DX Mario RPG-The Pi-antas Invade: 3.14159265 is a WiiWare game made by Nintendo and C.I.A. Station, Inc. NO EDITING WITHOUT PERMISSION!


Mario is walking with Luigi on the side of the road. Then, the Koopa Man, Krusher, runs by with a stone Peach. Luigi follows him, not knowing he'd be stone in a second. Mario chases. He takes out an item. He eats it and becomes big. Mario is on his way. He stops Krusher, who has delivered Luigi and Peach to Bowser. Mario must traverse the 7 worlds to stop Bowser...or an even bigger evil.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom

  • BOSS: Bowser

Afterward, the Pi-antas come and take the statues and flee to Isle Delfino, now deserted.

World 2: Deserted Delfino

  • BOSS: Pi-anta Gangsters

After the Pi-anta Gangsters are taken down, they flee to their ship. Mario gives chase.

World 3: Rusher Sea

  • BOSS: Sea Dragon

The Sea Dragon is taken down. The Rusher Sea is calm. And...a cruise ship approaches.

World 4: Pi-anta Cruiser

  • BOSS: Pi-anta Gangsters Improved

The return of the Pi-anta gangsters shocks Mario. Literally. Now, they are all equipped with stun guns. They are taken down, but Mario is thrown overboard.

Mini-World: Rusher Sea (A Mini-World is a world with one level.)

World 5: Dark Fields

  • BOSS: Agony Tiger

The Agony Tiger is made of pure darkness. Mario extinguishes it, but finds something behind it; the Luigi statue. Mario cannot revive it, so he takes it to the Underworld.

World 6: Underworld

  • BOSS: Pi-anta King

The Pi-anta King in the Underworld? That means... Something else awaits at Pi-anta Towers...

World 7: Pi-anta Towers

  • BOSS: Pi-anta Army

The Pi-antas are almost all taken out when the Pi-anta Gangsters ask for the un-revived Luigi statue. The final boss awaits at the portal.

Mini-World: 3.14159365 Dimension

The Pi-anta King is in his throne here. He has the Luigi statue, and the Peach statue, and they are awakening... They turn into Luigi and Peach, but something is wrong. They turn big and all...strange. Final Boss time.

FINAL BOSS: Pi Luigi and Pi Peach

The bosses are beaten, the Pi-antas dead, the world back to normal, and Luigi and Peach alive.

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