Cura is an old robot from the 1980s who was recently brought back online by Unten and co. She is a character introduced in the New Fantendoverse, and is set to play a major part in it. As of Fantendo Assemble she is currently leaving at Chelsea Rench's barn along with Teresa, Ray, and Clark.


In late July of 1983, production began on building a robot girl to simulate human life. After many tests it was proven to be a pioneer of A.I, but there was a large outcry from people saying that the robot was "too real," and the world was not ready for a self-aware Artifical Intelligence. So she was scrapped near the end of production, and wasted away offline for many decades, until she was found by Unten and co. while on one of their adventures, and brought back online again.

During the events of Fantendo - Assemble, she meets Teresa, a lonely girl with a mysterious past, and the two become good friends. 


Cura is a silver and orange humanoid robot, with one of her defining features being her blue "hair." Due to being scrapped before her full completion, one of her arms is completely bare, almost skeletal.  

In 2016, she gains a minor redesign. Her only noticable changes in her look are her left arm being fixed and her "hair" being cut shorter, and being of a more cyan color. 


Cura is a cheery and happy person. While she is first confused by modern human life, she is very curious to learn about everything that goes on in the world. She also cares very much for her friends, saying that it's her purpose in life to protect them.


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