Peach Toadette queen of peach scent, Fantendo like this one better

Pictured, Darcie

Darcie Peach Toadette is a female character in the Mario franchise of the Toad species. She is a very nice sweet little girl and she has a very adorable and cute personality, she's very innocent and everyone that knows her loves her very much, she's very unlike her cousin, who was sent to prison by mysterious mob known as Anti Sexuality Police, she was never seen again.

About Darcie

Darcie has very beautiful peach hair locks, her friends call her queen of being peach, Caucasians shook. She has a peach scent, from her perfume, and she was mysteriously created by an evil witch who tried to make a fusion between Princess Peach and Toadette

Darcie was named after her creator, the new user ToadetteFan193xD

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