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Absol, an example of a Dark type Pokémon.

The Dark type is one of the eighteen official types from the Pokémon franchise. It marked its debut in the Generation 2 games and was specifically created to tone down the

Dark moves seem to work most effectively against Ghost and Psychic Pokémon, but not so much against Dark itself. The Dark type is also resisted by Fighting and

Prior to Generation 6, the Dark type's resistances complimented the Ghost type's weaknesses and vice versa. This resulted into Pokémon with this type combination (Sableye and Spiritomb) lacking any weaknesses, because one of the types resisted or was immune to what the other type was weak to. However, with the introduction of the Fairy type, Pokémon of this combination now have a weakness, since Dark is weak to it, and Ghost doesn't have the resistance against Fairy.

As of Generation 6, there are about 45 official Dark-type Pokémon. 11 of those are pure Dark-type. Concerning dual-typed Pokémon, Dark Pokémon are about as much primary as secondary typed, with only a slight difference of 3 between the two sides.

Dark-type Pokémon are centered around sneaky creatures using dirty tricks to survive, or sometimes being downright brutal. Some Dark-type Pokémon are literally based around darkness and/or are nocturnal. Since this kind of behavior isn't exclusive to a certain kind of organism, Dark-type Pokémon can be pretty much found in any Egg Group, with its overall appearance and other type (if it has one) determining exactly what Egg Group (e.g. Shiftry, being Grass/Dark, can be found in the Grass Egg Group, while Hydreigon, being Dark/Dragon, is found in the Dragon Egg Group).

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Pure Dark-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Type
052A 052AMS Dark Normal

053A 053AMS Dark Normal

197 197MS Dark Normal

261 261MS Dark Normal

262 262MS Dark Normal

335 335MS Dark Normal

359 359MS Dark Normal

491 491MS Dark Normal

509 509MS Dark Normal

510 510MS Dark Normal

570 570MS Dark Normal

571 571MS Dark Normal

827 827MS Dark Normal

828 828MS Dark Normal

Please note that these only apply to certain Pokémon games.

Primary Dark-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Type
019A 019AMS Dark Normal

020A 020AMS Dark Normal

198 198MS Dark Flying

430 430MS Dark Flying

215 215MS Dark Ice

461 461MS Dark Ice

228 228MS Dark Fire

229 229MS Dark Fire

263G px Dark Normal

264G px Dark Normal

862 862MS Dark Normal

302 302MS Dark Ghost

624 624MS Dark Steel

625 625MS Dark Steel

629 629MS Dark Flying

630 630MS Dark Flying

633 633MS Dark Dragon

634 634MS Dark Dragon

635 635MS Dark Dragon

686 686MS Dark Psychic

687 687MS Dark Psychic

717 717MS Dark Flying

799 799MS Dark Dragon

859 859MS Dark Fairy

860 860MS Dark Fairy

861 861MS Dark Fairy

??? ???MS Dark Grass

Please note that these only apply to certain Pokémon games.

Secondary Dark-type Pokémon

# Pokémon Type
088A 088AMS Poison Dark

089A 089AMS Poison Dark

248 248MS Rock Dark

274 274MS Grass Dark

275 275MS Grass Dark

318 318MS Water Dark

319 319MS Water Dark

332 332MS Grass Dark

336 336MS Poison Dark

342 342MS Water Dark

405 405MS Electric Dark

434 434MS Poison Dark

435 435MS Poison Dark

442 442MS Ghost Dark

452 452MS Poison Dark

551 551MS Ground Dark

552 552MS Ground Dark

553 553MS Ground Dark

560 560MS Fighting Dark

617 617MS Bug Dark

658 658MS Water Dark

720U 720UMS Psychic Dark

675 675MS Fighting Dark

727 727MS Fire Dark

745Mn px Rock Dark

877 px Electric Dark

Please note that these only apply to certain Pokémon games.
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