John's younger brother.
Full Name Damian
Current Age 10
Gender Male
Location Utopia City
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
John Jerome, Joey McBoo, Witch Gypsy (sometimes)
Family and Relations
John (brother), Joey McBoo (cousin)
Main Weapon(s) Basketball, Flames
Ability/ies Fire, Smoke, Flame, Flamethrower
Vulnerable To Ice
First Appearance Double J RPG
Latest Appearance Double J RPG
"Damian Escobar Jerome" is the best friend and stepbrother of the series hero, John Jerome. He can produce Fire from his hands and cause enemies to combust. His basketball can cause 9999 damage on enemies (except bosses) if done correctly. In Multiplayer Mode, a friend can take control of Damian instead of Player 1. He is pretty strong having the second highest strength out of all the playable characters but is also the second slowest in the game. He is weak to Water Enemies and Dark Enemies but can roast away Ice Enemies such as Happy Blobs.


Double J RPG

Damian makes his debut, along with the other playable characters, in Double J RPG. Damian follows the same plot as all the other playable characters. He helps his brother John by going on an adventure with him to save Utopia City frm the evilest of evil. He even teams up with his baby cousin and enemy, Witch Gypsy. He joins John on his adventure when he see's him running off with a backpack and many kinds of fancy gears. Damian asks what John is up to and after hearing about Witch Gypsy's plans, he joins John's party. Throughout the rest of the game, Damian doesn't play much of a big part besides fighting, until the end. At the end, Damian along with Joey McBoo are set off to find John and the Witch Gypsy after they are kidnapped.