As a young boy born into the Wizard Society, he was given the art of ice magic.

As he grew older, the society kicked him out to test his independance out in the world. He made many friends along the way. He soon found himself in Downtown Sorcier, a city full of criminals, and dark magic. He joined the Card Gang and learned how to use cards to teleport, manipulate time and space, and normal everyday card tricks.

He was taken back in the Wizard Society, but no one knows he uses dark magic. Whenever he was away from the society, he hangs out with the gang and raid villages.


He is very sadistic, despite his sad eyes. He enjoys the pain of others (usually by invading villages), he is not savage though, he can reason and bargain with others. Whenever with the wizards, he is respectful but he also thinks highly of himself which gets him to unexpected trouble.

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