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CustomFighter is a 2D app-style fighter game developed by Ninkancho for the Display.


Build your own fighters to battle as in the Combatant Creator! You can customize appearances and attacks to make up to 128 personalized characters, or more if you choose to store them on an amiibo or Byte figurine. Draw sprites for each fighter on a 16-by-16-pixel black-and-white grid and customize projectiles similarly. Adjust stats for moves, and switch them between melee and ranged typing with the press of a button. Each fighter can have four moves: forward, back, up, and down; they'll attack in that direction when the corresponding move is used. Finally, fine-tune how the pugilist in question will actually handle, give them a name, and they'll be ready for use in future showdowns.

Build stages to fight on in the Arena Architect! Create and place assets to plan out your very own ring. Your creations need at least a couple ground tiles, however, and all the sprites must be distinct from one another. Insert self-made solids, hazards, and scenery, and you'll have a fine-looking field, one of 32 you can save to your system if you have no amiibo to store it on.

Finally, duke it out with your friends and foes in local multiplayer battles! All you need are at least two Display systems; your opponents don't even have to own copies of the game. There's no online play, for reasons that should be obvious. You can score points and Play Coins by winning skirmishes, and with enough points, you can unlock brand-new features that may have decisive impacts in combat. Also, because violence isn't everything, you can share your content and assets between other systems with the game installed.


  • Custom Fighter is largely a spiritual successor to Photo Dojo for the Nintendo DS.

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