Yellow Toad's odd power-up
Original Character(s) Yellow Toad
Achieved By Touching a Super Crown
Main Ability/ies
Double jump, float like Peach, boost out of pit
Daisette (also known as Daisyette) is the name of Yellow Toad's power-up form after obtaining a Super Crown. It has yet to appear in anything.

Form Appearance

In this form, Yellow Toad turns into Daisy with gray eyes and a unique crown and dress design stylized after yellow, polka dot mushrooms. She has flower effects when using this form.


Daisyette can double jump, float in the air, and boost out from a fall to land back on a platform. Overall, it can be said this form increases Yellow Toad's abilities in the air but not necessarily anything usable for attacks or keeping herself safe in the form. When utilizing the powers, yellow flower effects appear.





  • Despite Yellow Toad not being a Toadette, all Toads are confirmed to have no actual gender/sex, with Toadette merely being a different kind of Toad.
  • Yellow Toad collects a Super Crown with orange fungi nestled inside of it, although their power-ups are identical in function.
  • The Daisyette Power-Up is merely a way to copy Daisy's appearances and powers and there is no other details to go behind the scenes. It is unknown if Yellow Toad and Daisy have a link, but probably not.
  • Yellow Toadette can turn into Daisyette as well.

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