Developer(s) USOFTlogo NEW
Publisher(s) USOFTlogo NEW
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action-RPG
Release Date(s) Usa-flags October 20, 2011

Uk-flag October 27, 2011

Age Rating(s) ERating
CuBeasts is an upcoming game by uSoft. It will come out in 2011 for the Nintendo eShop. It will be avalable for $4.99.


Cubemon (Cube Monsters) are the main fighters of the game. You will collect and battle with these monsters. 56 will be in every version, and a few are exlusive to that version.

CubeDex # Name SubTitle Type(s) Evolution(s)
000 Mystica The Luck CubeMon Legendary N/A
001 Whowl The Owl CubeMon Normal Whodini
002 Whodini The Sneaky CubeMon Air Garantowl
003 Garantowl The Thunder CubeMon Electricity, Air N/A
004 Jellu The Blob CubeMon Normal N/A
005 RecRec The Candy CubeMon Normal Loppipup
006 Lollipup The Lollipop CubeMon Normal IceSicle
007 IceSicle The Popsicle CubeMon Ice N/A
008 TeTu The Ballerina CubeMon Normal Firedane
009 Firedane The Fire Dancer CubeMon Fire, Electricity N/A
010 Gnukum The Grassland CubeMon Fire Anteflame
011 Anteflame Oct. 3, 2011 Fire FlamFlam
012 FlamFlam Oct. 3, 2011 Fire, Grass N/A
013 Lethug The Slug CubeMon Normal HailSnail
014 HailSnail The Hail CubeMon Ice, Grass N/A
015 DoJo The Dodo CubeMon Normal N/A
016 Insector The Scissor CubeMon Insect Beetleaf or Beeflame
017 Beetleaf The Beetle CubeMon Insect, Grass N/A
018 Beeflame The Fury CubeMon Insect, Fire N/A
019 Tootun The Rhino CubeMon Normal N/A
020 Acroba The Magical CubeMon Magic Trampolini
021 Trampolini The Fire CubeMon Magic, Fire Ringlia
022 Ringlia The Balance CubeMon Magic, Ice N/A
023 TangTang The Silent CubeMon Normal TingleTing
024 TingleTing The Hammer CubeMon Earth TuckTickTu
025 TuckTickTu The Smash CubeMon Magic, Earth N/A
026 Beetleboar The Hybrid CubeMon Earth, Grass N/A
027 Malia The Flower CubeMon Grass Flowatt
028 Flowatt The Electrical CubeMon Electricity, Grass N/A
029 Squigpig The Squirmy CubeMon Normal N/A
030 Charm The Charmer CubeMon Magic N/A
031 Oville The Ninja CubeMon Normal Ninjinx
032 Ninjinx The Egyptian CubeMon Earth, Magic N/A
033 Jollinie The Winter Genie CubeMon Magic, Ice Hapi
034 Hapi The Happy Snow CubeMon Magic, Ice N/A
035 Sencran The Ice Dragon CubeMon Dragon, Ice Roarathok
036 Roarathok The Humungus CubeMon Dragon, Ice Imuntior
037 Imuntior The Magical Dragon CubeMon Magic, Dragon N/A
038 Twirlopod The Spinning Cubemon Normal Spintale
039 Spintale The Twirl Cubemon Normal N/A
040 Twinetail The Anger Cubemon Dark N/A
041 Daphile The Winter Crocodile Cubemon Ice Crocice
042 Crocice The Joking Cubemon Ice, Magic N/A
043 Chilhog The Roasting Cubemon Dark, Fire N/A
044 Dedede The Frost Cubemon Ice Dededum
045 Dededum The Dark Frost Cubemon Ice Venon or Ditlil
046 Venon The Venom Cubemon Dark, Ice N/A
047 Ditlil The Mysterous Cubemon Magic, Ice N/A
048 Mortico The Musical Cubemon Magic N/A
049 Flapper The Penguin Cubemon Ice Flipawa
050 Flipawa The Flipper Cubemon Ice N/A
051 Swinea The Dirty Cubemon Normal N/A
052 Twirwind The Rare Cubemon Legendary N/A
053 Didedu The Evil Cubemon Legendary N/A
054 Fierie The Flaming Cubemon Legendary Flamance
055 Flamance The Fire Dancer Cubemon Legendary N/A
056 Ultivore The Confusing Cubemon Legendary N/A

Orange Version Exclusive

CubeDex # Name SubTitle Type(s) Evolution(s)
057O Ocario The Dawn CubeMon Fire Flamnor
058O Tallve The Wise CubeMon Fire, Rock N/A
059O KingV The Royal CubeMon Normal N/A
060O Majestical The Magestic CubeMon Legendary N/A

Kelly Version Exclusive

CubeDex # Name SubTitle Type(s) Evolution(s)
057K Emeralda The Queen CubeMon Normal N/A
058K Desparck The Burned-Out CubeMon Normal WattWott
059K WattWott The Mad CubeMon Earth, Electricity N/A
060K Fireere The Fireland CubeMon Fire N/A
061K Riddlo The Puzzle CubeMon Legendary N/A
062K Carnelio The Flurry CubeMon Legendary N/A


Orange Version

A giant Earthquake shatters the Crystal Diamond. Orange is ready to collect the pieces!

Kelly Version

The tree of life is chopped down by a foolish woodcutter. Kelly must save the roots of the tree before it and everything dies.

Special Features


If you want to switch Cubemon with your Kelly or Orange versions, or want to trade with a friend. Under the "Special Features" option should be the "CubeMon Transfer Tool" which can be downloaded for free onto your system. Download it and open it. Click "System Scan" on the menu and the program will comb the system for your CubeMon programs. After the scan is complete, your personal CubeMon collection will appear in the unlocked menu option, "View & Trade Cubemon". With this you can bring your Orange-exlusives to your Kelly version, or trade with friends.

Battle! Go! Go!

Battling with friends are under this option. You can battle over Wi-Fi or local wireless, or even download play. It's simple: click the opton, "Battle! Go! Go!".

AR Markers

In AR Markers, you can view characters and Cubemon in AR! You can get AR cards off the CuBeasts ofical website. It is said you can battle with them in a submode called, AR Fight!

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