Cruis'n Through Time
Developer(s) Toucan
Publisher(s) Nintendo Midway
Platform(s) Arcade (Nintendo Zeus), Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Driving
Release Date(s) Arcade

Flag of USA May 8, 2013
Flag of Europe May 12, 2013
Flag of Australia May 14, 2013
Flag of Japan May 20, 2013

Wii U

Flag of USA November 12, 2013
Flag of Europe November 13, 2013
Flag of Australia November 13, 2013
Flag of Japan November 20, 2013


Flag of USA October 25, 2013
Flag of Europe October 30, 2013
Flag of Australia November 1, 2013
Flag of Japan November 2, 2013

Mode(s) Single player


Age Rating(s) ERating 7Rating CERO A BBFC U OFLC G
Media Included Nintendo Zeus hard drive, Nintendo Wii U optical disc, 3DS Game Card
Cruis'n Through Time is an arcade game developed by Toucan and co published by Nintendo and Midway in 2013. It was released in arcades on May 8, 2013 and ported to the Wii U and 3DS during the holidays. The arcade version came in three different types of cabinets: a 32 inch screen deluxe sit down cabinet with motion, a 27 inch screen sit down cabinet, and a 22 inch screen upright cabinet.



  • Steering Wheel - Steer car, menu selection
  • Gas Pedal (right) - Accelerate, confirm selection
  • Brake Pedal (left) - Brake
  • Radio - Change song, speed up menu timer
  • Start - Start game, use turbo
  • View buttons - Change camera viewpoint
  • Shifter - Switch gears when using manual transmission

Wii U

  • B - Accelerate
  • Y - Brake
  • X - Change song
  • A - Turbo
  • Left Stick - Steering
  • Control Pad - Change camera viewpoint
  • L or zL - Shift down
  • R or zR - Shift up
  • + - Pause game


  • B - Accelerate
  • Y - Brake
  • X - Change song
  • A - Turbo
  • Circle Pad - Steering
  • Control Pad - Change camera viewpoint
  • L - Shift down
  • R - Shift up
  • Start or Select - Pause game


The gameplay in Cruis'n Through Time is similar to it's predecessors. Players can choose from 14 different tracks and race to the finish while passing checkpoints. Up to 4 machines can be linked.


You can perform wheelies by tapping the gas twice. You can also perform side wheelies by sharply turning the wheel while tapping gas.


You can perform stunts by popping a wheelie while on a ramp. You can also do a helicopter spin by sharply turning the wheel at the end of the ramp. Performing stunts will add more time. Stunts also add turbos.


Turbos are earned by performing stunts or collecting turbo powerups on the track. Press the Start button to use your turbo.


Cruise Through Time

Race through all 14 tracks, back-to-back.

Nintendo Network

Race against other players around the world. You can also check the leader boards for the best times.


Race through some all-new circuit style tracks.


Perform stunts in an arena to earn points.


Practice your driving skills alone on any track.


Configure various game settings.

Drivers and Vehicles

  • Robot - ZX4200
  • Cave man - Rock Roller
  • Knight
  • Mutant fish - Tanker
  • Sumo Wrestler
  • Hippie
  • Cowboy - Wild Rider
  • Frankenstein - Haunted Hauler

Extra Vehicles

These vehicles can be selected by pressing the View buttons while on the character select screen

  • Speed Buster
  • Road Burner
  • Lawn Mower


There are 14 different tracks to race on. Only 13 of them are available by default. There are also some classic tracks from the previous Cruis'n games.

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