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Cursed Enigma is a video game for the Wii U and 3DS created by Moonlight Studios. It involves three brothers in search of a creature that infected their friend.

Cursed Enigma Logo
Cursed Enigma Wii U Box

Cursed Enigma 3DS Box

Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure, Action
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Europe August 2012
Mode(s) Single Player, Sidescrolling
Age Rating(s) 12Rating



Image Name Description Moves
Douglas Douglas Douglas is a 14 year old boy who has aura based powers. Douglas is one of three brothers the others are Grim and Pheros. Douglas only recently discovered his powers, even though he was born with them. Douglas' powers are based around the aura he can create. This aura can be fired, morphed and controlled.
Grim Grim Grim is one of Douglas' brothers, who was merged with robot parts, when he was 12. Grim now has the power to control and create any technology he wants. Grim's powers are based around his new robotic appearance. With his technological powers, he can create and control any sort of technology to fight.
Pheros Pheros Pheros is the final of the three brothers. Pheros is the only brother not to have any powers and is the only brother that is not identical. Pheros is a skilled swordsman who can also use many other based melee items. Pheros' powers are based around his meleic skills. Pheros can use many weapons including, swords, maces, bow and arrows and bombs.
Molliy Molliy Molliy is a friend of the three brothers and was infected by an evil monster. Then, suddenly, she disappears. N/A
Nano Nano A revolutionary Shadow Being. Nano is the first Shadow Being to defy his master and join the brothers in the fight. Nano can control shadows and emit high radiation darkness.


Image Name Description
Darkness Darkness A being made up of pure shadow. Darkness was a ruthless hunter, until he was convicted to the Shadow Realm by the gods of the land. 20000 years later, Darkness escapes and is in search of his long lost master, the Master Shadow
Mateo Mateo Mateo is a clone of Douglas and Grim. He was created from one of Darkness' tendrils. Mateo was first sent to spy on the brothers, but when they realised he was there, he was sent to be a distraction.
Tooth Tooth Tooth is Darkness' pet, who accompanies him on his quests. He is a dark puppy with one large tooth.
Shadow Being Shadow Being Shadow Beings are shadow people created by Darkness whilst in the Darkness Realm. These beings have no thoughts or feelings and they only live for one purpose, to serve Darkness.
Cursed Enigma Cursed Enigma A huge warp portal which will transport people into the Darkness Realm. It can also form or change people when passed through.
The Master Shadow The Master Shadow is the Darkness' Master. He commands all shadows and darkness.


Image Name Description
Shadow Being Shadow Being A being made entiely out of shadow. They are the main minions of Darkness.
Skeye Skeye A being that has evolved from a Dragon's eye. This beings can shoot fire out of their eyes and appear in most sky levels.
N/A Noshadow Noshadow's are pure beings corupted by the power core on their planet. They can be restored to their former self with Jade Shadows.


After many years not knowing his powers, Douglas finally comes to terms with them. Although he doesn't really want them, it was a good time to get them as his friend, Molliy, is infected and kidnapped by a monster. So, along with his two brother: Grim and Pheros, they go in search of Molliy. A few minutes later, they run into Darkness, who tells them that he will rule the world with his Master and Shadow Beings and then dissolves into the air. Later, they find a Shadow Being in the main street and prepare to attack. But, the Shadow Being doesn't want to attack and informs them that he has somehow defied the orders of Darkness. He later tells them that to rescue their friend, they need to find the three pieces of the Moonlit Sphere. They decide to head out and find them.


Level Location Description
1 Bridgeport Streets A dark city with high skyscrapers and ravage beasts. The location is set in nighttime
2 Pinewood Forest A snow covered forest covered with pine trees and shrouded in mist. The location is set in nightime
3 Underground Mine A huge mine with no working mine carts other than one to the far east of the mine. This is the location of the first piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Mined Moonstone.
4 Devils Farm A small farm infested with shadow devils. The animals have also been infected.
5 Maple Plains A vast plain covered in Autumn Leaves. Ghost Shadows live here
6 Shine Stream Meadow A quaint meadow with a small stream running through it. The stream has been infected by Shadow Beings.
7 Black Cliffs High cliffs emitting high amounts of Shadow Radiation. The cliffs have cracked points which will make you fall through.
8 Mountainous Hideout A hideout inside the mountain and the location of the second piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Opal Nights.
9 Crawler Cave A dark cave infested with bat-like Crawler's.
10 Landon Wells A village with a mill, where everybody is infected by Shadow Radiation.
11 Well City A hidden city beneath the well, where many vicious creatures live.
12 Well City Underground The underground train line of Well City, where creatures kidnap people on train rides.
13 Creature Base The base where all the Creatures of Well City live, work and evolve and the location of the third piece of the Moonlit sphere - Callous Ruby.
14 Shadow Jail A jail with many floors, with problematic Shadow Being's inside some cells.
15 Blackout Island An island with packs of Shadow Wolves with many security beacons and the location of the fourth piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Sapphiric Aqua.
16 Undersea Mansion A mansion under the sea with many traps and dangers which needs the Sapphiric Aqua to enter.
17 Buried Ruins Hidden Ruins under the sea which were there before the sea was created.
18 Jagged Cliffs The underside of the Black Cliffs, with many Shadow Fish.
19 Seaside Harbour Bridgeport's only beach. The sand is a light shade of black and Shadow Crocodiles roam the shore.
20 Deadly Sewers The Sewers under the beach. A small, dirty stream flows through the centre and is the hidden entrance to the castle.
21 Hunter Castle A castle governed by King Hunter. The castle is guarded by many Hunters and the location of the fifth piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Empoleonic Amber.
22 Creature Laboratory - Ground Floor A Laboratory owned by the Creature's. Use the Empoleonic Amber to get through hidden doors.
23 Creature Laboratory - First Floor. A Laboratory owned by the Creature's. Use the Empoleonic Amber to get through hidden doors.
24 Creature Laboratory - Second Floor A Laboratory owned by the Creature's. Use the Empoleonic Amber to get through hidden doors.
25 Creature Laboratory - Third Floor A Laboratory owned by the Creature's. Use the Empoleonic Amber to get through hidden doors.
26 Creature Laboratory - Top Floor A Laboratory owned by the Creature's. It is the location of the sixth piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Topazian Medallion.
27 Hunter Field A huge field infested with Hunters.
28 Hunter Base The base where the Hunters train. Reach the bunker and use the Topazian Medallion in the small holes.
29 Flooded Tunnel The tunnel under Hunter Base, which leads you into the forest.
30 Pinewood Forest Revisited Head through the forest, which has now been infected with Shadow Trees.
31 Forest Temple The Temple hidden well within Pinewood Forest. Defeat the four Shadow Beings to unlock the final door, which is the location of the seventh piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Emerald Fires.
32 Mountain Path A path hidden in the Forest Temple, which leads to Haunted Mountain
33 Haunted Trail The alternate path to Haunted Mountain, due to the the other path being blocked.
34 Haunted Graveyard A Graveyard with many Deadorians. Defeat them all to earn the eighth piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Emberred Amethyst.
35 Haunted Mountain The home land of the Deadorians. Traverse the deadly mountainous walkways to enter the Deadorian Caverns.
36 Deadorian Caverns The Caverns where the Deadorians reside. Defeat them all and enter the dungeon.
37 Deadorian Dungeon A dungeon, where enemies of the Deadorians die and the location of the ninth piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Jade Shadows.
38 Noshadow Planet A massive planet inhabited by the Noshadows. Use the Jade Shadows to return all 30 Noshadows to normal to earn the final piece of the Moonlit Sphere - The Noshadow Diamond.
39 Darkness Realm Head through the Darkness Realm and find the remaining two pieces of the Moonlit Sphere - The Prevailing Darkness and The Iced Inferno. The first piece is in the Darkness Forest and the second is atop the Darkness Tower.
40 Darkness Sky The final battle with Darkness

Pieces of the Moonlit Sphere

Pieces of the Moonlit Sphere
Image Name Location Power
Mined Moonstone Underground Mine Provides a light source
Opal Nights Mountainous Hideout Absorbs a small matter of Shadow Radiation
Callous Ruby Creature Base Is able to cut anything
Sapphiric Aqua Blackout Island Provides air underwater
Empoleonic Amber Hunter Castle Fires a laser which opens secret locks
Topazian Medallion Creature Laboratory - Top Floor Controllable in small spaces
Emerald Fires Forest Temple Sets flamable objects alight
Emberred Amethyst Haunted Graveyard Flies around and can break any item
Jade Shadows Deadorian Dungeon Allows you to enter Shadow Radiation areas
Noshadow Diamond Noshadow Planet Allows you to form the crystals together
Befallen Curse N/A Allows you to enter the Cursed Enigma - First of the 3 pieces of the Moonlit Sphere.
Prevailing Darkness Darkness Realm Allows you to enter the Darkness Tower
Iced Inferno Darkness Realm Allows you to form the Moonlit Sphere
Moonlit Sphere Darkness Sky Allows you to defeat the Darkness

Bosses and Mini-Bosses

Image Name Location Fought Method of Defeat
Burnos Burnos Underground Mine Extinguish the flames and hit the vulnerable part on his head.
Rockos Rockos Mountainous Hideout When he performs a charge attack, dodge at the last second to makw him get his horns stuck in the wall and hit his tail.
Crystalum Crystalum Creature Base Shatter him and destroy all 25 orbs inside.
Korgaraka Korgaraka Blackout Island Destroy each part of his body.
Hunteress Hunter Castle
EyeBlob EyeBlob Creature Laboratory - Top Floor Electrocute him and attack his eye
Stonos Stonos Forest Temple Destroy all the spikes on his back.
Ghoste Ghoste Haunted Graveyard Use the lantern to burn him, so he becomes visable and then attack him.
King Deadorian Deadorian Dungeon
Blurr Blurr NoShadow Planet Freeze him and then attack his tail
Tooth Tooth Darkness Realm Attack him whilst in the light
Mateo Mateo Darkness Realm Attack him
Darkness Darkness Darkness Sky When attacking, slice the shadow tendrils off. Once all are off, attack the back side of his head.

3DS Achievements

3DS Achievements
Name What to do Achievement Points
Mine and the Moonstone Find the Mined Moonstone 20
Darkness can be good Find the Opal Nights 20
The Creatures Treasure Find the Callous Ruby 20
Secret of the Sea Find the Sapphiric Aqua 20
Laseroid Empoleon Find the Empoleonic Amber 20
Small Movements Find the Topazian Medallion 20
The Green Glow Find the Emerald Fires 20
The Flying Ember Find the Emberred Amethyst 20
Enter the Radiation Find the Jade Shadows 20
The Final One Find the Nomadic Diamond 20
The Hidden Creation Form the Befallen Curse 50
Darkness Awaits Enter the Cursed Enigma 50
When push comes to shove Push 20 Hunters off the castle edge in Hunter Castle 100
Defeater of Shadows Complete the Game 100
Speedy Shadows Complete the game in less than 5 hours 150
Strong Shadows Complete the game on Very Hard difficulty 150
Shadow Survivor Complete the game without dying once 200

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