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DK Animal Racing
DK Animal Racing NVR Boxart
Developer(s) VGEN-Aka-Video Game Entertainment News
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo VR
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) August 26, 2012
Mode(s) 4 player
Age Rating(s) ERating
Available Input Template:Input

DK Animal Racing is a game from the DK Series that involve's the Animal Buddies in the series and most DK character's like Donkey Kong,Kritter & even Mario and the many other character's featured from his own series.Like Mario Kart 7,it has the three element's to race on (Land,Air,Sea) & provide's certain animal buddies on certain element's.This game include's 3 course's per cup, an adventure mode,a regular grand prix mode,and lot's of character's to play as!


At the very Bowser's Castle,Bowser is still angry when Mario had thrown him in the lava pit.He had a GPS system created by Dr. Troopa to track down his mortal enemy.He has been spotted near Jungle Square racing on a Rhino with his own competition next to him also on a rhino,Donkey Kong.Bowser has thought of making opposite's of his furry ape and his family of hairy,banana eating chimp's.Dr. Troopa suggested that he should make clone's of the Kremling's as well,considering that they have a "Unknown" connection between each other.After then,he and Bowser Jr. have created clone's of the Kong's and Kremling's.They have hired Petey Piranha & King Boo to keep control of the Albino Kong's & the Dark Kremling's(Note: Petey rule's the Kremling's & King Boo rule's the Kong's).He also sent out Dr. Troopa & Kool Troopa to keep them busy.

Playable Character's

Default Characters

Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Cranky Kong

Wrinkly Kong

Tiny Kong

Dixie Kong

Lanky Kong

Candy Kong

Funky Kong

Chunky Kong


Brown Kritter

Blue Kritter








Unlockable Characters

Lanky Kong

Candy Kong


King K. Rool



Albino Donkey

Dark Kritter

Petey Piranha

King Boo

Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser Jr.


Peel Cup Shell Cup Winky Cup* Expresso Cup* All Star Cup* Bowser Cup* Mario Cup:B* Yoshi Cup:B*
Jungle Square-L Kiddy Kong Kavern's-L Kremling Mountain-L Tree Top Island-L All Star Jungle Square-L Airship Armada-A Peach's Castle-L Yoshi's Island-L
Jolly Rodger Bay-S Bessie Bass's Under City-S Sea Salt Swamp-S The Gangplank Galleon-S All Star Jolly Rodger Bay-S Bowser's Lava Bay-S Hazy Maze Cave-S Dorrie's Under Jungle-S
Jungle Jape's-A Volcanic Sky Way-A Sky Coaster-A Rain Forest Top Way-A All Star Jungle Jape's-A Bowser's Castle-L Mario Alpine-A Shy Guy Sky-A
  • =Unlockable




B=Bonus Cup



  • Volcanic Sky Way is the name of a custom track of Mario Kart Wii
  • The all star cup is technically the peel cup backward's
  • The Bowser cup has the elements backwards unlike the rest
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