Cyan Wisp
A Cyan Wisp named Laser.
Item Type Lightning Laser
Kind of Item Wisp
First Appearance Sonic Colors
Latest Appearance Sonic Lost World
Makes transform Sonic into a Cyan Wisp and goes really fast depending the direction do you want to go.

Cyan Wisp (named Laser) is a character from Sonic Series. It's the Wisp who gives Sonic his laser form. With this Wisp, Sonic can become a laser who ricochets in mirrors and walls; and crosses glass.

Games Appearance

Mario & Sonic Racing

Cyan Wisp is an item that appears in Mario & Sonic Racing. It's a rare item that usually appears in 6th to 12th position and more common in circuits with glasses. This wips turns the user into a laser that goes very fast. It ricochets on walls and crosses glasses that hide shourcuts. At least, the racer who uses Cyan Wisps can control the kart. It's more difficult to drive it due to speed that that the kart has. The Wisp can hit other racers .

The effect of the Cyan Wisp only lasts 5 seconds and when the effect finishes, the racer will get his real form and speed.

Mario & Sonic Grand Prix

Cyan Wisp appears in Mario & Sonic Grand Prix as a rare item.


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