Dark Fungi
Developer(s) Outer Limits Co.
Publisher(s) Fantendo Logo Orange
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Spinoff(s) N/A
First Game Dark Fungi
Most Recent Game Dark Fungi: The Element Factor
Hybrid Fusion
OL Havoc
OL Machinima

The Dark Fungi series is a series following a teenage Goru, Gorge, and his adventures in Eate. It's first game, Dark Fungi, was released on April 3rd, 2010 by Outer Limits Co..

The series was rebooted in June of 2011, and the first game in the new timeline, also entitled Dark Fungi, will be released June 28th, 2011.


Original Timeline

Logo Game System Plot Release Dates
DarkFungiMini Dark Fungi Hybrid Fusion The Red Clan has invaded Eirian, and taken Gorge and Echo's families. The two friends decide to embark on a journey through the vast jungles, cold tundras, and hot deserts to save their families, and get revenge on Fang. But when they find out Fang is based in the sky, they have second thoughts on their quest. 25px-Flag of Japan April 03 2010
25px-Flag of USA April 03 2010
25px-Flag of Europe April 03 2010
25px-Flag of Australia April 03 2010
BlackGrottoLogo Dark Fungi: Black Grotto Hybrid Fusion Mount Shade has sunk into the ground, making the cave loacated at the top of the mountain accessable for the first time in Eirian history. Gorge, Echo, Rusty, and Emily decide to check it out. They find that it is a portal, linking to all the locations of the Sacred Stones. As this is discovered, the island rises into the sky. Will the heroes, with the help of Fang, restore the island in time? 25px-Flag of Japan May 10 2010
25px-Flag of USA May 10 2010
25px-Flag of Europe May 10 2010
25px-Flag of Australia May 10 2010
WFB2 Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below Hybrid Fusion Fang, in an attempt to bring his Headquaters back into the sky, rips off a gigantic piece of earth off with him. Unfortunately for him, his HQ crashed on top of the Demon Warriors' resting place. The undead warriors rise, and many Eirian warriors prepare to kill them, including Gorge. Will he succeed in killing these monsters and save the planet, again? 25px-Flag of Japan May 30 2010
25px-Flag of USA May 30 2010
25px-Flag of Europe May 30 2010
25px-Flag of Australia May 30 2010

Alternative Timeline

Logo Game System Plot Release Dates
DarkFungi2011Mini Dark Fungi (2011) OL Havoc The Elemental Stones have disappeared, and Gorge will do anything to find them, as they had saved his life. Meanwhile, Kindle overhears Serpicide talking about destroying Eate. She steals a hoverboard in order to rescue Gorge, as she had just sent somebody to attack him. The two heroes meet up with Gorge's long-lost friend, Zache, and find out that unless they find the seventh stone, Serpicide will destroy Eate, and be one step closer to universe-domination. Will the three stop Serpicide in time? 25px-Flag of Japan June 08 2011
25px-Flag of USA June 08 2011
25px-Flag of Europe June 08 2011
25px-Flag of Australia June 08 2011
GalacticAdventureMini Dark Fungi: Galactic Adventure OL Havoc A black hole will consume Eate in 24 hours, and Gorge volunteers to go into space and stop it, even if he dies doing it. In space, however, he finds a strange suit. It enables him to walk in space just like he would on Eate, and also provides more defence. He also finds out that he must collect stars to keep it powered, and that 100 stars will provide maximum power, enough to travel to the black hole. Now all Gorge must do is collect 100 stars, in 22 hours. 25px-Flag of Japan July 17 2011
25px-Flag of USA July 17 2011
25px-Flag of Europe July 17 2011
25px-Flag of Australia July 17 2011
Dark Fungi 3 OL Havoc
OL Machinima
Serpicide, along with his minions, have invaded Eirian, and Gorge and Kindle try to stop them. TBA 2012


Logo Game System Plot Release Dates
DarkHoopsMini Dark Hoops OL Machinima Eate is holding a basketball tournament to see who is the best team. Gorge, Kindle, and Zache enter as a team, along with Cune, Rogue, and Miera, Serpicide, Regog, and a Serpite Magician, and Shade, Scrim, and Secra. Who will be the ultimate champion, and who will eat the dust? You decide! 25px-Flag of Japan August 02 2011
25px-Flag of USA August 02 2011
25px-Flag of Europe August 02 2011
25px-Flag of Australia August 02 2011

Fan Fictions

Main Characters

Original Timeline

Picture Name Role Description First Appearence
Gorge3 Gorge Hero Gorge is a teal Goru, and the main character. He is almost always one of the first to take a challenge, or to take a fight. His intellegence, skill, and bravery is usefull in missions, and has even saved his, and his friends', lifes. Dark Fungi
Echo3 Echo Hero Echo is a female Goru, and the love interest of Gorge. She is his best friend and sidekick, and is always there to help him when he is in need. She is very intelligent and sly, which has helped her and her friends in countless missions. Dark Fungi

Alternative Timeline

Picture Name Role Description First Appearence
GorgeNew Gorge Hero Gorge is the protector of the Elemental Stones created by Winson, Mahogany, and Moyan. Until recently, he resided in the Palace of Eirian's secret Alter. He is determined to protect the stones at all costs; even if it takes his life. Dark Fungi (2011)
Kindle Kindle Hero Once Serpicide's top executive, Kindle is a techno-wiz. She received years of training while working for Serpiced, and uses that skill in battle. The wristband that is permanently stuck on her arm keeps her under Serpicide's sights. Dark Fungi (2011)
Zache Zache Hero Zache is one of Gorge's best friends. The two met whil Zache stumbled apon the secret Alter. After 6 years, the two are still great friends. He and Gorge are oftem found together training or hanging out in the aecret Alter. Dark Fungi (2011)
Serpicide Serpicide Villain Serpicide is the mastermind behind the disappearence of the Elemental Stones. He has an army of creatures and minions ready to take down anything that is in their way. He despises Kindle for her abandonment. Dark Fungi (2011)
WinsonNew Winson Ally Winson is one of the 3 creators of Eate. He created the seas, oceans, lakes, glaciers, and tundras in the planet. He is the master of the ice and water Elemental Stones, and Gorge's Elemental sensei. Dark Fungi (2011)
MahoganyNew Mahogany Ally Mahogany is one of the 3 creators of Eate. He created the volcanoes, the core of the planet, and the solar system's sun. He is the master of the fire and light Elemental Stones. Dark Fungi (2011)
MoyanNew Moyan Ally Moyan is one of the 3 creators of Eate. He created the mountains, other land formations, thunder, and clouds. He is the master of the earth and thunder Elemental Stones. Dark Fungi (2011)
Zork Zork Villain Zork is a demon, and the three gods' worst enemy. He is the master of the dark Elemental Stone, and created the shadows, the darkness, the black holes, and cause the Gorus and other Eate animals to eventiually have to die. Dark Fungi (2011)
Matter Matter Villain Matter is one of Serpicide's henchmen, and the strangest of them all. Despite his big size, he is very unintelligent. He attacks by squashing his opponents with his giant hands. Dark Fungi (2011)
Scythe Scythe Villain Scythe is one of Serpicide's henchmen, and the trickiest. He is also very smart, and is good in technology, like Kindle. He attacks by ramming into his opponent with his scythe. Dark Fungi (2011)
Cune Cune Hero Cune is a Goru from Cipher, and is very curagious. After his two best friends were endangered, he set out on an adventure to restore prosperity in his city. Dark Fungi Chronicles (Fiction)
Dark Fungi 3 (Game)
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  • On June 13th, 2011, Outer Limits Co. founder, Andrew, announced a reboot to the series. This would be the first successful reboot to a OLC game, after the Purple series was rebooted twice, only to end up a cancelled series.
  • At OLE-11, Dark Fungi: The Element Factor was announced. During an interview with Andrew, though, it was revealed that the game was cancelled and that the "element" idea would be used in a new game for the alternate timeline.
  • Depite Dark Fungi taking place on Eate, an entirely new planet, it still uses the months and zodiac signs from Earth.


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