Daisy Metals (born 1967), is the mother of Leila, Ella and Benjiman and is married to Donny Metals she has great experience in making metal art and works in a money factory before hosting the Racing Drone shop in Ella-Metals Racing.


Daisy is a very patient and dominant oversupportive control freak but loving as she is "All you could want from a mother, caring, awesome and gets the job done", as described by her daughter, Ella. Although, working with money, surprisingly, she never gets that tempted, as she is thankful. It actually convinces her to be more generous and loving to others as she treats all equally.

Series Role

In the first Ella-Metals game where when the Rob Ber and Bernard Gle bank was robbed in Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life! and as working in a money factory she melted the money out of Rob Ber and Bernard Gle's apartment and then remade the money then donated it back to the bank. It's rightful owner, thus Daisy was given a promotion, to a manager.

Claim to Fame

She was the guest presenter for the very first episode of the F.F.L. Mega Match.


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