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The Curse Vampire is one of five default classes for the Vampire team in Winged Nexus: Conflict, and the equivalent of the Fire Elemental.

Personal Information

Physical Description

The Curse Vampire has pale grey skin, as all vampires do, and pointed teeth. He has short, black hair. His body is covered in tattoos of vampiric symbols which give him the ability to curse his foes. His wings are very bat-like, as most vampires' wings are.

His default outfit is a black hood and cloak, which obscures the upper part of his face. The shirt and pants he wears under the cloak are both black as well.



Name Description Statistics Unlock
Shortsword TBA Damage: 50 Default

Primary Abilities

Name Description Statistics Unlock

Secondary Abilities

Name Description Statistics Unlock

Passive Abilities

Name Effect Unlock


Name Description Unlock


Name Description Unlock


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