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Crow vs the World is a video game created exclusively for The V². It stars Crow as she takes on some past enemies set out to destroy her under the umbrella organization known as R.O.S.E as well as conflict with the United States military.



Crow vs the World sees you controlling Crow from a third person perspective. You hack and slash through enemies using your katana, although you may have to make use of other weapons later on during the game. The katana blades can be executed through a tap or holding down the katana will allow you to execute an explosive, atom destroying strike.

You will have to execute some moves using the V2Action Blue.png button. These allow you to use "Reaction Blues", timed attacks that require tapping the button at the right time to execute a powerful reaction attack. Each reaction blue is unique but easy to execute if you have good timing.

Crow can also execute slides that trip enemies onto the ground or allow her to get under some crevices. She also has the ability to taunt and earns taunts during the game's duration. The player can customize these taunts at any time. They have various effects on enemies depending on what kind of taunt they are.

The player obtains BloodMoney.pngBlood Money by defeating enemies. Blood Money comes in the form of red coins and can be used to buy alternate outfits, taunts, and more.


This is basically the main mode of the game and it follows a narrative where Crow faces off a bunch of her past enemies and some opposition from the military. More details to follow!

Arena Battle

Playable Characters

Story Characters

Image Info


The main character and likely the only one you'll be playing for the most part. Crow has unbelievable sword skills but really sucks with guns. She can slice bullets mid-air, cut atoms to cause them explode, or deflect melee attacks with her sword. Although fast and incredibly dangerous, she doesn't have a lot of health so you have to keep your distance.


Unlocked after beating the entire game one time through.

Arena Characters

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Crow's even more wilder sister, almost considered feral. She crawls on all fours and attacks with her teeth and claws, very wild and violent.



Image Info

Sour Note

This enemy floats in the air, singing a note. This guy harms Crow if it touches her, but he's easily dispatched and lets out a lovely note that is intended to sound like a harmony if Crow quickly defeats a ton of them.

Cherry Note

This enemy floats in the air, singing a note. They explode if they come in contact with Crow, so dealing with them at a distance will explode them safely. When they explode, they let out a sweet not that sounds like a harmony if more than one of them explodes.

Synthetic Note

This enemy floats in the air, singing a note. They speed towards Crow at lightning fast speed and can be blocked or dispatched using a Reaction Blue command. When reflected, they bounce around making synthesizer sounds but if destroyed using a Reaction Blue command, they make a wonderful electro harmony.

Hanging Note

This enemy hangs on a wall or ledge, singing a note when they leap off. These hang on ledges and anywhere they can stick and wait for Crow to do a surprise jump attack. Crow can easily take them out with her sword or attack from a distance. They let out a long note that can be combined for a wonderful hanging harmony.
Spicy and Span.png

Spicy and Span

This enemy lazily trudges around on it's slug-like body before it runs towards Crow in a ball-like form. Hit it to hear drum-like sounds and cause it to explode in a spicy explosion for a maraca harmony.

Ethereal String

This enemy flies in the air, singing a haunting melody. They can't be blocked or attacked, requiring you to slide past them or avoid them entirely.


This enemy charges at Crow if it sees her. Blocking it will send it flying a bit back but not damage it. The key to beating this three-legged charger is to attack it from behind.


This is enemy is very fast, and tough to hit. Their HP is usually low, but their defenses are high and they often yield large amounts of Blood Money. Water attacks are their weakness.


The enemy floats in the air, attacking with telekinetic powers. You have to get up close fast, as any range attacks he'll likely see coming and counter them.

Olympus Mon

This enemy seems to be from another planet, with three orange crystals circling it that attack with lasers if it feels threatened. A Reaction Blue command can reflect the lasers and destroy it.
Pinkazz Core.png

Pinkazz Core

A stationary enemy that calls for enemies if Crow attacks it. Since Pink Diamondback is running some kind of generator to keep her boss door closed, you're gonna have destroy these.

Crystal Fairy

Flies near Crow before backing up a bit and releasing a ring of energy projectiles that can be dodged. Reflecting them doesn't do anything except reflect them back so you have to attack the fairy just after it releases a ring of projectiles.


Attacks with lighting bolts and projectiles from afar very slowly but the closer Crow gets to it, the quicker it attacks. You'll want to attack it from a range.


This rat-like creature rolls on top of a ball made of thunder, running towards Crow to give her a shocking steam-rolling attack. Crow must attack the creature on top with a Reaction Blue command or a jump attack.


This four-legged creature stabs at Crow with it's tail but can be blocked. The player must counter it's attacks after blocking fairly quickly in order to defeat it.

This creature made of energy blobs attacks by merely touching Crow. Crow can't attack it back. It grows bigger if it finds another to join with, but becoming too big will cause it to explode.


This creature flies towards Crow, attacking her with touch due to it being made of energy. Using a Reaction blue command, Crow can slice these guys in half, but they often come in droves.

Marble Pawn

A slow moving enemy that only moves when Crow does, but attacks on contact. Keep your eye on them or they'll probably surprise kill you.

Coal Spitter

Spits at Crow with hot coals that can be dodged or blocked, but not reflected. Fighting fire really isn't Crow's forte, but they're best to be drowned down with water attacks or several hits with the blade.

Cybo Cooker

Blasts blue fire from it's mouth and walks towards Crow. A Reaction Blue attack is needed to jump over them and flip them under, causing to them to melt themselves.

Fire Wisp

Don't touch this one or it'll explode. Crow should use ranged attacks or trick it into hitting something else in a fiery explosion.
Laval Splotter.png

Laval Splotter

A mobile volcano that spits lava upwards. Crow can't really attack these guys from above, so it's best just to dodge their flames.

Slithering Flame

A snake like creature that can breathe fire once it's charged. Crow must watch out for it's fire breath and can use a Reaction Blue attack to behead it.


A mobile enemy that attacks with it's short range claws and will light Crow on fire if it catches her. It's weak point is the torso and it's so rusty that they can be taken out in a small amount of hits. However if Crow is caught by them, they can easily be one of the most deadliest foes in the game.

Catcus Jack

A mobile enemy that walks around, waiting for Crow to appear within it's radius to throw it's own head at her. Their heads can be deflected back, but they will explode in a shower of needles if Crow fails to deflect.


Blasts psycho balls at Crow if they see her, sending three at a time with a small delay between each. They hide in the tiles of the level before floating up and attacking. Their shots can be deflected and they have very small amounts of health, shattering almost instantly if Crow manages to attack them.
Horus Oribtor.png

Horus Oribtor

A floating enemy that cannot be hit, as it constantly flips it's almost 2d perspective to avoid Crow's katana and projectiles. It stays in place and alerts enemies of Crows presence. It disappears when all the enemies it's summoned are gone.

Golden Eye Guard

A sleeping enemy that is awakened if Crow makes too big of a noise near them. They are super damaging and must be avoided if possible. It has a lot of health but can be defeated with just the katana.


A standing enemy that won't move unless you topple it over and roll it. It'll still try and hurt you by using it's spiked cactus arms. It's cute, but it's incredibly weak and almost too cute to kill. Almost.

Golden Templar

A floating enemy that casts magic at Crow, turning her briefly into gold that causes damage that stacks the more she's stuck under the gold curse. Crow can hit them with her katana and they have moderate health.

Hidden Raven

A mobile enemy that can fly a bit into the air. They have a lot of health and Crow has to attack them through most of the level, as they will come down to attack before fleeing again. They drop a lot of Blood Money.

Mark Guy

A Shy Guy with physic powers, they like to cast magic shields that absorb projectiles to become stronger. Crow can easily cut them up with the katana.

Masked Spiketall

A enemy that walks around, swinging it's spiked tail. Crow cannot hit from behind but can hit it at any other angle, so it's a matter of getting it when it turns.

Masky Imp

A imp wearing a mask, running towards Crow at a very fast speed. They come in groups and Crow must relinquish them all quickly before they dog-pile her.


A floating enemy that spits out green flames, creating flame traps and attacking Crow with projectiles that can be deflected to kill the Talimask.

Bomb with Arms

A enemy that crawls towards Crow and stops to explode. Crow has to dodge them the second they begin ticking or suffer serious damage. Crow can throw them to explode at other enemies.


A artificial dinosaur with guns for arms. It fires at Crow and has quick reflexes. It can dodge Crow's attacks, but Crow can potentially use a Reaction Blue right afterwards to knock it to the ground.


Floating enemies that explode when they get near Crow. They float downwards and start ticking before they explode. Unlike Bomb with Arms, they can't be thrown.


An artificial dinosaur that has a missile launcher on it's back. It fires missiles at Crow from afar and attempts to run her over if she's close to it.


The Trencher can hide in it's "pot" and avoid being damaged upclose by Crow, requiring projectile attacks to be killed. When Crow is far away from it, it throws grenades at her.

Ice Yeti

A sleeping enemy that when awakened, breathes ice shards that freeze Crow temporarily before going back to sleep. Crow slides back before unfreezing, preventing it from annoyingly looping. They can be taken out before they awaken.


Spin and slide around the ice, throwing icicles at Crow. They can be taken out fairly easily but create slippery icy surfaces wherever they go, so the faster they're taken out the better.


Often above Crow, Palmfreezes spin around, tossing snowballs from above and horizontally. Crow can spin it into another direction, making it dizzy and then cut it down. A cut down Palmfreeze can damage other enemies as well.


A very slow enemy that is hidden away. Although very weak, it drops a lot of Bloodmoney. It can be found on the walls and ceilings and can be hard to hit.

Sno Thro Man

Sno Thro Man throws snowballs at Crow but cannot move. They throw faster the closer Crow is to them. Crow has to block their shots as she goes towards them to avoid taking damage.
Thundro CvtW.png


Some kind of strange alien that F.A.N.T is utilizing as a foe for Crow. Lightning courses through out their body, meaning that only ranged attacks can be used against them. They can hover over gaps, allowing Crow to shoot them and cause them to lose their flight abilities.
Tranqy CvtW.png


F.A.N.T's unofficial mascot: the tranquilizer dart. R.O.S.E has crafted these creatures to attack and paralyze Crow by ramming their horns into her. Crow can easily deflect their attacks with Reaction Blue and send them flying the other way.
MaskedGoon CvtW.png

Masked Goon

Hired goon from R.O.S.E that Heroman was meant to take out, but also target Crow. With the intention of getting the two of them to fight, having them take out the same targets seemed like the best solution. Masked Goons are pretty basic and only attack targets nearby with their shabby and short-ranged knives. Crow can take them out pretty easily with most of her moves.
Clawmeister CvtW.png


A robot mass produced to look like a crab person. Crow should probably avoid making obvious cuts with her katana or other melee weapons, because Clawmeister will grab it and Crow will have to Reaction Blue out of her way of a attack. Their legs create powerful kicks that have to charge, but will send Crow flying back if they land.
SuperchargedFlame CvtW.png

Supercharged Flame

A hot to the touch character that will burn Crow if she makes contact with it. It chases after Crow, so Crow needs to keep away from it while attacking; she can either use ranged weapons or weapons with a longer reach.
TheFollyofMan CvtW.png

The Folly of Man

A disgusting disfiguration of a group of teens that crossed Black Eye's path. They have been transformed into this lumbering creature that only attacks if it's being attacked, but you have to kill it in order to proceed. Unfortunately for these trapped together teens, Crow has no moral qualms about getting through them.
Pointer CvtW.png


A blue hand that's falling apart that is unwillingly feeding two worms. It can direct these worms towards Crow to entrap her as it fires at her with hand bullets. Should the worms fail, it'll fire at Crow until it gets close enough to her attack her with their tail. Stay away from them and dodge their bullets.


Image Info/Unlock Conditions

Game of Bill Killing Suit

Boosts Crow's reaction time and blocking by 0.3%.

Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Equinox Dress

Boosts Crow's rhythm and sliding by 0.3%.

Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Twilight Suit

Boosts Crow's speed and strength by 0.3%.

Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Isobelle Clothes

Boosts Crow's speed and rhythm by 0.5%.

Defeat Isobelle.

Pink Diamondback Clothes

Boosts Crow's air-time and grapple by 0.5%.

Defeat Pink Diamondback.

Bang Crimson Clothes

Adds FLAME aspect to Crow's attacks, giving her a 1/10 chance to set enemies on fire.

Defeat Bang Crimson.

Scarab Robes


Defeat Scarab.

Lydia Kukla Dress


Defeat Lydia Kukla.

Lexi Larsen Clothes

Boosts Crow's strength and speed by 0.5%.

Defeat Project LL.


You can assign four taunts to Crow to use. Each taunt has a certain aspect (Moody, Show-off, Fierce, or Flirty) to it that makes bosses or enemies react to slightly differently.

Name Info/Unlock Conditions
Gruntwork Pulls down on her eyes and grunts in frustration.


Unlocked at the start.

Holster Shuffle Laughs as she places the blade back in it's holster and then takes it back out.

ASPECT: Show-Off

Unlocked at the start.

Blade Chew Gnaws at her blade.

ASPECT: Fierce

Unlocked at the start.

Lickblade Licks her blade.

ASPECT: Flirty

Unlocked at the start.

X Roar Crosses her arms in a X and then releases them, roaring.

ASPECT: Fierce

Buy it for BloodMoney.png300.

Superhero Land Lands on one knee and knuckle, kind of like that typical pose superheroes land when they jump.

ASPECT: Show-Off

Buy it for BloodMoney.png300.

Slap Dash Violently slaps across her face while looking really upset.


Buy it for BloodMoney.png300.

Tongue in Wink Winks while sticking tongue out.

ASPECT: Flirty

Buy it for BloodMoney.png300.

Rock Crush Crushes a rock in her hands.

ASPECT: Fierce

Buy it for BloodMoney.png400.

Sword Juggle Tosses her sword in the air and juggles it quickly three times.

ASPECT: Show-Off

Buy it for BloodMoney.png400.

Orange Spit Takes a bite of an orange and spits out, disgusted.


Buy it for BloodMoney.png400.

Both Sides Rubs her sides downwards towards her waist.

ASPECT: Flirty

Buy it for BloodMoney.png400.

Chest Pound Pounds on chest like a gorilla.

ASPECT: Fierce

Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Watermelon Slash Throws a watermelon into the air and cuts it up aggressively.

ASPECT: Show-Off

Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Finger Gun Turns her hand into the shape of a gun and holds it against her head, only to completely screw up "shooting" it.


Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Watermelon Crush Crushes a watermelon with her thighs.

ASPECT: Flirty

Buy it for BloodMoney.png500.

Claws Out Grows three claws between her hands similar to Wolverine, only to reveal that she was just pushing spikes between her fingers.

ASPECT: Fierce

Buy it for BloodMoney.png600.

Atom Fireworks Cuts a bunch of atoms quickly, creating small explosive fireworks.

ASPECT: Show-Off

Buy it for BloodMoney.png600.

Ground Kick Kicks the ground.


Buy it for BloodMoney.png600.

Watermelon Crush Crushes a watermelon with her thighs.

ASPECT: Flirty

Buy it for BloodMoney.png600.

Rose Unsheathing Pulls out her katana from a rose box.

ASPECT: Fierce

Buy it for BloodMoney.png700.

Live Bird Eating Eats a live bird.

ASPECT: Show-Off

Buy it for BloodMoney.png700.

Dead Fall Falls to the floor on her back with her arms folded.


Buy it for BloodMoney.png700.

Rear Slap Slaps her butt.

ASPECT: Flirty

Buy it for BloodMoney.png700.




Crow vs the World Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions
CrowvstheWorld CrowBadge.png
Crow (Default) Badge
Begin your first level.
CrowvstheWorld SourNoteBadge.png
Sour Note Badge
Defeat one Sour Note.
CrowvstheWorld CherryNoteBadge.png
Cherry Note Badge
Defeat one Cherry Note.
CrowvstheWorld SyntheticNoteBadge.png
Synthetic Note Badge
Defeat one Synthetic Note.
CrowvstheWorld HangingNoteBadge.png
Hanging Note Badge
Defeat one Hanging Note.
CrowvstheWorld SpiceandSpanBadge.png
Spicy and Span Badge
Defeat one Spicy and Span.
CrowvstheWorld EtherealNoteBadge.png
Ethereal Note Badge
Defeat one Ethereal Note.



  • The boss selection is a homage to the Megaman games.
  • Scarab was the last boss to be decided for Round 1 and replaced an entirely different boss (Captain K. Star) that became the mini-boss for her section.
  • This is Fuchsia's first appearance since 2014. Crow vs the World incorporates many of the ideas that were originally going to be in Cell Division.
  • Syande was meant to be boss for Round 2, but was replaced with Black Eyes and Werine instead.

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