Dark Fungi: Galactic Adventure is the second game in the second Dark Fungi series. It will be released for the OL Havoc in July, 2011, and will have a gameplay similar to that of the Super Mario Galaxy series.


A black hole is located just outside Eate. Officials claim that this black hole is artificial, not natural, and that there is some sort of way to stop it. The government collects their finest warrior, Gorge, to take this task on.

Gorge is sent into space, via rocket, after having to leave behind his two best friends, Kindle and Zache.

In space, Gorge comes across a strange suit that, after putting it on, will let Gorge walk like he was on Eate, instead of bouncing around. Gorge also sees that collecting Meteorites, the suit's power is greatened. Now on a quest to collect meteorites and destroy the black hole, Gorge will not stop until the deed is done, even if it takes his life.





  • Skullmores
  • Arachniskulls
  • Toxibeetles
  • Volcanibeetles
  • Hot Sparks
  • Icibeetles
  • Serpites
  • Dark Eyes


Each level contains 10 Meteorites.

  • Valley of Skulls
  • Moon of Juran
  • The Great Juran
  • Juran's Ash Pit
  • Constellation Hare
  • Juran's Frozen Desert
  • Serpicide's War Factory
  • Juran's Centre
  • End of Time


  • Many have confused the Space Suit with a ninja costume, due to the designs. The President of OLC has confirmed that this was intentional, as he is very fond of ninjas and their designs.
  • The only other time the Space Suit is seen is in Robo Madness, as Gorge's attire, and in Star Smashers, as a Smash Star.

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