Dark Lapis/ الوحش كوكي في الثأر is the first sequel to a Umbrella game, as well as being a sequel to the famous Lapis Life/ వైడూర్యాలను ఫైటర్స్. It still has nothing to do with Lapis. Again, it is a RPG.


After returning to New York, things have hit the fan. Alien races have joined forces to take over the Earth, T.W.O and SHIELD have been disbanded, cats and dogs are living together, and Cookie Monster has fused together with vegetables to become a giant Veggie Monster.

The first thing and furthermost, Sir Topham Hat has nearly everyone in the city into Inception, planting the idea that they are working together with the alien races. The only characters that haven't been effected are the superhuman ones, who are trying to take out the alien forces. After getting your group to Trump Tower, where Sir Topham Hat is, where he currently has the Angry Video Game Nerd in a machine. He turns the machine on, and explains that his plan is to take out the superheroes with Captain Nazi, a super solider that works for the bad guys. Just then, Batman swoops in and takes out the machine. The Nerd punches Sir Topham Hat off the Trump tower, and gets on a Chitauri flyer. Batman leaves the building, and Nick Fury finally comes out of the bathroom.

In the wrecked TWO building, Nicky Fury tells you that the Avengers have been dispatched, and that the Justice League is also working to stop some of the threats. He also tells you that CLU has his army dispatched out into the real world as well.


Image Name Series Description Met Where
Batman-justice-league-3329865-176-345 Batman Batman TBA Gotham Street
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd AVGN TBA Apple Store
NICKFREAKINGFURY Nick Fury The Avengers TBA S.H.I.E.L.D Headquarters
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