to keep him running, wearing goggles, gears and all. This appearance resembles a prototype designed by Lamia that can be found on the wall in her laboratory in the fortress, but seemingly didn't wasn't taken off the ground. Less screws are required for upgrading
Swamp-Thing A mysterious entity that resides inside of the Dark Woods, and a very strong one it is. Jane has had several encounters with the Swamp Monster and recognizes his looks. She made an outfit that mimics his appearance. A wooden mask to hide her face and swamp vegetation as some sort of dress around her. Mobs won't attack when inside of the Swamp
Ring a Ring 'o Roses Because her father died before, and her mother shortly after, her birth, Ashley was primarily raised by Rosie and Posie. In honor of them, Ashley wears an outfit that looks similar to their nurse-and-plague-like outfits. Ashley wears several bandages and a magenta palette (like her original outfit) and even wears a nurse's hat. Restores 25% more health when consuming something than others
SlenderPan Pan takes on the appearance of the tall puppets made by Lamia that he himself send out to lure people into the Dark Woods. These tall puppets have a tidy black business suit. Unlike the puppets Pan keeps his face, but instead lets his hair down, resembling the tentacles the puppets have. He becomes even creepier than he already was. Lures baby animals to his place
Black Death After being alive for such a long time in the Dark Woods, Nostradamus became older. He got a hunchback, and dressed himself different, wearing a ripped greenish cloak and skeleton bones as an outfit. He however got possessed by Isis at a certain point and when he was released, he was reformed to a younger version of himself, still having the same outfit that he now wears regularly. Emits a giant cloud of poison when rapidly attacked
Eclipse An unknown state of Isis which she normally only would go into if she were to be exposed to an eclipse. Her eyes go blank, her skin loses color, the hand of the sun gets eclipsed and her waves turn blood red. In addition the black covers her entire body and even crawls up to her face, giving her an eerie look. Has nightvision which leads to less Sanity drain


Mobs are in-game computer-controlled entities, technically creatures including Monsters and Animals. Mob is short for "mobile". Being as a lot of the Mobs have their own unique behaviors, movements, attacks, drops, and uses, it is important for a player to know the traits of each and every Mob in order to survive, as the Mobs are also the primary danger to the players, being the most common source of Health loss due to their attacks.


  • Hostile mobs are unconditionally aggressive towards the player. These mobs attack the player as soon as the player is at a certain distance from them ("aggro" range).
  • Neutral mobs are normally friendly towards the player, but if provoked will become aggressive. These mobs turn aggressive towards the player when the player provokes them due to a certain action. This action always includes attacking them, however there are can be other actions based on the mob.
  • Passive mobs are unconditionally friendly towards player, even when the player attacks them. These mobs will typically avoid the player, but exceptions exist.

List of Mobs

Mob Type Description HP DMG



  • Dark Woods: Survival was made to bring Dark Woods into the spotlight once again.
  • Characters may look different this time around than the last time they were seen.
    • Lily was given her blindfold again to make her more unique, but retains her updated appearance from later games.
    • Rai was given shorts instead of ripped jeans.
    • Ligeia was given a shirt so less skin would be exposed.
    • Ashley got a different color pallete to prevent most of the girls from having a pink palette. She also was made playable in her young form to have more variation in the cast, and because Plague Master uses Rosie and Posie, which Ashley does in her teen years.
    • Isis' transparent top was reduced to only cover her sleeves, and her head is now a normal triangle.
    • Pan's bang was changed slightly to make his design easier and he was given white gloves.
  • The name of Hein's alternate costume, Hemp, is based on a medicinal plant that is also known as Cannabis. The alt itself is based off Fern from Adventure Time. The barbed wire is replaced with the Maleficent Thorn, an actual of the Barbed Wire in the Dark Woods series.

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