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Danger at Dawn is a 3D Action/Adventure, Puzzle, and Role-Playing Game for the Wii U made by Master Productions Incorporated that features two twin siblings named Sabina and Sophia who have to save their city from evil monsters who were summoned by a magic mastermind. The game features the twins going around in many areas across the city to defeat monsters with my items and other weapons. A multiplayer mode is included where two players can either play as Sabina and Sophia.

The game as well features puzzles to solve and the game is Rated E10. Danger at Dawn will be released in Holiday 2013.





Name Description
Sabina Sabina is the oldest sibling and is a cheerleader as well. When Sabina hears about the attacks on the city, she and her sister Sophia decide to join together on a journey to stop the monsters and save the city from destruction.
Sophia Sophia is the younger sibling and is a cheerleader too. She decides to join along with her sister Sabina on a journey to defeat the monsters from conquering the city.

Non-playable Characters

Name Description
Frank Frank is a good friend of Sabina and Sophia and decides to help them on their journey. Frank can be seen in several shops were he can be selling many items such as weapons, rope, lanterns, and more.
Alex, Abrahan, Ethan, and Joseph. Alex, Abrahan, Ethan, and Joseph are a group that usually hang out in Dan's Diner. They usually can give out sidequests and prizes such as items are given at the end.
Angel Angel is a good friend of Sophia's and can be found in some areas. Angel can tell the player some hints or hidden secrets.
Alondra A good friend of Sabina and Sophia. She can sometimes be seen as a shopkeeper and can offer Sabina and Sophia some items. She can also be challenged in a racing arcade game and if either Sabina or Sophia wins, they will gain a prize.
Brent Brent is one of the top athletes in the entire school where the twins attend at. At one point of the game, Brent can be raced in a challenge to earn a rare item.
Jacob A friend of Brent's and they are often been seen together like playing sports and such. A mini-game is featured in the game where it involves Jacob and you have to beat him in a game of Soccer and if either Sabina or Sophia win, they get a helpful item.
Omar Omar is one of Sabina and Sophia's friends and he is often seen traveling at many places. Sometimes Omar can give some directions, activity, and even some secrets on the area the player and Omar are on right now.
Egor Egor is a student who is popular around the school. Egor then got hypnotized by a Hypnotron and becomes a minion of the Hypnotron where he does whatever it says making Egor the first boss of the game. After Egor is defeated and goes back to the same as he was, he gives the player a piece of a map.
Kyle Kyle is an intelligent student and is mainly seen in the Library with Joshua and Aaron. Kyle usually tells Sabina and Sophia some tips and secrets.
Joshua TBA
Isaac TBA
Aaron TBA







Name Description
Empty Bottle Empty Bottles are just Bottles that are empty. They are sold at stores for a cheap price and they can be gained for doing sidequests as well. Empty Bottles must be in the player's inventory when buying a potion because the potion will go in the Empty Bottle, so the Empty Bottle is very important.
Speed Potion Speed Potion is a potion that are sold at stores. When used, the Speed Potion let's Sabina and Sophia move at a fast speed for a short period of time. Speed Potions are very useful for escaping a hoard of enemies.
Health Potion Health Potions are another potion that are also sold at stores. What the Health Potion does is fully heal the two character's health. Health Potions are very helpful when health is low during a regular battle or a boss battle.
Invincibility Potion Invincibility Potions are another potion that are sold at stores, but are expensive. When used, the player is invincible for a short period of time.
Air Potion Air Potions are potions that are sold at stores and what they do is that they can help the player breathe longer when underwater. The potion is very useful when running out of air to breathe and no bubbles are around.
Protection Potion Protection Potions are potions that are sold in stores and when used, the player will not get any damage from enemies and other damaging obstacles for a period of time.

Bombs are items that is sold at stores or gained when defeating a Skeleton Bomber. When thrown, the Bomb will land on the ground and explode instantly damaging anything in its way. The Bomb can also be rolled which is useful to surprise attack enemies or solve puzzles that involve rolling Bombs.

Bow and Arrow Bow and Arrows are items that is sold at sold or gained when defeating a Skeleton Bower. The item is very helpful for defeating enemies at tall hard to reach areas.
Slingshot Slingshots are items that can are sold at stores or just laying around random areas. The Slingshot can be used to cause damage to enemies that are on hard to reach areas, and Slingshots can also be used for puzzles and sometimes for sidequests/mini-games.
Binoculars Binoculars are items that can be sold at stores, but there is one that can be obtained at Sabina and Sophia's house. The Binoculars are used for looking at far away areas.
Whip Whips are items that are sold at stores and they can be used for many things. Examples on what the Whip does is that it can hang onto things and can be used to travel from one place to the next, the Whip can also defeat enemies, and the Whip can be used to reach objects at tall heights.
Lantern Lanterns are items that are sold at stores and are mainly used for traveling through dark areas. Lanterns however run out of lighting and Lamp Oil must be bought to have the Lantern working again.

Other Items and Objects

Name Description
Money Money are very important items that can be used to buy items. Money can be found throughout many areas and Money can also be gained in sidequests/mini-game.
Spring Springs are objects that are used to get to hard to reach high areas. The Spring can also be thrown around from place to place.

Barrels are objects that can be lifted and thrown at enemies, the effect that the Barrel will roll at it's target and cause some damage to them.

Key Keys are items that are used to open lock doors, locks, etc. Some Keys are found in Chests.
Chests Chests are objects that when open have an object inside of them and that object can be a Key, Money, a piece of a map, and more.
Bubble Bubbles are objects that are only located in Water related areas, and Bubbles can be used to gain more air in the "Air-Meter" while underwater.
Ladder Ladders are items that are usually be climbed on to get to a hard to reach high area.
Box Boxes are items that can be carried around and stacked on top of to make a tower which can help the player get from a hard to reach high area. Boxes in the game come in many forms such as Wooden (which break easily) and Metal (which don't break).
Door Doors are very common objects that can be entered through by pushing a button. Entering a door will take the player to one place to the next.
Direction Signpost Direction Signpost is a signpost which has an arrow on it which is actually the direction the player has to travel to.
Icicle Icicles are objects that are seen in Ice Caves. They fall down and will try cause harm to the player.
Log Logs are objects that are mainly seen in Rivers and when they are stood one, they will roll so the player has to maintain balance so they cannot fall into the water.
Maps Maps are objects that are very important. They usually tell the area where the player is, and some pieces of a map must be gained which are found in Chests.
Tightrope Tightrope are objects that are sometime seen in areas where large gaps are located at. When a tightrope appear, the player must balance the characters on the tightrope and not try to make them fall.
Gear Gears are objects that are seen in the Corrupted Warehouse. They usually just spin around and the player has to go travel through them and avoid getting crushed by one.
Giant Gear Giant Gears are objects that are seen in the Corrupted Factory and they work like regular Gears do, but are larger.



Description Location
It's Lunchtime at school and everybody is extra-hungry today. Play as Sabina or Sophia as the player cooks food and serves it to the students. Money is achieved throughout the sidequest (but all gained at the end), so if the job is done faster/harder, the higher the Money-meter will go. In the end, all the money that was collected in the Money-meter is gained. The Cafeteria Kitchen, Pierceton Middle School
All of the mail must be delivered before the day ends, so play as either Sabina or Sophia as the player controls one of the girls on a bike as they deliver newspapers across the city of Pierceton. Obstacles are faced during this sidequests such as manhole covers, animals, trees, cars, and people. In the end, money and an item is earned. Pierceton Post Office, Pierceton
Mrs. Eck's dogs have gotten away and now the player can control as either Sabina or Sophia and chase the dogs around town, and return them to Mrs. Eck before the Dog Catcher catches all the dogs. A Protection Potion will be given at the end if successful. Mrs. Eck's house, Pierceton
Round up all the horses into their ranch before the timer runs out. When all horses are rounded up and stored into their ranch, then money is earned, and same with some Lantern Oil. Pierceton Ranch


Description Location
Shoot all the Watermelons Melony throws with the Bow and Arrow. If all 15 Watermelons are shot, then the player wins and earns 24 dollars. Pierceton National Park
Challenge Brent in a game of Football and if the player beats him, then Brent will give out a rare item. Pierceton Middle School Football Yard
Challenge Jacob in a game of Soccer and if Jacob is beaten, then he will give out an item which is a potion that combines both the speed and invincibility potion. Pierceton Middle School Soccer Yard


Name Description HP
Floating Eyeball Floating Eyeballs are Eyeballs with wings. They are the weakest enemy in the game and gave 2 HP. If a Floating Eyeball attacks, it usually takes away 2 HP from the player. 2
Gnomes Gnomes are small human-like creatures that roam around the forest. They only have 2 HP and take 2 HP away from the player if they attack. Gnomes are one of the easiest enemies in the game. 2
Ghost Ghosts are spirits of the dead. They have 4 HP. If they attack, the player will lose HP. 4
Zombie Zombies are the undead and have 6 HP. If they attack, then the player will lose 7 HP. 6
Giant Bat Giant Bats are just very large Bats, but they have really sharp teeth and can attack with a poison like substance. Giant Bats have 8 HP and if they attack, the player loses 8 HP. 8
Snake Women A snake that has the figure and face of a woman, but the rest is entirely snake. A fast and slick enemy. Hair color and body colors vary, giving the enemy a variety feel. 10
Knek A clown with the face of a lion. It has low HP, but does massive damage with it's magic attacks. 10
Skipp Mage A mysterious mage that uses it's spell to try and skip your turn. They always appears in a group of enemies. 10
Tyme Mage A mysterious mage that uses it's spell to try and give enemies around it an extra turn. They always appears in a group of enemies and can only give a certain amount of enemies an extra turn. 10
Voyd Mage A mysterious mage that uses it's spell to try and give enemies around it an item from your bag. They always appears in a group of enemies. 10
Skeleton Bower Skeleton Bowers are live Skeletons that attack with Bow and Arrows. They have 11 HP and when they attack they usually take 7-8 HP from the player. 11
Skeleton Warrior Skeleton Warriors are live Skeleton of the dead who were once warriors who have fallen in battle. Skeleton Warriors have 13 HP and if they attack, the player loses 12 HP. 13
Accent A musical note like creature that restores HP to all worn enemies in battle, if the player is attacked by one they lose 12 HP. 13
Tripcrab Tripcabs are enemies that are Crabs, but have three heads. When they attack, they take away 12HP from the player. Tripcrabs usually have 13 HP. 13
Masculows Masculows are creatures who resemble moles. They only appear in the underground, but can dig out of the underground and can attack at rare times. Masculows have 14 HP and if they attack, the player loses 13 HP. 14
Goblin Goblins are winged creatures and have 15 HP. If the player is attacked by one of the Goblins then they will lose 14 HP. 15
Demon Demons are creatures from the Underworld. They have 17 HP and if the player is attacked by one of them then they lose 16 HP. 17
Cyclops Cyclops are large bests with one eye. They have 21 HP and if they attack, the player will lose 17 HP. 21
Skeleton Bomber Skeleton Bombers are live Skeleton who throw bombs. They have 22 HP and if they attack (throwing a bomb at the player), they will lose 19 HP. 22
Naschrome Naschromes are creatures that live in the sewer. It's unknown what they are, but they have large bodies with sharp teeth/claws and torn up clothing. Naschromes have 23 HP and if they attack, the player will lose 20 HP. 23
Giant Millipede Giant Millipedes are large Millipedes who have 23 HP. If they attack, the player will lose 18 HP. 23
Giant Spider Giant Spiders are very large Spiders that have 24 HP. If the player is attacked by one of them, they will lose 19 HP. 24
Dark Knight Dark Knights are Knights that have dark powers, they also have 28 HP. If they attack, the player will lose 21 HP. 28
Blob Blobs are large creatures that are made of slime and can perform many attacks, especially projectile ones. They have 28 HP and if the player is attacked, they will lose 22 HP. 28
Carnivorous Plant Carnivorous Plants are Plants who eat meat. They have 29 HP and if the player is attacked by one of them, they will lose 23 HP. 29
Kid Caster A small wizard kid. At the beginning on the battle, they try to use magic, but are too confused to do so. After 2 turns they begin using magic attacks. They are always encountered in groups of two, one casts fire magic while the other shields. 30
Himeka A flower-like creature that is not very strong, but has a lot of HP and can restore other enemy's HP by 5. However, when Himekas are attacked once, or twice, they get mad, and their strength is increased for a while. 30
Giggles An unsettling humanoid beast that has huge eyes and an even more immense smile. It can emit high-frequency screams and laughs that can impair the sisters. 32
Fire Beast Fire Beasts are large beasts who are made of fire. They have 33 HP and if they attack the player, they lose 25 HP. 33
Orlok Orloks are winged beats who have sharp teeth and claws. They have 33 HP and if they attack, the player loses 25 HP. 33
Lizclomp Lizclomps are creatures who resemble Lizards. Lizclomps have 34 HP and if they attack, the player loses 26 HP. 34
Panrura Panrura are magical beings that can perform many spells. They have 37 HP and if they attack, the player will lose 27 HP. 37
Barbisca Barbiscas are powerful Minotaur-like creatures who are large as well. They have 37 HP and if they attack, the player loses 27 HP. 37
Parastatic Parastatics are electrical enemies that can use their lightning abilities to attack. Parastatics have 37 HP and if they attack, the player will lose 27 HP. 37
Cythe Cythes are floating creatures who carry a scythe. They have 39 HP and if they attack, the player will lose 29 HP. Cythe mainly has a resemblence of the Grim Reaper. 39
Electrobe An electric monster that uses electric attacks. It tries to shock you and paralyze you. When it has low HP, sometimes it drains the life from you or another enemy to "recharge." 40
Sitholid Sitholids are creatures with muscular bodies and large fists. Sitholids have 41 HP and can cause a loss of 31 HP to the player if they attack. 41
Nessadow A mysterious dark creature who is made up of dark matter. Nessadows have 43 HP and if they attack, the player loses 43 HP. 43
Hypnotron Hypnotron is a robotic-like creature that uses it's powers to hypnotize anyone and anything to do their master's (the one who hypnotized them) bidding. 54
Maskes A character that looks like a Phanto but with black and white halves. It has a metallic appearance. It has cyan eyes and a yellow mouth. When damaged, they will take away half of the damage from the player that was dealt to them. 60


Mini Bosses

Name Description HP Location
Gang of Gnomes TBA



Main Bosses

Name Description HP Location
Hypnotized Egor TBA 29 TBA
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