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Crusaders is an upcoming fighting game on the Nintendo Switch by Epsilon Productions, marking their first original game. It is set to be released by 2020.


Crusaders has a weird gameplay style. Mainly that there are two types of specials you can preform, and B is a guard button.

Button Commands
Button Command
A Normal Attack
B Guard
Y Special A
X Special B
Plus Button Pause
Minus Button Pause
ZL Special A/Super
ZR Special B/Super

So yeah, you have two types of specials. You got normal specials (Special A) and you got heavy/EX specials (Special B). They are only used for the neutral and side specials, so yeah. Also Special B takes some away from your super meter but not much. Oh yeah, the super meter. It functions more to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage To The Future. You can build it up to 10 levels, but there are four levels of Supers which leads us to the super meter. There's a super meter in this game. You activate it by pressing ZL, ZR, or both. However, there are 4 levels. Level One requires one bar and is the weakest, but a good Combo Reset starter. Level 2 requires two bars and can be deadly if preformed at the right time. Level 3 requires three bars and is the most used due to it being a easy Combo starter and nothing else. Maybe it's just more powerful than Level 1? Then there's Level MAX with 5 bars and more, so now it's not limited to like 5 bars and that's the only bar you can preform it on. It can ONLY happen if the enemy is at 25% or lower, and it's cinematic.


Yeah, there's not much. General Zachary Weber wants to take over the world using robots and the fighters in this game, besides his ally, are trying to stop him except for one who just wants to overthrow him with spooky magic that is never truly explained what it can really do but also has another ally at his side who uses the same spooky magic. But the worst thing Captain Z did was raise taxes on Aspen (a fighter we will get to soon.) There is no unique story mode for each character, they just fight these dudes to get to Captain Z. However there is a cutscene right before that goes into the fight between the character that has a fighter in the cutscene. But then it just goes in the order your about to see below until the ending part, which is kind of odd because there's a character where that is his beginning fight so he has to fight them again and you can play as Captain Z and his ally so when he gets defeated his story mode ends. But that's pretty much the story but lets go to the characters.


There are six characters default, while six more are unlockable. Four out of the six are unique, while the other 2 are clones.

Default Characters

Didja Moveset
Hailing from the deep dark laboratory of Captain Z, there lies Didja! The Magnetic Marvel, as he is called in the story mode, is a rushdown character that is based on Magnetic Balls. He can have the magnetic force repel them or attract them. He can disable his arms at a point only for the arm punching them in the face or back and coming back to him, which is his main gimmick. He also reaches the longest so try to out run that one. Neutral Special A: Magnetic Twist

Didja repels the magnetic ball in his abdomen, and his arms go out. His upper body then spins around, receiving some height, to hit them multiple times before going back to normal and his ball going back into his attraction state.

Neutral Special B: Liftoff
The EX version more resembles an airplane taking off. It's the same preparation, but the new thing is that he takes off like an airplane. He then loops and crashes to the ground and reverts to normal.

Side Special A: Headbutt
Exactly what it sounds like it is.

Side Special B: Heart Laser
Didja opens up his chest armor, and reveals a beam that fires weak-ish. Nothing else.

Down Special: Lunge Kick
The Japanese name is called "Luffy Kick," of all things. So Didja crouches down and kick REALLY far, because it's the same range of the grab. Didja then comes up and does an upward kick, this can be combined with the aerial version of Headbutt (because they all have aerial versions if you activate it) to make a combo starter.

Up Special: Floaty bomb
Didja pulls out a sticky bomb, throws it, and it can stick there. He can activate it whenever he wants with the ZL trigger, so be warned. It can a really good trap in air but it can only go in air. I think they called it "Floaty bomb" for a reason.


  • LEVEL ONE: Didja opens up his chest armor again only with more guns that can shoot you, which combined makes it stronger than usual (and by that I mean it's medium damage).
  • LEVEL TWO: Didja gets a giant magnet ball-like bomb that sticks on the enemy and stops and blows up. This can be easily avoidable if you run away from it when it unsticks.
  • LEVEL THREE: Didja gets out a Rocket Launcher (because why not) and fires it to lock on the enemy and it explodes. It is a bit stronger than Level One, but is easier to start a combo with.
  • LEVEL MAX: Didja throws his abdomen and throws it to a generator far away, and he gets a ice sword apparently (probably by his friend who uses ice) and slashes the enemy a bunch of times until they get to a generator and the sword melts. He runs away as the generator explodes, and his abdomen ball returns to him before it explodes.
Captain Z. Moveset
The big baddie, the menace of the story, Captain Z! Full name being Zachary Jürgen Weber, he's a general hosting a robotic army. But due to this and wanting to defend himself because his muscles are made of paper, he did the most logical thing possible. He has the power of transferring his soul into robots. So he's a tag team character, and it'll be annoying to deal with. Because it's a clone of Z. Neutral Special A: Bait n' switch

Captain Z pulls out of a shotgun and shoots it, but then throws out a grenade for it to explode. As soon it reaches the ground, it explodes. And it's always underhanded.

Neutral Special B: Trap n' shotgun
They ran out of ideas to call Special B, so they named it this. Where ever the robot is, it will grab the target in a distance of Z's grab (which is extremely small) and Zachary shoots the shotgun a total of three times. If it still fails, Zachary fire the shotgun anyways.

Side Special A: Tackle
Z tackles you to the ground, and if you get caught. Z pulls out a pistol and shoots you in the face.

Side Special B: Camping Grounds
Z pulls out this big cylinder and puts in on the ground. But really, it's a nuclear bomb that explodes in 5 seconds out being planted.

Down Special: Gun Blitz
Z crouches and brings out two pistols and shoots above him multiple times. This can be deadly since once someone gets in the air with Captain Z, they are immediately screwed due to Captain Z keeping up a good aerial game to create an infinite until they reach the ground.

Up Special: Rocket Power
Z sets up a RPG that can only go upwards and fires it. That is all you need to know.


  • LEVEL ONE: Captain Z gets handed a mini-gun and fires it. This can be effective if pulled at the right time.
  • LEVEL TWO: Captain Z sends out a ninja robot that he has that just strikes once. It can be really, really, painful if pulled correctly.
  • LEVEL THREE: The robot that he switches out because he's a tag team character grabs the opponent and he shoots him a bunch of times. Zachary is just a shoot-fest at this point to be honest.
  • LEVEL MAX: Z says "Auf mein Kommando, feuern Sie jetzt!" Speaking in german, which translates to "On my command, shoot now!" All of his forces then start attacking you, and I mean all forces. Every single unit just comes at you trying to blow you to bits simultaneously, and Z says something again. "Servus!" Which also translates to, "Servus!" Then you die as he is cackling as he has won over you.
Aspen Moveset
With Didja, you can't always be alone. Sometimes, you need a friend to get you through sometimes. Aspen is usually there to give him ice stuff, but at a limit. You must recharge your ice powers through placing ice down while you run (which is him on skates) and then crouch to regain some. But he isn't really the best, as he is a heavyweight. Neutral Special A: Icicle Crash (kinda)

Aspen creates an ice sword out of mid-air and stabs in into the ground, for some icicles coming down above. If this is used on ice, the sharp things casual ice user use. Creating sharp things.

Neutral Special B: Sword Boomerang?
Aspen creates the same ice sword and spikes it towards the wall. If the opponent gets in the way, the sword retrieves towards him and melts. However, if the sword bounces of the wall. It breaks and sharp icicles go towards the opponent.

Side Special A: Stray Snowball
Aspen opens his abdomen region to have a bubble of dry ice fly out of it. It can just freeze the opponent, but be careful. It can hit you and remove all of your ice, so your gonna be stuck with neutrals a lot.

Side Special B: Ski Swords
The weapon he's seen with in his character portrait only appears here except for the Level 2 super. He makes his ski swords do a icy X slash that can freeze the opponent too, but no removing all the ice if you get hit by the attack.

Down Special: Icy Waves
Aspen crouches and makes a throw sort of think like someone throwing a ninja star. Then it makes an ice wave, this can be repeated up to five times.

Up Special: Ice Needle Storm
Aspen creates a needle storm made of ice slanted to the right. This is probably the second most avoidable attack, right above it is Stray Snowball since it travels slowly.


  • LEVEL ONE: Aspen fires 3 Stray Snowballs that target you, it's unavoidable trust me.
  • LEVEL TWO: Aspen gets his ski swords out and repeatedly slash them, and afterwards they freeze and take damage slowly for some reason.
  • LEVEL THREE: Aspen fires a bunch of ice spikes and then one big spike in the middle.
  • LEVEL MAX: Aspen calls over Didja and Didja forces the enemy to stay stuck between his abdomen ball, while Aspen keeps slashing the enemy. Didja puts in ten floaty bombs on him and explodes. Didja then goes away as Aspen throws a fist in the air for victory.
Brandon Moveset
The now-tallest man (at least in the game) on earth is here. He likes to collect phones, and has a parasite on his head. He is more of a mixed Grappler, with more aspects of an All-Rounder and a Rushdown. He doesn't really fight himself, he just let's the parasite do it which causes sort of a Captain Z sort of thing. If you like tall characters, he's the one to get unless your ok with his hard-to-learn nature of his combos. Neutral Special A: Sharp Draining

Brandon's parasite fires a spikey rat tail looking thing, and the longer the button is pressed the more health you gain back.

Neutral Special B: Biting Force
The parasite chomps, and when he chomps he chomps hard.

Side Special A: Poison Daggar
The parasite slides that rat-tail thing (that we will refer to as the spike) under Brandon's shirt. Brandon then grabs with his right hand, as the spike pops out of the right sleeve and stabs the enemy. This can have poision damage if held long enough.

Side Special B: Hair Needles. Why.
The parasite sends out 5 Hair Needles that cause minimal damage each. Together, they have a pretty medium impact.

Down Special: (Not really) Poison Swing
Brandon uses his parasite to make a poison boomerang. But really it's just energy, and it isn't a boomerang

Up Special: Drill-o Drill-o
Brandon takes multiple of those spikes, and drills them into the sky.


  • LEVEL ONE: It's just Poison Swing, but with more cinematic and it's bigger
  • LEVEL TWO: The parasite expands and chomps a bunch of times, and spits out a puddle of poison.
  • LEVEL THREE: The parasite gets bigger again, but this time it makes arms out of the spikes and repeatedly punches.
  • LEVEL MAX: Brandon does the poison daggar move, but this time it drills through the head. Then after that, all of the spikes just go through till you can't even seen the body. Brandon says, "This will be my meal for today..." And then he devours you by his parasite.
Eline Moveset
In Scandinavia, there is a private art gallery. But there is a rumor, that at night it comes alive. Turns out Eline owns this gallery and the rumor is true. She spends day and night just doing this, so there's a very important mechanic called Drowsiness. The longer the fight drags on the drowsier she gets. This will usually happen around 33 seconds left in a match. She's the zoner of the game. Neutral Special A: The Gun

Eline pulls out a gun and shoots it, nothing else.

Neutral Special B: Moon Man
Eline grabs a painting out of her backpack, and this thing called Moon Man appears. He has a cane, and so he shoots you from the bottom of the cane. Moon Man then goes back into the portrait, and Eline puts in back in her backpack.

Side Special A: Reused Painting
Eline gets another painting and throws it to the wall. The painting will then have an over-sized pencil pop out and go back in.

Side Special B: Migration I Think
Eline will give a signal, and then a bird-looking monster comes down and dive-bombs the enemy. This can actually be easily avoided. This is a being created by a painting, by the way.

Down Special: Trap Door
Eline puts down a painting that doesn't do anything, until the enemy steps on it. The painting then opens a trap door and punches them from below. You can only place one.

Up Special: Flight Man
Eline gets out Moon Man's painting, only for a bird-man basically to fly up. The bird-man then flies down into the painting, and Eline puts it away.


  • LEVEL ONE: Eline gets a painting out, to only have a larger hand from Trap Door to punch you.
  • LEVEL TWO: The same move from Migration I Think, but this time the bird lands on high impact.
  • LEVEL THREE: Aerial Man comes out of the backpack, and does a karate chop that always misses. The damage is from he sends razor sharp feathers toward you.
  • LEVEL MAX: Eline gets out the Moon Man painting for the third time and the actual Moon Man comes out. He possesses the enemy, and knocks them down to zero in three hits. Eline then calls Moon Man back, as she just works on another painting.
Sca'v'aada Moveset
Captain Z is back at it's creations, and did something monstrous. Imagine a velociraptor man that has a long neck and is almost the size of Brandon, and can move so fast that he can lift someone into the air with a rapier with multiple strikes in less than 4 seconds. So yeah, and he studies some sort of Mayan demon magic and something. He is one of the fastest characters in the game and is technically a dynamic character. He wears heavy armor to hold him down, too. Neutral Special A: Bravo! Oh bravo!

Sca takes out his rapier and slashes it, really nothing else. There's an extremely rare chance that if your shield breaks (because it will), he will actually say "Bravo! Ooooh bravo!" And then claps.

Neutral Special B: Nija'ca
Sca creates 8 magic bullets and targets them all at you. Thankfully, you can avoid them.

Side Special A: Nija'ca enhanced Bravo
Sca goes up in the air, and enhances his sword by giving his sword magic. And then he slams it down right to the ground.

Side Special B: Nija'ca curse
Sca grabs you, and spits in your face. After that, he still grabs you but you have the insignia of Nija'ca on your forehead. You will take 3 hits, before he lets you go. This enables him to do twice as much damage when he attacks for at least 20 seconds.

Down Special: Another boomerang?
Sca makes a Nija'ca scythe thing that acts like a boomerang, except it never comes back to him. He even says, "Why doesn't this work?!" Every time, in anger.

Up Special: Usual Magically Enhanced Uppercut With A Sword
Aka one of the longest attack names ever, but it's self explanatory. He just magically enhances his sword to uppercut.


  • LEVEL ONE: Sca jumps up in the air, to make another Nija'ca scythe. Only he throws it to the ground with a huge explosion
  • LEVEL TWO: Sca creates a swarm of magic pellets, as they come after you and does that Nija'ca curse thing.
  • LEVEL THREE: Sca removes all of his armor, similar to Silver Chariot, to move incredibly fast. The whole thing actually slows down exept for Sca, to where it takes almost 16 seconds to just take a step. It lasts 32 seconds to before a good combo.
  • LEVEL MAX: There are two versions, actually. The first is where Sca sends out the great spirit of Nija'ca to doom them to a watery grave with shadow magic. The second is during his armor off skill, where he does something incredibly powerful. He enhances his sword, and then actually flies the enemy up into space with his rapier in less than 4 seconds. Then he summons 14 shadow balls, to then slice you to bits. And finally he sends the shadow balls, for him to actually puncture the SUN. He then goes down to earth, as he puts his armor back on.
Quentin Moveset
Quentin is an interesting fellow, and that he has a power of bells. He uses bells as an attack, where he can modify how loud they ring. So he's gonna be wide ranged, and he's really just a regular. But can I mention he wears a giant bell on his head? Neutral Special A: Bell throw.

Quentin just throws a bell out, for it to ring loudly in your ear.

Neutral Special B: Energized bell
Quentin magnifies how loud the bell is, and throws it only to literally shoots electricity.

Side Special A: Yeah, that's gonna cause a headache
Quentin bangs his head on you, where it can do the same thing as the energized bell.

Side Special B: That's gonna give a concussion
Quentin first does his Side Special A, and then grabs two bells and rings them. Finally, he energizes another bell and throws to to the ground.

Down Special: Protection
Quentin throws a bell to the ground to ring it loud, as it dissipate slowly.

Up Special: Energized bell EX
Quentin rings a bell upwards, as it shoots a lot more electricity.


  • LEVEL ONE: Quentin swarms you with bells that come back to him, as he finishes it with an electric shock.
  • LEVEL TWO: Quentin starts to ring a bell a lot, and then releases one big electric shock. This can be ruined easily.
  • LEVEL THREE: A bells lands on you, as Quentin starts to kick it. The more he kicks, the more electricity bounces off the bell. After it's done, he then just throws another bell at you.
  • LEVEL MAX: Quentin goes onto a roof and starts shaking another a lot, and for a long time. As soon as he finishes, he tosses it towards you. Then there's just a big lightning storm all against you, as Quentin rings a bell in victory.

Unlockable Characters

Shaman Gabor Moveset
The originator of Nija'ca has been revived from the dead, but this time has been modified by Sca'v'aada to strike quicker and strike harder. For example, he doesn't use his regular weapon but a literal maraca like instrument that fires Nija'ca pellets. He's the Bayonetta of this game, as he relies on combos but is more of a zoning dude. He's mainly considered a Bayonetta due to the fact that he basically has a Master Mummy shield.

Unlock Criteria: Beat Arcade Mode with Sca'v'aada

Neutral Special A: Those pellets again

Gabor fires multiple pellets (which are technically Nija'ca bullets) that act like a wall, but can be avoided.

Neutral Special B: Median Mode
What Quentin uses, Gabor fires a pellet to turn into an electric strike.

Side Special A: Tracking Snakes
A snake falls down from Gabor's leg, as it goes to you and bites you. This can be fired up to six times and is avoidable if only they couldn't go airborne.

Side Special B: Influence
Gabor throws up a bag of weird purple powder, and has a pellet puncture it. If any of the dust gets on you, the Nija'ca curse activates but this time health will also be slowly drained (and when I mean slow, it's very very slow).

Down Special: Gabor Toss
Gabor tosses this stick maraca thingy, and it swings around in the air as he catches it. But it actually spawns another boomerang that sends them far back.

Up Special: Supreme Pellets
Gabor raises his stick maraca thingy up and high, as a bunch of faster and powerful pellets reign down from above. This is considered by Sca'v'aada the purest form of Nija'ca, but not the strongest form of it.


  • LEVEL ONE: Gabor makes a storm of Supreme Pellets to reign down, but it goes on for a while and can be avoided.
  • LEVEL TWO: Gabor makes one big Tracking Snake, as it launches at you. It hits you multiple times unless the person stops hitting the button.
  • LEVEL THREE: Gabor combines the Level One and Level Two
  • LEVEL MAX: Gabor strikes the enemy with his thing and talks about some stuff, as the room goes black. He then says, "Bring out the true beast." As a giant Manticore made of Nija'ca flies to earth, and it causes massive destruction. As in all of the inner planets were affected and turned into even more desolate wastelands. Gabor just fades away after this, for an unknown reason.
Psi and Mu Moveset
Psi is a blind man, unable to see and only has one guy to protect him. That being a bat named Mu, which uses Echolocation to guide Psi around the stadium. He mainly uses a dagger as his main weapon, with some punches and other stuff (well not in specials). He mainly is very precise in every action due to Mu and can cancel out of every attack to do another. He can be extremely powerful if done right.

Unlock Criteria: Use Eline to Finish 25 online matches with a Level Max super

Neutral Special A: Dagger

Mu goes behind the enemy to push the enemy forward, for Psi to attack it.

Neutral Special B: Small, sharp knife
Psi throws three knifes individually, and then follows up to him running up and stabbing the opponent.

Side Special A: Divebomb
Mu goes into the sky and divebombs the enemy, and then turns around to divebomb the enemy again and then go back to Psi.

Side Special B: Somehow this happens
Mu spins around Psi to get out his knife, which somehow makes him makes a tornado around him so he can slash the eny a bunch of times while spinning around. I just don't know anymore.

Down Special: This isn't Megaman, for sure
Psi slides Megaman style, that's it.

Up Special: More small knifes
Psi throws three knifes upwards, as Mu reflects the down to the floor. And then Psi fires three more at the same time upwards again, but in different directions.


  • LEVEL ONE: Psi fires nine small knifes, but they're separated in threes and fires in different directions. The ones that go upwards and downwards are reflected by Mu to hit the targets.
  • LEVEL TWO: Mu somehow makes a big screech that can damages the opponent, and then Psi slices him.
  • LEVEL THREE: Mu becomes mutant and slams the opponent to the ground, as he kicks him over to Psi who slices him again.
  • LEVEL MAX: Psi blind the opponent with his knife to have him be blind, as the screen turns black to only have a white-colored model of the enemy. Mu does his echolocation thing which gives a brief image of the two as he does the same thing in the level one super. Psi says, "Look over here!" And goes for the chest, as the screen turns back to normal. Unlike every other Level Max in the game, Psi and Mu just do their regular victory poses.
Hector Moveset
Hector is (believe it or not) the only Captain Z ally in the roster. Anyways, he's a scientist that works for him to build his robots. But he's a semi-clone of him due to him not being the best fighter, but not being absolutely paper unlike his boss. He is considered to be one of the worst in the game at launch, but due to him having his meter rise up so quickly he became one of the most used in the community.

Unlock Criteria: Beat arcade mode with Captain Z

Neutral Special A: The Blinding Shot

Hector takes out a plasma-gun and throws it at the opponent for it to explode.----

Neutral Special B: The Forcefully Blinding Shot
Captain Z jumps out to put a Reverse Bear Trap-like thing to keep the opponent still, as Hector just does Neutral Special A.

Side Special A: It's A Bomb
The exact same as Captain Z's Camping Grounds, nothing special.

Side Special B: Explosive Material
Hector sprays this weird powder on the enemy with no damage, but if you do the move again the opponent explodes.

Down Special: Drone
Hector sends out a little toy buggy that stops in it's tracks to bring out it's secret cannon to fire at you, which can be dodged easy.

Up Special: Sci-fi Rocket Power
The same as Captain Z's Up Special.


  • LEVEL ONE: Hector orders something, and a huge crate gets dropped on the opponent, yet again easy to dodge it.
  • LEVEL TWO: A helicopter comes down and shoots a bunch of times, and goes away after that.
  • LEVEL THREE: Captain Z grabs the opponent for Hector to get a laser knife out and stab the opponent.
  • LEVEL MAX: Hector runs away to some computer as Captain Z tackles them to the ground, to put that same Reverse Bear Trap-like thing on the opponent's head with it being wired to the computer. Hector types in some codes as a countdown shows up as he hits the alarm, having Z and Hector to get away. It flashes back to the counter as it hits zero, and it then flashes back to Z and Hector. Captain Z says, "Gute Arbeit, Hector." Hector nods and then they just walk away.
Sweeper Moveset
Sweeper is the first sign of alternate universes which heavily influences the lore of Crusaders later on. This is an alternate universe Didja, called Canyanot originally, whose universe was destroyed by this guy Mirror Man (who is implied that is the alternate universe Moon Man) and uses time travel to travel alternate universes by going into this space that looks like a timeline and branches off into major parts thus making these weird glitch effects. Yeah it's confusing, but she (yes it's a she) is considered the worst character since launch but unlike Hector she never went out of that position.

Unlock Criteria: Defeat 50 enemies in Eternity Mode

Neutral Special A: Heavy Kick

Sweeper gets ready in kick position and charges up, and then kicks.

Neutral Special B: Transmitted Heavy Kick
Sweeper teleports behind the opponent and then does the heavy kick.

Side Special A: The Hand
Sweeper goes and teleports behind the opponent again to slap him or her and then activates a grab where she punches them.

Side Special B: Multi-run
Sweeper makes 7 of herself, as they strike once in the vertexes of a octagon before going away. The original gets the last strike and goes back to normal.

Down Special: Cloning Kick
The same as Didjas Down Special, but she makes a clone of herself to make up for not having the magnetic element.

Up Special: Command Grab
Within Sweeper's range, she can do a command grab where she bounces you all over the room that's similar to Cell's Command Grab.


  • LEVEL ONE: Sweeper creates a scythe to slam to the ground and cause a shockwave.
  • LEVEL TWO: A big ball of this time spawns through a portal that's a blackish green with a silhouette of Mirror Man pushing it, while Sweeper looks back surprised.
  • LEVEL THREE: Sweeper transforms into this thing she calls, "Candle Lighter Mode 4." Anyways, it's the Golden Frieza of this game so there's nothing much.
  • LEVEL MAX: Sweeper transforms again into Candle Lighter Mode 4, but does her teleport and merges into the enemy, so she then runs to a big city as she sets a timer for 8 seconds and then goes to the center of the big city as there's an extremely huge explosion as just her head lays. But she heals herself up Meta-Cooler and just teleports to another universe.

Clone Fighters (Unlockable)

Crusaders doesn't hide the fact that these two characters are clones, so they just outright say it. They are considered Clone Fighters, kind if taking the Echo Fighters concept, and puts a gray filter so light you probably won't even notice it the first time.

Beast Sca'v'aada Tweaks
The combination of Oni Gabor (who we will show soon) and a 100% Super Nija'ca powered form of Sca'v'aada. He somehow has red hair and is more buff and beastly with his two giant swords. He shares some similarities to Oni Gabor, but really that's it.

Unlock Criteria: Beat Arcade Mode with Sca'v'aada with all perfect rounds

  • Most of his animations include an shadowy purple aura including he does more damage, emphazing that this version is more powerful
  • His moves that include the sword has been modified to include both swords and a manticore appearing after the attack
  • His Level Max has been extremely modified, where he shoots a short beam that purposely misses the opponent. He then reveals that he sent it to the center of the universe where it gains impact so fast it creates something called "The Dream," in which where the whole universe comes to an end in it's void as it conjures both of him and the opponent in The Dream.
Oni Gabor Tweaks
The "key" to life, as quoted by the one and only best raptor cultist created from a experiment Sca'v'aada. This is what pure Nija'ca does to you, it turns you into a power-hungry beast that wants to just control everything. Anyways on to what he looks like; he's stripped down to his pants but has a oni mask on his head that somehow has glowing greenish yellow eyes with some super magic markings on the skull. He has these stripes of fabric surrounding him, with some red bandages on his hands, plus he has more magic markings on his body. But yeah that's pretty much it besides the maraca turning into a ring that does damage and he now can fly at will.

Unlock Criteria: Beat Arcade Mode with Shaman Gabor with all perfect rounds

  • A lot of his specials now are very different on animations, like his pellets hitting harder and go faster due to them evolving into supreme pellets.
  • Due to not having his maraca thingy, his other animations have been reworked due to the ring so his pellets come out of his ring.
  • The snakes in his Side Special A have been turned into Manticores and go faster than before, also attacking by stinging you with their tail and then biting for some reason.
  • Finally, his Level Max has been changed again. It now involves him going up close for him for him to break his Oni Mash which causes a black beam to go through the opponent and causes for him to go out while the beam is still going, which consumes the galaxy in this black ball. Gabor decides to fly in there, which causes The Dream to spawn again and spreads faster than Beast Sca'v'aada. The end screen is just a black space with those stripes of fabric that surrounded Gabor just flying around.



The Online mode is separated into a few parts. Ranked, Casual, and the variants with tag teams. Well it's online, but I should talk about the tag teams. You can have 3 members in a tag team, with one special thing. If Sca'v'aada is on your team, your team will get a boost in defense when Nija'ca curse activates. And by that, you will get a good ol' Shaman Gabor shield. One huge critism to the online mode though was that there was no ranked mode which can be hectic. That's pretty much it, though.


Believe it or not, there's an arcade mode. It's the same as Street Fighter 2's single player mode, where you just go around fighting people because it's your job. You do get a special cutscene explaining their origins, or at least it's why they are in this game. Beast Sca'v'aada and Oni Gabor are the only ones that don't have a cutscene.

Didja and Aspen

Didja and Aspen's special cutscene is where he just messes around Aspen's room (really it's a basement), as Aspen tells him to quit due to him planning some sort of fighting ring. Didja keeps on doing his thing, as Aspen grows bored. At night, Aspen remembers that he has to pay his taxes. He notices it's higher than usual, and finds out that Captain Z's army as rose the cost to pay them. Aspen decides he wants to get his taxes back to normal, so he take Didja along to stop him. Yes, they are only wanting to stop them because of taxes. I know, it's stupid.


This is a cutscene where he just sits in his bed doing nothing except humming Wily Fortress 1, until he gets a call (multiple calls since he has so many phones he keeps at once) from his friend who's outside of Captain Z's fortress. He says to come there immediately under every circumstance so Brandon does that. He gets up, only to bonk his head on the ceiling. Well, he doesn't even notice though. Anyways, he puts his regular clothes on and decides to drive there.


So remember how the last two were fairly tame? Yeah, this opens up with Sca'v'aada drilling his finger into Quentin's arm. He mainly talks to him about defeating Captain Z for a high reward and trying to force him to teach him the ways of Median Mode to revive the great Gabor. He accepts trying to defeat Captain Z, but says no to the Median Mode thing which causes Sca'v'aada to drill harder into his arm. Sca just gives up and forces him to go and defeat him or he will die, which Quentin runs away to defeat him immediately after he says that.


You'd probably expect Sca'v'aadas opening cutscene to be the same as Quentin's opening, well no you wouldn't but it's different from his ok. So it opens up with Sca'v'aada looking out on the horizon on the walls of the Ring Of Nija'ca with him wondering if Quentin will come back in one piece. He decides he won't come back in one piece but still stays there until he hears screaming from below, where Captain Z himself and his soldiers are taking his followers hostage. He decides to , still, look at the horizon as he captures every other person. He didn't seem to mind but then one of Captain Z's soldiers threw a ball on his back which causes him to jump down and initiates the first fight of his Arcade Mode, Captain Z.


It opens with Eline painting for a little in Misty Mansion until gunshots are heard, where she freaks out and runs out of the place for her to see that the battle is actually far away as a wounded soldier is crawling away. She merely face palms as the soldier calls his friend. She goes back inside to paint for a little (again) as she hears a knock on the door, to where she comes to the door and opens it to only see Brandon. At this point, Eline was getting annoyed already and decided to summon Moon Man to try and kill him off. Brandon doesn't respond to this nicely and then the first battle of her story mode initiates with a fight against Brandon.

Captain Z

The cutscene begins with Hector running up to Captain Z to educate him on this new source of he found called "Nija'ca." Captain Z, fairly curious, decides to let him talk about it by nodding his head. He tells him it's the sign of the manticore and has the power to destroy the universe as we know it. This is a fairly inaccurate description if this was to Sca'v'aada, but Captain Z said enough and asked where the place where most people study it in very loose english. Hector deciphers what he said despite him knowing german so Z didn't need to do that, but he said near Grande Cascade de Gavarnie. Captain Z already makes his plan, and then goes into this futuristic aircraft that can trap people easily. He drives the car and heads somewhere around there for him to find Sca'v'aada on the walls of where he kept his followers, unguarded, and so Z captured ever single member and one of his soldiers thought it was funny to throw a ball on Sca'v'aada's back. This did not make him happy as he jumped down and dashed towards him to initiate a battle between him and Sca. Trust me this will become a trend now.


So when every follower of Sca'v'aada got captured, one dying old man was able to stay where he was. Now they Z and Sca were battling on the surface, the man went to a shrine and started to summon someone. He put some weird bones down, as he started saying this code which probably summons him. After he finished his soul was LITERALLY dragged out of his body as the bones came together to make an actual body, as it stood up on it's own. The mans soul became everything else even his clothes as it made Gabor. This confirms one thing, that the Gabor we see is not the same Gabor that Sca'v'aada admires. He noticed that he has a stick with some bags that has beans in it where he decided to shake it. This caused those magic pellets that he always uses in his moveset, to where he goes out and (get ready) climbs on the sides of the waterfall hoping he doesn't fall. Wow, what genius IQ there Gabor. Anyways he obviously falls and in panic he shakes the thing about 10 times. A portal spawns which leads him to Bloom Battlegrounds in a gang fight. He kills them all pretty quickly with his pellets, and then Psi strikes him through his heart with Mu leading up behind turning mutant and slamming him to the ground. You'd expect him to be dead after his heart being stabbed and all of his bones, but he shakes it off as nothing. A battle initiates between them, but with you having 25% of your health gone due to what happened before.


This is an interesting one, as it demonstrates some stuff she can do. Sweeper is in Final Space, as the robot flying Final Space sends coordinates to the earth on Universe 1120-B (aka the universe that Crusaders take in). She freaks out and tries to get it to not do that, but it's too late as it programs it in and sends it to the ship. She lands and she's between the battlefield that Eline saw from a distance which is Captain Z's human soldiers versus some other force. She has no side so she merges herself with an enemy and goes kaboom (this takes after the first fight of Eline). Every soldier dies, so she has the power to control her explosions. She sees something in the distance and it's Didja & Aspen with Aspen creating an ice path above ground. Aspen creates an ice baseball bat and whacks her with it, which causes her to point at him which creates a extremely big beam which they dodge. Then the fight commences with Sweeper vs Didja & Aspen.

Psi and Mu

Psi and Mu just rest on a cherry blossom tree, which everyone else doing gang fights. Some group decides to tease him, as Mu goes and threatens them by becoming Mutant. They back off, as Mu goes back to normal and be with Psi again. The only thing you can hear is wind and people screaming in agony. Until Mu sees something (which is Gabor) crashing out of the sky, where he picks Psi up and carries him to the sky. Psi tells him to divebomb now and he does as Psi gets dropped and stabs the mysterious thing in the heart while Mu turns mutant and smashes him into the ground probably breaking all of his bones. Psi is fine and Mu turns back to normal, as the thing gets up fine and grabs the knife out of his heart. It's revealed to be Gabor and the first fight commences between them as Gabor only has 25% of his health gone.


Hector is the same as Captain Z up until he plans stuff, where he goes to his lab to work on this universes Canyanot. After the ship leaves in Z's cutscene, Oni Gabor appears in his lab like he's from the future. He just goes toward at him, as a fight with Oni Gabor happens with his health being cut in half. But here's the only one with an ending, Oni Gabor explodes as Hector decides to drive just a futuristic aircraft to help Z fight against Sca'v'aada.


Just a thing to note here, you have to be in a duo with someone. So you can pick whoever you want to pick as your second character, but canonically everyone is fighting at once. Alright you may continue

Alright so whoever has fought will end up in Captain Z's lair with him and Hector waiting for you where you fight them as a duo. After you are done, Captain Z will run away dragging away an unconscious Hector with him and Z accidentally says that the generator is in the bottom floor in loose english again. This ends Z and Hector's story mode by the way. If you are playing Sca'v'aada or Gabor, after that you will become a duo and transform into your clone selves. After this, every other character has to fight a gauntlet of unfinished robots that are clones of your characters activated by Z in hopes of stopping you, where the clone duo (aka Oni Gabor and Beast Sca'v'aada) fight a big robot that has Aspen's moveset with the ice being replaced with Nija'ca. This is also where their story mode ends, as the others finally reach the generator where clone duo are in their forms so you have to fight them. They actually die easily as they are weak against you. Gabor fuses with Sca, creating something called The True God which it's moveset is a mix between Oni Gabor and Beast Sca'v'aada. You fight against that which is actually pretty hard that you'll die on your first time. As they are defeated and the body begins to melt away, Gabor jumps out at the last moment saving himself as he goes through a portal back in time which explains Hector's first battle in his Story Mode. Anyways, the ring is still on Sca so he can't handle it and distorts reality into this really absurd version of Final Space as your character looks at the core completely made of The Dream. Sca'v'aadas empty body lays as the rings go around him creating the pure version of Nija'ca that was Gabors Level Max super. It wasn't The Dream, it wasn't the power of going lightning fast, it was this. The final boss, which is The Lion's Pride, represents the greed of more power as it plays you like a puppet. The ring is the greed as Sca is the puppet, but that doesn't call for an hard boss fight. So after you defeat it, a glass effect happens to where it cuts with a smoke effect to Sca is laying on the ground unconscious right next to Captain Z with an eye and arm lost. Along with that, Hector is dead with some violin playing in the background. It then goes to black as it explains what happened. Eline, Aspen, and Psi make the group Crusaders to help worldwide supernatural threats with Psi learning some magic to make him more like Hit. Psi trains a bee named Killer, with him explaining that Mu permanently turned into a mutant bat. Didja, without a place to call his own now, joins Quentin to work with the company that he's partnered with who also works for Crusaders. Eline now hosts her own painting display to show what her things can do, as it's kinda a mix between a zoo and a painting gallery. Sweeper finds her people again and convinces them to live on the earth which does good for the community there. Gabor is second in control of the clouds as the gods up there thought he has a second chance, and he's doing great at his job. Brandon continues to fight on the streets, but decides to do it for championships now. Even Dan Hibiki shows up to demonstrate an example of what's happening with him. While all they get happy endings, some don't. We cut to an underground place where Sca is being hooked up to this machine as Z appears before him with a new arm and eye. "Guten tag, Sca'v'aada," Z said to him as he became furious at him already. "Ich habe nie erwartet, dass du aufwachst." That translates to him never expecting him to wake up as he tries to fire a blast at him, which doesn't work and causes the machine to extract it. "Jedes Mal, wenn Sie Ihre Magie benutzen, extrahiert die Maschine sie." Which means the machine extracts his magic and gets even more furious at him, now trying to get out. "Auch wenn Sie nach Ihrem linken Auge fragen. Ich nahm es, weil ich mein Auge verlor, damit ich bekommen konnte, was ich brauchte." And that translates to he took his left eye because he needed it. Sca struggled more with Z walking away to a door, to where he tried to do his Level Max and caused a big shock to him. It was so much that the position he got shocked in, it stayed like that with his eyes whited. "Servus," as Captain Z closed the door and stays for a little bit after he closed it where it's just dark. Then the credits roll, with it saying "The End?" With a few seconds forward, with Sca'v'aada staying where he was with it then saying "5 years later." The End starts to fade out as it zooms in on his right eye as his whited out eye finally went back to normal.


This mysterious robot who is revealed to be Sweeper, traps you in this alternate universe to where you can only fight these things called Shadow Soldiers which resemble Merkava from Undernight In Birth mixed in with some Voodoo Vince vibes but has Psi and Mu's moveset without Mu so you can probably imagine that. Pick a character and go into this nightmare where it's just you and a horde of enemies after you. Anyways, it's just Abyss Mode from Rivals Of Aether if it only had one enemy on screen at a time. It tenses up already when you hit 20 enemies where they start to become harder but yeah that's it, it only serves to unlock Sweeper.


There are 11 stages total playable, because one is just a variation of it so it's technically 10. These have stuff happening in these stages that are unique to every single one.

Name Description
Misty Mansion

Home stage of Eline

With permission by the owner of the ruined mansion, Eline has this as her private art gallery. This stage mainly takes place at night when all of the painting people are free. They usually just cause mayhem around the place until a night guard notice, and then mess with the night guard. Nothing else happens other than that.
0145 Steel Avenue (Normal and Winter)

Home stage of Didja(Normal)/Aspen(Winter)

Instead of the place being a stadium or something, it's the basement of Didja and Aspen's home. Usually it's blank unless Didja and Aspen are there. Didja usually messes around with Aspen's stuff when he's out fighting, while Aspen just usually works. When they are both on screen, Aspen desperately tries Didja to calm down. The same goes for the variation (that is a separate stage), where everything is in ice. It's just that Didja usually falls down more.
The Throne Room

Home stage of Captain Z

Where Captain Z observes the army while Hector in the lower floors creates robots so he can transfer his conscious into if he needs it. It's an empty room with canisters upon canisters of robots and a throne that can swirl around. Right behind (or in front) of the throne there's a huge window that can simultaneously turn into a screen with his future technology that we always see in sci-fi. But it's just another throne room of the big bad, to put it short.
Alley Of Parasites

Home stage of Brandon

For someone as curious as Brandon, he usually find himself having fights with random strangers in alley ways due to many reasons that even the police can't explain. To the point that this happened so much in one certain alley that they named it "Alley of Parasites," and people started challenging him to fights. Anyways, it's your usual dirty alley with a lot more trash bags than needed
Ring Of Nija'ca

Home stage of Sca'v'aada

Finally, the first stadium in the game! Anyways, you know that arena in Black Panther where you get introduced to whatever trial of the panther where there's a waterfall? Yeah it's like that but the people that are followers of Sca'v'aada and there is a ring which is at the sides of the arena that can cause more wall-bouncing. But yeah it's pretty much just that.
Ring-Rong Tower

Home stage of Quentin

With Quentin being an associate of a big company, they made Ring-Rong Tower as a way for him to practice. And not at like the middle, at the top where it's one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world but not at the very top. Right before there's an area with a bell and that's where the fight takes place which is pretty much it.
Underground Summoning Room

Home stage of Shaman Gabor

The exact room where Gabor was revived, using the parts of his skeleton to create him again. It's your generic summing room with jungle cave, with people summoning monsters/Nija'ca users that they shouldn't without permission of Sca'v'aada. It kinda shows what beasts of Nija'ca or who used Nija'ca looked like and how they acted which can be pretty interesting.
Bloom Battlegrounds

Home stage of Psi and Mu

Bloom Battlegrounds, known as Iota's Blooming Stakeout Area, is where Psi and Mu do most of their training in these pink trees. But yeah it's beautiful and you fight near a small lake... if only it wasn't surrounded by punks in skull masks and the whole area was bathed in blood. Yeah it's also a hunting zone for people, I'm not kidding.
Z's Research Lab

Home stage of Hector

The birthplace of Didja, Aspen, Sca'v'aada, and Sweeper technically. It's what you expect out of a lab. Canisters, robots being built, etc. I mean it's not dark for once, it's actually pretty light. And to point out something, there's a big machine that looks like a portal that could mean that's how Sweeper really got there.
Final Space

Home stage of Sweeper

Final Space portrays more or less a generator by a crystal surrounded by a green aura, with a glass container around it. And that has a computer like it can travel to something, where the actual room is steel-plated with the windows outside having a galaxy-ish look. A robot will traditionally show up and program some coordinates and the windows show a planet until the robot sets it back.


  • Didja is voiced by the same person who did Helix in ARMS.
  • Since Captain Z is so weak, the robot that assists him actually holds the mini-gun to get a higher angle for him then just to the ankle.
  • Brandon is recorded as 3 Meters tall in the game due to his parasite growing his height a bit too much. That's roughly 9 feet and 10 inches.
  • Sweeper's name originates in the canon of how many people she killed trying to find a way to defeat Mirror Man to get revenge, but she doesn't get the answer due to no one knowing who Mirror Man is so she just kills people for sport to an outsider's view.


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