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Damped Oscillation is an upcoming Fighting Game, it is to be released on the Nintendo Switch and is a minor entry in Phase 3 of the New Fantendvoerse. The gameplay is similar to other Fighting Games and utilizes a combo system for attacking.

Plot Synopsis

The Plot of Damped Oscillation takes place in a location called Ammonite's Prison a massive prison planet that was constructed on the shell of an ancient, behemoth ammonite, the plot focuses on several characters who awaken to find the prison is slowly being converted into something unusual and have to figure out a way to escape. The player plays through levels in this mode that are a mix of light-Platforming and light-Puzzles mixed with numerous combat scenarios, there are multiple character paths that see different levels some showing the same level from a different perspective in some instances. As the player completes the available levels they unlock more through that character's story, in addition in some instances the player will also unlock the starting spot for other character's storylines. To reach the end of the game the player will need to complete the storylines of all 26 playable characters, there are two endings for the game considered the Bad & Good Endings respectively, the difference between these has to do with obtaining collectibles found in each level which are obtained through exploration and completing combat challenges.

The effectively, main character of the plot is Alazaya, a cyborg bounty hunter whom had been locked up for killing an innocent, she has the most levels of all characters and is also where the tutorial for the game is for players unfamiliar with fighting games. It is generally recommended to start with her story before the others although players are free to ignore this.

Plot A Prison Break

This story begins with two characters; Alazaya & Chibokalah. Initially beginning on separate paths each character finds that a mysterious wave approaches their cells being on opposite sides of the same level of the prison facility, as the wave passes them they find the prison warps before their eyes, turning into a dense and foreboding jungle-swamp with large gloomy trees that stretch out seemingly growing from where the walls of the cells once were and a massive bubbling river of mysterious but corrosive material. Both characters go through a few levels of this mixture of the prison facility and swamp, dealing with other escaped prisoners, low-level guards and creatures that have manifested within the strange environment.

Along the way Alazaya runs into a Beorn named Unten, seemingly completely oblivious to the situation at hand he claims to not really know what's going on and mentions that he just arrived, Alazaya ponders on whether Unten was a manifestation of the swamp that was aware of its own existence. Unten dismisses this assertion however claiming that he'd hate to live in such a drab and boggy environment. Meanwhile for Chibokalah he meets up with an Arbelian named Radii who's causing havoc by mutating the guards and attacking the other prisoners, Chibokalah befriends Radii claiming that they are brothers in chaos, Radii mistakes Chibokalah's statement for meaning they're literally brothers and tags along believing that Chibokalah will bring them back home.

Eventually the quartet meet up together, after having a quick scuffle they realize they can work together to escape having already worked together in pairs. The group head through more areas of the facility and encounter the first boss of the game; Intersector Bob, one of the head guards of this level of the prison facility who'd survived the initial chaos and had collected and killed multiple prisoners by guarding the main elevator off the prison level. The group fight against Intersector Bob and soundly defeat him through overwhelming him with their respective abilities, after destroying the guard the group head into the Elevator where they find they can access several floors but no definite way out, the group suggest splitting up handling two floors that seem the most likely to provide escape; the Water Rerouting Floor and the Detective Office Spaces, the group find among a group of dead guards walkie-talkies to keep in contact and split up with Alazaya and Unten heading to the Detective Office Spaces to find a way out while Chibokalah and Radii head to the Water Rerouting Floor suspecting there might be some sort of exit pipe they can take.

Following Alazaya and Unten the duo reach the Detective Office Spaces where they have to contend with the more agile Detectives of the Prison Facility, half-investigator half-assassin automatons. Along the way they find a rather strange individual called Alamon who refuses to state whether he's a prisoner or has a different role within the facility, during the interaction it is made rather clear that Alamon has an inferiority complex with regards to his rather diminutive height and sneers at Alazaya as a brute and Unten as uncultured in retaliation for comments they make towards him. As the trio continue investigating the Detective Office Spaces they encounter another boss of the game, Pacifactor Rhodes the Head Detective of the Prison Facility and one of the more significant individuals in the prison, Alazaya recants that she and Rhodes had a history together with him being a former bounty hunter like her.

Rhodes however seems to regard their past differently regarding Alazaya as an animal more than a bounty hunter, accusing her of ruthlessly slaughtering those who couldn't pay the companies they were under orders for. Alamon regards this as a slight against Alazaya however as he proclaims that Rhodes had displayed despicable behaviour against Alazaya as well, although this leaves Alazaya confused, Rhodes attacks in a rage. After soundly defeating Rhodes, Alamon uses his telekinetic abilities to crush Rhodes' skull killing him, Alazaya questions Alamon as to why he did that, Alamon explaining that Rhodes had long since outlived his role and the facility had been waiting for someone to finally kill him. Alazaya, suspicious of the knowledge that Alamon possessed continued along with him although suggests to Unten that they might have to fight Alamon if things turn sour.

The trio delve deeper into the Detective Office Spaces, due to how long they'd been in the area the wave had begun to influence the area with the previously oddly 21st Century American Office Spaces seemingly turning to rust and dust as a strange industrial factory like facility seemed to grow from the walls with an eerie mixture of biological machinery. Delving further into this bizarre industrial area the group eventually comes across some sort of biological lab, within they find prisoners suspended in test tubes being experimented upon, after deducing that it wasn't a manifestation of the strange wave the group continued through the area hopping between the spots of rusted industrial and the cold futuristic labs the group have to contend with the demonic creatures that dwell within the rusted over factory as well as the security in the biological labs as well as some of the prisoners who broke out of their test tubes, some normal while others augmented through unnatural means.

The trio eventually come across a large computer room in the labs with monitors for many of the facilities levels, showing how the strange wave was affecting each one differently, many having signals stating that they'd been breached however the command center which they find is located near the front of the prison remains active, Alazaya gets into contact with Chibokalah and informs him that they need to head to the Command Center as there are escape pods there they can use to get off the prison facility, Alazaya watches as several guards enter a strange bubble in the command center and are shot into space seeing that the bubbles are the escape pods. Just as they're about to head away a security camera in the area detects them and we see from the command center that the guards there quickly press a series of buttons and alarms begin to blare in the labs.

A large test tube descends from the ceiling above the computer room, within it, a goliath of a bipedal prisoner who seems vaguely human although has been experimented on so heavily that discerning what is or was once the original person is impossible. Alamon notes that he'd heard about this experiment and refers to the person who'd been experimented on as Little Tinhead Timmy, mentioning that he'd been sent here due to a relatively minor crime and thought it strange. Alazaya asks Alamon why he knows so much about this prisoner in particular and Alamon replies mentioning that he'd come to prison to bust Tinhead Timmy out. As Alamon is explaining this Tinhead Timmy awakens from his suspension and breaks out of the test tube roaring in anger as he smashes up the computer room pulling cables from the ceiling causing the computer room to begin to fall revealing it to be in a large vertical shaft, the structure begins to fall as Tinhead Timmy attacks the group.

During the fight the trio interval between attacking Tinhead Timmy as the structure falls through multiple floors, eventually after dealing significant damage to the monstrous human the structure crashes into the ground leaving everyone bruised and injured however still standing as the numerous physical objects that had manifested in the vertical shaft had buffered the descent, the group get up, unsure as to whether Tinhead Timmy was killed although to little surprise they see him erupt in a rage from beneath some rubble in the room and the fight continues. Eventually the trio soundly defeat Tinhead Timmy, Alamon goes to finish him off however Unten halts him, declaring it to be wrong of Alamon to so unburdened in his act of murder. Alamon pauses and ponders on Unten's statement, although then notes that while he'd like to agree with Unten in this situation he has to make sure that Tinhead Timmy wouldn't cause any issues if he survived and that he's likely already compromised the reason for why he was being busted out in the first place, that being information he had that was critical to Alamon's employers. Unten argues back that without certainty Alamon doesn't know if Tinhead Timmy has betrayed Alamon's employers and suggests letting him live and just pretending as though he never found Tinhead Timmy, Alamon sighs and notes that he's not going to agree with Unten's opinion on the matter but does point out that they're wasting time arguing and accepts Unten's compromise although states that in future he won't be so forgiving, the trio head out of the building and the path leading towards the Command Center.

During all of this Chibokalah and Radii entered the Water Rerouting Facility, working together the duo face off against the security guards and robots within the facility as well as the manifestations of some sort of deep sea abyssal trench that is beginning to merge with the rerouting facility, from the depths of this trench, strange aquatic creatures appear. During their exploration, Radii asks Chibokalah about their parents (still believing that Chibokalah is actually Radii's brother). Chibokalah recants some of his past to Radii as they explore through the rerouting facility, mentioning that his species reproduces asexually (unaware that Radii's species does the same) and mentions that he didn't really know his parent that well although is grateful to them for his existence. Radii seems a bit perplexed by this statement and apologizes to Chibokalah stating that they didn't realize their parent had been so neglectful, Chibokalah, now just simply confused by Radii's statement asks to be elaborated. Radii explains that when they were younger they spent quite a lot of time with their parent and wonders why Loma (Radii's parent) didn't give the same love to Chibokalah as they'd given to Radii. Chibokalah informs Radii that it wasn't Loma's fault in any way and that he's sure Loma was a great parent to Radii, Radii nods in agreement and mentions that Loma gave Radii a lot of toys when he was young, weird toys that made beeping noises and had large amounts of information displayed on them. Chibokalah peaces together that Radii's mistaken childhood is one of experimentation.

The two continue to converse as they explore failing to realize that the abyssal trench around them had become more dominant with a large serpentine creature stalking them in the distance. Chibokalah learns from Radii that his radioactive powers originate from him growing in an irradiated wasteland of a planet called Whitewater. As the two are conversing however, they run into a rather odd looking entity, a cybernetic human with much of their body missing, the two approach the body asking if the person was alive, Radii suggests poking them with a stick, having one in his hand somehow. Chibokalah confused tells Radii not to poke the strange cyborg. Suddenly however the cyborg awakens, slowly getting up, the water around them whirls into a body that takes shape forming limbs and a a protective shield around the cyborg's spine. The cyborg introduces himself as Holt to Chibokalah and Radii, Chibokalah introduces them both to the cyborg in return. Chibokalah notices that Holt has a rather distinctive cockney accent to his speech and asks if he's from England, Holt initially responds although then pauses and instead states that he is indeed from England and attempts to play up his accent a bit more so. Chibokalah somewhat uneasy about Holt decides to ignore his strange behaviour and tells Radii they can put the stick they were carrying down.

Radii points out that he's not holding the stick anymore and the group quickly realize that the stick was actually the quill of a massive leviathan that had been stalking them for a while now. Holt bellows with laughter at the sight of such a massive beast, seemingly shifting personalities simply from the sight of such a ferocious creature, he begins counting the creatures' eyes eventually concluding it has nine eyes, although then punches one of the eyes which surprisingly explodes in an iridescent yellowish liquid. Holt corrects himself stating the creature has eight eyes. The creature roars in rage and attempts to ram at Holt although thanks to much of his body being water Holt easily evades the attack and yells to Chibokalah and Radii to help him fell the mighty creature which he proclaims he will call Oclevetian.

Chibokalah tries to get Holt to be serious about the situation, however Holt begins to wander off proclaiming that he'll take them on a safari, without much choice as Holt began travelling down the only path ahead of them anyways, Chibokalah and Radii follow him. The trio eventually end up in the lower levels of the Water Rerouting Facility, massive pipes mark the walls and a strange plant matter that has begun to encroach on the area can be seen, fighting off some of the wildlife in the area Holt suggests that they work together, Radii a bit perplexed by this statement asks Holt if they were working together earlier. Holt sheepishly admits that he was planning to use Radii as sacrificial bait in case they came across anything too powerful, the group begin to get lost within the mass of greens, eventually reaching a massive tree that has cracked out from within one of the pipes. Chibokoalah wonders if the tree is part of the strange world or something else, suddenly a sound is heard from the pipes jutting out of the tree as an entity begins bumping up through the pipes eventually getting shot out and landing on the walkway near the trio.

Approaching the strange individual he quickly awakens, having just briefly shut down, the lights of his eyes flickering on although his left eye continues to flicker as he gets up. Noticing the plants growing out of the being before them's body, Chibokalah questions the strange individual about them. The man seemingly unaware of the plants looks over himself, inspecting his right arm where a branche had wrapped around his arm cannon with its tipped singed, presumably from the arm cannon firing, and noticing another branch protruding from his chest. The individual dismisses the branches mentioning that he'd been experimenting with some new ideas although states that his invention, known as a Enviro-Bomb had misfired and he kind of forgot about the incident until it was brought up again. Chibokalah rather perplexed asks if he'll be alright, the individual dismisses Chibokalah's worries stating that once he gets out of this wrongful imprisonment he'll just get the root removed and patch-up any damages done, stating that he was lucky it didn't detonate on his core otherwise he might've suffered permanent damage.

Holt intrudes stating that they should get formalities out of the way and asks the individual if they're friend or foe, responding with friend stating that given the trio haven't attacked him on sight means they're probably looking to escape as well he introduces himself as PalmMan, elaborating that his name is a bit of a misnomer especially given his current condition as he doesn't usually use plant matter but had to improvise given the guards didn't let him keep his napalm when they brought him in. Chibokalah pauses and asks PalmMan what exactly he did to get put into the prison, suspecting him to respond with something severe. PalmMan calmly responds that he was sent in due to traffic violations although he notes that the sentence seems a bit severe and states that he tried to question the courts but they wouldn't give him the time of day and quickly dismisses them as being corrupt. Radii promptly agrees with PalmMan and mentions that he too is a victim of the courts, PalmMan however cuts Radii off as a loud noise from the pipe grabs his attention. PalmMan quickly apologizes to the trio stating that he'd forgotten he was being chased, Chibokalah questions how he could forget and PalmMan mentions that he just did and apologizes and suggests they ready themselves since his cellmate wanted him dead. Holt eager to meet this cellmate declares that he's never hunted such a creature before, as a pair of massive pincers erupt from the tree bisecting it and a large shadowy figure leaps from the broken tree landing on the walkway, the sudden weight causing the cables holding the walkway up snap and the group fall down into the chasm below, finding themselves surprisingly landing in a large body of water, PalmMan mentioning that the pipes had been opened earlier while he was escaping, the group's attention is however quickly brought back to PalmMan's cellmate who comes into proper view revealing him to be a large humanoid-scorpion monster who angrily yells at PalmMan that he'll kill him as it charges forward using the rim of the pipe to move.

The now four man group fights off PalmMan's cellmate, during the battle the group learns of the cellmate's name, Crakano and that he'd been experimented on by the prison's research facility in agreement for a reduced sentence however due to PalmMan's unusually friendly behaviour they suspected Crakano was planning to escape and extended his sentence instead. Chibokalah tries to insist to Crakano that the guards would've never reduced his sentence and that he was being tricked, Crakano however is unable to accept this possibility and continues to blame PalmMan, eventually however the group succeed in subduing the monstrous prisoner. Holt suggests they finish him off however PalmMan insists they let him live believing that it's his own responsibility what happens to his cellmate, PalmMan carries Crakano with them as they exit out of the large pool and find a small facility area that informs them that they've entered the Water Treatment Facility, which causes Holt to nauseate as he realizes what the pool they were fighting in was, although the other members seem to be either ignorant to the fact or don't care.

It is at this point that Chibokalah is able to get into contact with Alazaya in the previous section, during the conversation PalmMan places Crakano in a small alcove to let him rest, as Alazaya informs Chibokalah about the escape pods, the alcove that Crakano is in activates being in fact one such escape pod and promptly creating a bubble and launching Crakano into space just as he wakes up to see PalmMan. Crakano furiously pounds at the bubble although to no avail and disappears off into the distance. The escape pod device shuts down however as power is diverted from the facility, annoyed at the predicament, Chibokalah declares that they'll have to meet up with Alazaya's group at the Command Center. They continue up through the facility dealing with a number of escaped prisoners and a bizarre heavenly environment with large Classical Marble buildings replacing the prison complex and fiendish angels that attack the group with bows and lightning. Reaching a junction they find a sign pointing towards the Command Center and begin heading that way, however find themselves blocked by a pair of giant golden gates. Holt wonders if this is meant to be some simulation of heaven to which Radii asks what heaven is, Holt however tells Radii that he'll explain it to him when he's smarter.

PalmMan approaches the gates and attempts to open them however is electrocuted and knocked back, suddenly and angelic figure appears before them, humanoid in appearance with large angelic wings wearing a glistening, white toga and a golden wreath on his head, the figure introduces himself as Gabriel and promptly informs PalmMan that he cannot enter past the gates. Holt sighs and asks Gabriel if they're going to have to fight him, Gabriel however dismisses Holt's question stating that he is not an agent of conflict, Holt then asks how they're supposed to get past, Gabriel however replies stating that only the pure and uncorrupted may pass. Holt asks what would make them corrupt, Gabriel then begins listing off disqualifying factors including; beings of non-fauna (PalmMan & Chibokalah), those who turned away from their divine gifts (Holt's cybernetic implants), creatures of the underworld (Radii, being born literally under the world) and beings of impedance. Holt then asks shouldn't that make Gabriel himself disqualified since he is impeding them from entering, Gabriel stammers on this point although then sheepishly admits that he is too disqualified. Holt then asks Gabriel why he would agree to a system that actively doesn't allow for his existence, Gabriel ponders on this and states that he hadn't considered that potential, Holt however then questions Gabriel as to how he could work in such a position without realizing that fact, Gabriel counters this by stating that this is actually his first day on the job.

Gabriel tells the group that he'll let them past but tells them to promise not to tell his boss about this situation as he's going to have to look for a new job. The gates open and the group pass, Radii asks Chibokalah if this means he's a demon, Chibokalah dismisses this and tells Radii he can be whatever he wants to be, Radii gleefully then declares himself as "Radii the Demon" as the group head towards the Command Center.

As the groups arrive at the Command Center they finally meet up, exchanging greetings, PalmMan surprised to see Unten greets him warmly to which Unten is a bit surprised returning the pleasantries stating that he didn't expect to see PalmMan here, PalmMan laughs it off stating that he's surprised to see Unten as well. The two bicker together, while the rest of the group look around the command center, Holt attempts to flirt with Alazaya although to little avail as Alazaya promptly dismisses him, coldly calling him a freak of nature. Holt rather disheartened by the rejection goes and sulks in one of the corners. To the group's surprise however they see over the intercom a group of Prison Guards distinctly dressed from the other guards, the leader of the group steps over to the intercom although the darkness of the room they're in prevents the escapees from making out what the individual looks like, he informs them that he's aware of their attempt to escape and will ensure that he will not fail in his job, before anyone can respond the unknown figure cuts the power to the command center shutting down the escape pods and most of the power. Unsure how to proceed the group begin to argue amongst themselves with Alazaya trying to gain control of the situation.

Just as a fight is about to break out between the group they suddenly hear banging on one of the doors leading out of the command center and then a series of punches. The door begins to dent from the onslaught of punches, the door begins to buckle and two stubby arms reach through the door tearing it open, the light from the corridor filters into the darkened Command Center as four figures stand at the entrance, the group ready themselves for battle however one of the figures floats forwards pleading with the group to not fire upon them, he then directs to one of the other figures who uses a series of cables from their hand to provide power back to the lights of the Command Center. Before the group stand four strange individuals, clearly not guards they approach the group explaining that they'd intercepted Alazaya and Chibokalah's conversation and wanted out as well. Alazaya promptly responds that the Prison's Chief Warden knew about their plan and sealed the pods. The leader of this quartet somewhat disappointed initially quickly bounces back and protests that Alazaya shouldn't give up hope, and that they'll just find another way out, she however is somewhat off-put by the bizarre optimism and cheeriness of the individual and asks who they are, the strange floating figure responds introducing himself as Turnipz.

The rest of the quartet introduces themselves, the strange automaton that had re-activated the lights being in a rather formal and soft tone introduced himself as Tellio. The other two, a female Pouchet dressed in old Assyrian Armour named Pelai and a young woman called Mira whose meek tone has Chibokalah ask her to repeat herself, Mira promptly introduces herself while shouting. Turnipz explains that he'd heard there were old escape pods that run on their own power systems somewhere in the prison and if they could find them they would be able to escape. The group ponders on where they could find the escape pods, PalmMan promptly speaks up stating that maybe they should check the Prison's Library, initially some of the others dismiss his assertion however Alazaya sides with PalmMan stating that if there was a location where information about the Prison would be located that would be a good starting place. With no alternatives the group agrees to the decision and heads off following the crude maps of the facility to reach the library.

Along the way they traverse through old maintenance tunnels of the prison which had at some point been abandoned leaving them riddled with creatures that had infested and nested within the tunnels as well as the influence of the unknown entity causing the maintenance tunnels to at some points freeze over appearing more like underground tunnels coated in ice. Navigating the maze of tunnels the group eventually reaches back to the main cell chamber, the central hub of the entire complex. Looking around this room they see that dozens of pockets of other worlds have replaced parts of the prison with a variety of environments being seen, as the group cross the main cell chamber they have to contend with a fungi forest that had sprouted from one of the lower levels and rapidly grew up through the floor gratings creating giant mushrooms that release toxic spores. While travelling, Tellio asks Chibokalah if he's able to control the fungi and make them stop releasing spores, Chibokalah however takes offense to this and tells Tellio that just because he's also a fungus doesn't mean he knows what other fungi are doing or thinking, Tellio apologizes however Chibokalah states that he gets that a lot and in reality he can actually understand the fungi and they won't listen to him because he's small, this just ends up leaving Tellio more embarresed however apologizing again for causing Chibokalah to admit that. Once the group reach to the other side they enter through a large doorway leading into the library.

More TBA


The gameplay is a fairly standard 2D Fighting Game, the player is able to control one character with one other as back-up, the player is able to swap between the two characters freely during gameplay although they each have health bars and will be KO'd if they run out of health. The game is split into several Game Modes each of which are elaborated below. The gameplay has the player control their character on a 2.5D plane, characters are able to move, jump, duck, slide, attack, defend and counter as well as various other abilities depending on the character. Characters have fifteen basic attacks as well as combos which are performed by chaining those basic attacks together in short two to three attack chains. Attacks are dictated by five directions; Neutral (no Analog press), Forward (facing Analog press), Back (reverse Analog press), Up (up Analog press) and Down (down Analog press), these five options are mixed with either Light Attacks (B Button), Heavy Attacks (Y Button) or Guard Attacks (ZL/ZR and B/Y Button, also referred to as Z-Attacks).

Characters are able to jump with the A Button and some characters can double jump by tapping the A Button while in air while others can hover by holding the A Button after jumping. Ducking is done by holding Down and Sliding is done by pressing the A Button while holding the Down Button, the player will slide in the direction they're facing. L & R are used as counter buttons, and each favour their respective direction, meaning if the player presses L to counter an attack from the left side of the player character then it will deal more damage to the opponent than pressing L to counter from the right side and vice versa for the R Button. The player can raise their Guard by pressing the ZL or ZR buttons, like L and R this also has directional advantage for the player. The player can pause with the X Button.

Platforming uses the same control scheme as combat while Puzzles all use basic control schemes of the analog stick for directional movement, A for Yes/Accept options and B for No/Cancel options.

Game Modes

There are a multitude of Game Modes in Damped Oscillation for the player to choose from, the primary four Game Modes are; Story Mode, Free Battle, Multiplayer and Jailbreak. There are also the non-standard Game Modes of; Party Mode, Puzzle Mode and Escape.

Story Mode

One of the main game modes, Story Mode has the player go through a series of levels with the characters of the game working your way through the main plot, the story mode is a mixture of Combat, Platforming and Puzzles and allows the player to learn the basic mechanics of the game, when the player starts a new game on a save file they will be asked if they'd like to take the tutorial which if the player accepts they'll be directed into Story Mode.

Story Mode has a difficulty slider that the player can choose, this difficulty slider will alter the platforming segments to be made easier or harder with the latter utilizing more of the characters' abilities for navigation. For puzzles altering the difficulty will change what puzzles the player is tasked with completing and will pseudo-randomly select from the pool of puzzles the game has for the player to be tasked with. Lastly in terms of combat, difficulty alteration will change the AI making them more intelligent and aggressive but also boosts both the player and enemy's damage output making it faster to take down opponents in the harder difficulties but also more risky.

If the player sets the difficulty to Easy or above then they'll be able to find collectibles in Puzzles and Platforming and Normal or above to get the collectibles for Combat Challenges.

Free Battle & Multiplayer

Free Battle is the standard single-player battle mode for the game while Multiplayer is the standard multiplayer battle mode for the game, it allows the player to select from the pool of unlocked characters (characters are unlocked through Story Mode) and up to five opponents for the player to face. The player can set restrictions and conditions for the battle as well as select from the various battlefields some that also appear in some capacity in the story mode while others are entirely unique to Free Battle & Multiplayer.

The player can also select what sort of battle they want to have, there are options for victory conditions which include;

  • Limited Lives - Gives the player and opponents a limited number of lives, ranging from 1 to 100, the goal is to get the opponent/s lives to 0, this is effectively stock battles although it should be noted that the player has the option of having lives tied to both characters or separate meaning each character will have half the total number of lives given in the game mode (the player cannot select an odd number of lives in this instance).
  • Points - This condition has the player attempting to gain points through various means to reach a certain amount to win, points can be gained through defeating the opponent or depending on the players options through other means as well such as collecting items, dealing a certain amount of damage and/or dealing environmental damage.
  • Damage Counter - Similar to Points, Damage Counter has the player gain points although only through inflicting damage, this means that stealing kills is impossible in this victory conditions as opposed to points, points can only be gained through damage infliction however in this mode. Once a player reaches the allotted number of Damage Points they win.
  • Death Grid - This mode sees a death grid slowly encroach on the characters, the game mode has only one life for each character meaning two lives overall, the last player standing wins in this victory condition.

It should be also noted that Limited Lives, Points and Damage Counter all have Timed variants where a timer is applied, for Points and Damage Counter this replaces their set victory conditions meaning it is instead the player with the most points/that dealt the most damage will win once the timer has reached zero. For Limited Lives the original victory condition is still present but if more than one player is still alive when the timer hits zero the game will award victory through a combination of number of lives left and number of kills, players can tie for this.



Party Mode

Puzzle Mode



There are a total of 26 Playable Characters in Damped Oscillation, each character shares a general basic series of attacks but their combos vary between character to character.

Alazaya Icon Unten Icon Fire Icon Mira Icon Alamon Icon Chibokalah Icon Gurr Icon Roma Icon Holt Icon
Radii Icon DO Hidden Character 1 DO Hidden Character 2 DO Hidden Character 3 Random Character DO Hidden Character 4 Tellio Icon DO Hidden Character 6 DO Hidden Character 7
DO Hidden Character 8 Turnipz Icon Pelai Icon DO Hidden Character 11 DO Hidden Character 12 DO Hidden Character 13 DO Hidden Character 14 DO Hidden Character 15 PalmMan Icon

(Note: When referring to attacks, → means forward, ← means back)

Character Combo Attacks Description

  • Splinter Drill (↑B + →Y) - Alazaya charges forward spinning her right arm like a drill dealing multiple hits that deal small damage but are highly effective when the enemy is weakened.
  • Terra Spire (↑Y + ↓Z) - Alazaya slams the ground with her arms generating a shock-wave that causes the ground a certain distance away to erupt in a spire of earth, the shock-wave deals minimal damage and some knockback but the spire deals significant damage.
  • Dust Devil (↓A + ←B) - Alazaya spins around swiping at the ground creating a small dust-storm that knocks back opponents and increases her movement speed for a second.
  • PowerLift (↑B + ↑Y + ↑Z) - The generators on Alazaya's arms flare up and cause the third attack to deal huge knockback and significant damage if the target hits a ceiling.
  • Heat Exhaust (→Y + ←Y + A) - Alazaya lets loose the heat build up from her arms sending her flying into the air much more than normal, the steam exhaust burns opponents and has some knockback.
  • Flintwheel (→ + ↑ + ←B) - Alazaya performs a Cartwheel, using the flammable metal on her foot to ignite her limbs, any enemy caught in the attack is burnt and suffers heavy damage.

Alazaya is a humanoid cyborg who'd been working as a freelance bounty hunter prior to her conviction. Notorious for her disdain for robots among the jail's inmates the mask she wears is actually the faceplate she'd torn from a robotic inmate in her cell before they were swiftly separated by the guards. Alazaya had suffered a great amount from robots in the past having lost both her arms in botched bounties, though parts of her arms still remain they're suspended within a special fluid that regenerates them constantly, Alazaya however is essentially without feeling in the parts of her arms that remain. In place of her arms.

After the incidents. she obtained powerful ex-industrial cybernetic arms that were originally used for operations in zero-gravity construction jobs, she uses the incredible power behind her new arms to strike fear into fellow inmates and has resulted in her being put into isolation for her extremely aggressive behaviour.

Unten DO

  • Thunderunner (→B + →Z) - Unten charges forward briefly becoming pure electricity before reappearing, in the process electrocuting anyone hit by the attack, the result also generates a shockwave that travels forward ahead of Unten and accelerates until it hits the edge of the platform.
  • Frequency Jump (A + ↑B (while in Air)) - Unten launches himself extremely high into the air creating after images as a result, the after images explode as they disappear releasing a burst of energy that knocks back opponents.
  • Pulser Orb (↓B + →Y) - Fires an electric orb that pulses as it travels, the pulses generated deal knockback but minimal damage, direct contact with the orb however causes heavy electrical damage.
  • Bolt Cannon (↓Y + ↓Z + Z) - Energy rises up from the ground and Unten punches into the air in front of him unleashing a bolt of lightning that crosses to the end of the screen dealing heavy damage to anyone caught in the blast, it only appears for a brief second however.
  • Voltage Armour (↓A + A + A (while in Air)) - Unten creates an armour of electricity around his body protecting him from projectile attacks and slightly reducing physical attacks as well as electrocuting opponents who attack him while the armour is active, this abilities lasts less time the more frequently it is used.
  • Data Purge (A + ↓Y + Z) - Creates a mass of black cubes where Unten lands that fly upwards dealing mystery damage to any opponent caught in the attack, Unten is briefly immobilized while performing the attack.

A rather confused individual, Unten is a Beorn, a species that originated from the planet Zeon. Unten's role in the prison is unknown, according to entry records he'd never been admitted for any crime and only exists in the database under persons of interest, he is blue in colour, not uncommon for Beorns and has fur covering his entire body providing him some protection from the cold. Records state he has the ability to control electricity although there are other abilities that are considered classified within the database and thus most do not have access to.

Unten's general demeanour is a mixture of caution and uncertainty, he is genuinely uncertain of what his reason for being at the prison is and has indicated a greater understanding of the unusual goings on within the prison during the time period of the game than either guards or prisoners are aware of.

Fire 2019

  • Heat Strike (→Y + ←Y) - Fire reverses his attack sending out a quick blast of fire from his hands, the attack erupts at a slow speed although accelerates the further it moves, it is strongest at point blank and deals burning damage.
  • Thermal Javelin (↓A + ↑Z) - Generating a javelin from dust on the ground and igniting it, Fire throws the Javelin in an arcing motion, it deals heavy damage but little knockback and can penetrate multiple opponents.
  • Inferno Coil (→Z + ←Z) - Fire spins around at high speeds generating a fiery whip that slings out along the ground burning anyone caught by it, if it latches onto an opponent it will temporarily immobilize them.
  • Superheated Vapor Rain (↓B + ↑Y + A) - Fire throws his hands up into the air which explode creating a vapor that rains down on the surrounding area, it deals relatively low damage but lasts for several seconds and inflicts burn damage, Fire's hands regenerate after a second.
  • Fire Vortex (→Y + B + ←Z) - Fire spins around low to the ground whipping up dust creating a fire tornado that encircles him, for a few second Fire's movement is very low although can still be controlled by the player, attacking Fire directly will cause burn damage and severe knockback.
  • Burning Light (↑B + ↑Y + ↑Z) - A ball of light shoots upwards from Fire's hands, the ball spins creating four small spires, and slows down, once it stops the four spires erupt in beams of superheated light that burn anyone including Fire if they make contact, the actual damaging part of the attack only lasts a moment however the ball will also deal damage to any opponent who touches it.

A prisoner in the Ammonite's Prison who'd been transferred after being found guilty of committing arson, Fire is a rather unnerving character as his demeanour is remarkably calm and asserts himself as being not guilty of the crime for which he was imprisoned, however this often comes off as unnatural as he acts rather heartlessly both in the tone of his voice as well as his actions. Fire tends to act as a bit of an oddball as a result, not really fitting well with others, although not nearly to the extent of others as his personality is more so just weird rather than destructive.

Being made completely of heat, it is unsurprising that Fire prefers to avoid cold environments and is physically weaker in them, in addition while dowsing him does cause him to revert to a body of heated air it doesn't actually have much effect on him as he will just evaporate the water, he is able to sustain himself underwater as well and will appear in a cloud-like form as a result.

Mira DO


A rather flighty individual, Mira is a complete stranger in the conflict of the prison, neither a guard nor a prisoner, according to her she was visiting her brother although is very hesitant to reveal any actual information about herself. She is fairly meek in her behaviour and personality although is unusually calm around the strange environments developing throughout the prison during the event.


  • Kineto Bomb (↓Y + ↓Z) - Lays a psyionic bomb that explodes when an opponent gets near it, the bomb disappears after five seconds and generates significant knockback but low damage.
  • Psyche Masher (→Y + ←B) - Alamon sends out a psychic hand that grips anyone within its range, those grabbed are then smashed into the ground and then thrown dealing considerable damage.
  • Mime's Wall (↓A + ←B) - Creates a psychic shield in front of where Alamon was standing, Alamon can pass through the shield but others can't, it disappears after three seconds, if attacked the shield explodes and deals Bleed Damage to the opponent.
  • Energone (↓B + ↓Y + ↓B) - Alamon's body is coated in a strange aura, if he counters an attack it leaves the opponent de-energized making them vulnerable to a powerful counterattack.
  • Clear Vision (A + A (while in Air) + ↑Z) - The screen turns various shades of blue and time slows for everyone except Alamon, Alamon is able to move at regular speed in this slowed time for three seconds, this cannot be activated while another Slow Time effect is in process.
  • Bell Tome (↓Z + →Y + ↓Z) - Alamon slams his head into the ground causing a bell chime to emanate from the hole in his head, the sound waves deal knockback and minor damage but have a wide radius of effect and have greater knockback at point-blank.

A rather strange individual, Alamon is what's known as a Cehrime a gaseous species that inhabits physical bodies made for them by others. Alamon is indebted to a mob family who reside on Earth who created his body for him, he performs various infiltration missions for them as thanks to his unusual form where necessary he can leave his physical body to slip in undetected. This was his reason for coming to the Ammonite's Prison as he was to free a prisoner called Tinhead Timmy who was an associate of the mob family.

Alamon is rather cold and distant in terms of personality, this is however not without a lack of trying, when under better circumstances he more so comes off as robotic as his species' culture is quite different from most solids' cultures, he is very dedicated to his duty as an infiltrator and doesn't hesitate to kill those he believes will compromise the mob family.


  • Spore Scatter (↓A + ↑B) - Sends out a scattering of spores that cause damage to those in the affected area however has no knockback effect.
  • Take Root (→Y + ↓Z) - Chibokalah extends Roots immobilizing him preventing him from moving but also completely negating knockback against him for five seconds.
  • Poisonous Spores (→B + ↑Z) - Sends up four large purple spores that cause Poison Damage if they make contact with an enemy, when they hit the ground they erupt in a small poisonous cloud that deals less poison damage.
  • Hellstorm (↓Z + ↓Z + ↑B) - Chibokalah creates a spiral of spores and then pulls out a lighter igniting the spiral causing it to erupt into a spiral of fire, causing burning damage to anyone hit by the spiral including Chibokalah as it floats upwards.
  • Paralytic Haze (→B + ←B + ↑Y) - Creates a low but wide mist of yellow and cyan spores that cause Electric Damage to anyone caught in the attack and dissipate after a few seconds.
  • Destroyer of Worlds (↓Z + →Z + ↑Z) - Chibokalah sends out all three types of spores simultaneously in a large cloud that floats in the direction Chibokalah was facing, the cloud deals both Poison and Electric Damage and disappears after a few seconds.

Chibokalah is an intelligent fungus creature who had ended up in prison due to acts of terrorism against a mining colony. Despite his cute'sy appearance, Chibokalah's mind is set of world domination, in spite of his diminutive stature and general lack of resources he has been known to cause considerable havoc on several instances. It should be noted that the skull on Chibokalah's cap is actually a sticker that Chibokalah put on himself to appear more intimidating.

Chibokalah considers anyone who helps in (no matter how minor or questionable that help may be) as his loyal minions and will usually outright state his plans in great detail to them, often resulting in his plans immediately crashing down. Despite his extremely limited (or just outright lack of) intelligence, Chibokalah possesses some surprisingly dangerous biological abilities thanks to the various spores he can create.


  • Cage of Rage (↓Y + →Y) - Gurr fires off his horns at the opponent, if they strike they dig into the opponent and immobilize them for a couple of seconds.
  • Gnashery (→B + ←B) - Bites in all directions with such speed that Gurr becomes a blinding menagerie of jaws, each inflicting small damage but often hitting repeatedly.
  • Skewer Stew (↓B + ↑Z) - Gurr strikes upwards from where he's standing, if a target is caught on his horns the horns will heat up dealing high burning damage to the opponent before Gurr throws the opponent away.
  • Explosive Horn (↓Z + ↓B + →Z) - Gurr fires off his largest two horns, if they strike an opponent they explode dealing heavy damage and knockback.
  • Five-Eyed Nightmare (←Y + A + Z (while in Air)) - Gurr coils into a ball and rams into the ground generating shockwaves before charging in the direction he was facing until either the player cancels the attack or Gurr reaches the edge of the platform, the attack deals Electric damage and significant knockback.
  • Focused Kick (→B + →Y + →Z) - Gurr performs a trio of kicks, each kick is slower than the last but is more devastating, radiating yellow, orange and red respectively.

Gurr is a creature of unknown origin, his species was captured by the guards of Ammonite's Prison and experimented on to make loyal and dangerous guard dogs. Gurr is unusually intelligent among his species, although still possesses the hairpin temper that can have him going into a flight of rage over the most minor of instances he seems to have a deep fascination with exploring and understanding things that are alien and new to him.

Gurr is considered a nuisance by the guards of the Ammonite's Prison as his curiosity has him conversing with prisoners and seeing their plight often to the point of neglecting the crimes they committed.


  • Gilded Blight (↑Y + ←B) - The screen darkens and Roma summons dust particles that illuminate around as the screen lights back up the dust particles become blindingly bright, he then throws the dust which explodes repeatedly after travelling a short distance causing severe knockback.
  • Soot Star (B + ↑Y) - Summons a star made of soot above Roma's head, he throws the star at the ground causing it to explode, the dust travels for a few seconds before the impact point catches in flames and the entire cloud burns up, initially causing small regular damage and then heavy burn damage.
  • Divine Light (A + ↓Z (While in Air)) - Roma strikes the ground with a heavenly light that causes Burn Damage to anyone caught in the blast, the light pillar disappears after a few seconds.
  • α Phase: Light Speed (→B + ↓B + ←B) - Roma's speed rapidly increases as a blue aura engulfs him, his Forward and Back Attacks deal more damage however his jump is halved this lasts for ten seconds.
  • Δ Phase: Three Laws (←Y + A + ↓Y (While in Air)) - Causes Roma to be coated in a green aura, when he attacks the player can input a directional button to cause the opponent to move in that direction, this wears off after seven seconds.
  • Ω Phase: Ragnarok (→Z + ↑Z + →Z) - Roma is engulfed entirely in a black aura before it attaches to his skin, for three seconds Roma's attacks deal double damage and he takes half damage from incoming attacks, this however can only be after fifteen seconds, after the effect wears off Roma will be immobilized for a second.

Roma is an angel inquisitor, a holy being sent from the heavens above to deal with conflicts of a divine nature. His personality is somewhat overly serious although this is just a front as his serious demeanour can easily be broken by cracking a joke. He is rather ill-tempered as a result and will often attempt to re-assert his seriousness by barking orders at others even when he lacks the power to actually have any right to do so.

Roma travelled to the Ammonite's Prison to investigate the presence of the strange effects that are occuring across the prison and seeks to find the root cause as he suspects it is of divine nature, Roma is ruthless in his investigation and isn't above using hypnotism and torture to get information out of those he comes across.


  • Water Cutter (→B + →Y) - Holt charges directly ahead, converting his attacking arm into a sharp watery blade that he cuts the opponent with and deals bleeding damage.
  • Whirlpool (↓B + ↑Z) - Summons a whirlpool at the base of Holt's body which pulls opponents in and will remain for ten seconds, Holt is immune to its effects.
  • Pool Geyser (A + ↑Y (While in Air)) - Generates a geyser from Holt's body which can be aimed by using the D-Pad, it appears for several seconds and has strong knockback although low damage.
  • Adrenal Rush (→B + ←B + →B) - Causes Holt's heartrate to accelerate allowing him to move faster and causes the start-up and end lag for his attacks to be halved for ten seconds.
  • Brain Freeze (→Y + ↑B + ↓Y) - Holt sends out a freezing blast of energy from his brain which deals damage and freezes a target for a few seconds.
  • Tidal Wave (→Z + ↓B + →Z) - Holt creates a Tidal Wave in the direction of travel that has heavy knockback and keeps moving unless the player cancels the attack or it reaches the edge of a platform.

Holt is a rather unusual inmate who was originally imprisoned for offences unknown, his imprisonment however took a dark turn when four years prior to the events of the game he was taken in by the Experimentation Sector of the Ammonite's Prison where they experimented on him removing much of his original body and messing with his brain. This left Holt is a unstable condition, his body has to constantly remain in contact with the water that he is able to control, it is unclear if he was born a Hydromancer or developed the abilities however he has them and needs them to live.

Holt's mind is also irreversibly damaged, little of his original personality remains and the two dominant personalities are described by researchers as The Liar and The Monster, the Liar is the more dominant of the two and is simply named as such because Holt becomes a pathological liar, the personality seems to regard itself as being of English origin, which is true as Holt's records state he was born in London. This personality is often the one present during more safe situations and although cooperative can be difficult to manage.

His monster personality however seems to arise primarily in times of great stress and is very aggressive, and remarkably dim-witted, according to research records, this personality arose due to experimentations with artificial devices on his frontal lobe, the personality seems to be aware of Holt's memory of other personalities and thus doesn't innately attack Holt's allies although can easily be enraged by relatively minor irritations.


  • Fusion Punch (↓B + →Y) - Radii's fist glows with radioactive energy as his punches out in front of him releasing a shockwave through the air.
  • Uranium Burst (↓Z + A) - Raises his fists into the air and causes a green explosion that encompasses Radii and the nearby surrounding area, causes significant knockback.
  • Neutron Beam (↑Z + →B) - Radii claps his hands as lightning forms between his two hands, then focuses his attack forwards firing a high energy blast that deals extremely high damage but has no knockback.
  • Fission Punch (↑B + ↓Y + →Z) - Radii punches his fists together and then punches in front of him generating a more powerful shockwave than his Fusion Punch.
  • Plutonium Explosion (↓Z + ↓Y + A) - Curls up into a ball before revealing a shard of Plutonium, Radii then throws it to the ground, if it hits the ground then it unleashes a powerful explosion that causes heavy knockback.
  • Meltdown (↓B + ↓Y + ↓Z) - Radii glows bright green and seems to collapse, the attack takes out 10% of his current health before he gets back up unleashing a burst of energy within a small radius and is now on fire, for the next ten seconds all of Radii's attacks deal burn damage and are more powerful.

A strange little Arbelian that lives in the Ammonite's Prison, it's unknown if Radii was actually born in the Ammonite's Prison or had committed a crime and Radii's generaly idiotic nature makes him unreliable for such information. He is generally very happy-go-lucky and is usually too oblivious to realize the direness of some of the situations, in addition his personality can be best described as childish as he is at times oblivious to sarcasm and metaphors taking things literally.

Radii, wherever he was born grew from radioactive soil which became part of his biology as Radii possesses abilities to use radiation in ways similar to magic. Unless he is explicitely exerting radiation, Radii doesn't appear radioactive from the outside suggesting that his skin acts as a protective layer.





Damped Oscillation features a variety of items that the player can obtain in the game, these are able to be activated and de-activated in Free Battle and Multiplayer allowing the player to have no items in those modes if they want, items serve a variety of roles from supporting the player to providing them with a boost in some manner, acting as a trap for opponents and just being general causes of unexpected chaos in a battle.

Item Description
Food Rations Rations given to the prisoners, they have a foul taste that has been described as a mixture of concrete and sour milk, despite claims however the food rations do not contain any milk in them. They heal 5% of the player's total health.
Ugramoor Apple An Apple that appears from the Jungles of the Ugramoor River, their strange, bulbous shape is a result of air pockets that allow the seeds within the fruit to survive travelling in the toxic waters of the Ugramoor before settling on the banks. They heal 10% of the player's total health.
Stone Egg An egg from the Stonebirds, sentry creatures used by the Ammonite's Prison Guards, the eggs are edible although lack flavour, they're also quite hard to obtain normally as the Stonebirds are very protective of the eggs and attack even the guards. They heal 10% of the player's total health.
Guard's Armour Armour worn by the lowliest of guards in the prison, despite their low rank the armour provides decent protection from the prisoners although is a poor fit for the more elementally orientated prisoners, it reduces damage from physical attacks by 10% for five seconds.
Tesla Rod Originally the prison had Police Batons but after several Magma Sentinel prisoners kept melting them, the Tesla Rods are made of specialized Magnelluite, it is used as a melee weapon and deals Electric Damage when it strikes an opponent.
Boxer's Sword A cutlass with a grip that is a boxing glove, they originate and are primarily manufactured from Scrapheap although turn up in other environments from time to time, they're popular in the sport of Duel-Boxing, when wielded the player's can only deal melee attacks for 10 seconds although they deal significant damage.
Jack in the Bomb Appearing similar to a landmine these children's toys are often mistaken for the dangerous weapons they're based on, they deal no damage if stepped on but do cause a little bit of knockback as a result of the jack.
Bomb in a Box A military weapon that had become popular among extremists, the research division of the prison had been attempting to research methods of countering them, they appear just like a Jack-in-a-Box although instead of the toy puppet within is a rigged explosive that deals massive damage to those caught in the blast.
Liquid Ice Frog These bizarre frogs made of liquid ice, when touched they form an icy puddle on the ground, making it slippery, the puddle disappears after a few seconds, no one is quite sure where they come from, the guards believe they are a pest that was accdientally brought into the prison one day.
Jetpack Jetpacks that are used by the guards of Ammonite's Prison to move around the numerous levels with ease, they provide excellent vertical movement and the exhausts can deal Burn Damage to those below.
Super Duper Jetpack Despite its name this model has no relation to the standard Ammonite's Prison Jetpacks, the Super Duper Jetpack is an experimental device that launches the user extremely high into the air, although explodes after it reaches its apex damaging the user. If the player uses this item they will be launched upwards and will pull any nearby opponents up with them.
Gift Box These gift boxes are common gifts to prisoners and guards, their contents are entirely random however so they're normally scanned before being processed, they come in a variety of colours and patterns although there is no correlation between the look of the present and its contents.


  • The game's conception came from Inferno's idea to make a plot uninvolved from most of the Fantendoverse with minimal interference and to introduce a multitude of new characters at the same time.
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