Legend's Wake series
Developer(s) VictoryStar
Publisher(s) Logo
Genre(s) Platforming, action-adventure, role-playing, stealth
Spinoff(s) None
First Game The Dark Destroyer (2003)
Most Recent Game Dark Destroyer: Redemption (2014)
Game Boy Advance
Wii U
Nintendo 3DS
The Dark Destroyer series is a series of video games developed by VictoryStar (tbc) and published by Fantendo. The games center around the character Drak and his quest to master the art of fighting evil with darkness, as well as to defeat those who use light for evil.

The series is split into two—the original trilogy which began in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance, and the new games for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The original trilogy was much more light-hearted than the recent games and focused more on Drak's adventures. However, the newer games gave more depth to Drak's character & focused more on his personal problems and made the story darker.

The first game, The Dark Destroyer, introduced Drak as wielder of the sword named Xio; Light Drainer has risen and is bent on stealing all of the world's light, but Drak defeats him. From then on, Drak fought those who tried harming the light and used his dark powers to defeat them. He was reintroduced in the series' reboot, Dark Destroyer: Dawn, as a teenager struggling to cope with a traumatizing past.




The original trilogy received mixed reception from video game critics. The plots of the games were often panned the most, but reviews also criticized its lackluster combat and side-scrolling format. The Dark Destroyer 3 by far had the least favor of the original trilogy.

The reboot and its successors received critical acclaim, however. Critics appreciated their darker tones and fluid combat systems, as well as most of their game mechanics and plots. Dark Destroyer has become an award-winning series. Many critics believe that the reboot and its sequels have done justice to the original games.

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