Crossover Attack is a "umbrella" Author appeal crossover fighting game. It is for the Wii U, Steam and the 3DS.

Character Roster


Image Name Series Description
130px-NsmbMario Mario Super Mario
NSMBWiiPeach Peach Super Mario
Bowser NSMBW Bowser Super Mario
183px-Sonic 110 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog
223px-ASR Tails Tails Sonic the Hedgehog
AmyLondonOlympicGames Amy Sonic the Hedgehog
180px-PikachuDP Pikachu Pokémon
501Oshawott Oshawott Pokémon
495Snivy Snivy Pokémon
CAR FRIEND Jay The Inbetweeners
IzumiKonata Konata Lucky Star
Mokona Mokona xxxHOLiC
Watanuki Watanuki xxxHOLiC
Moss milk Moss The IT Crowd
Jen Jen The IT Crowd
RainbowDash2 Rainbow Dash My Little Pony
TwilightSparkle Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony
493px-PinkiePieHiRes Pinkie Pie My Little Pony
Light Light/Kira Death Note
Ryuk Ryuk Death Note
Hakufu Sonsaku Hakufu Sonsaku Ikkitousen


Image Name Series Description How to Unlock
200px-Rosalina SMG Rosalina Super Mario Play as Peach 15 times
BowserJr. Bowser Jr. Super Mario Play as Bowser 15 times
1111yoshi Yoshi Super Mario Play as Mario 15 times
567px-Rivals knuckles Knuckles Sonic the Hedgehog Play as Sonic 15 times
Rouge Rouge Sonic the Hedgehog Play as Tails 15 times
Cream2 Cream & Cheese Sonic the Hedgehog Play as Amy 15 times
Dawn Dawn Pokémon Play 15 Matches as Pikachu
Ruby Sapphire May May Pokémon Play 15 matches as oshawott
Touko Hilda Pokémon Play 15 matches as snivy
Neil Neil The Inbetweeners Play 15 matches as Jay
Tsukasa Tsukasa Lucky Star Play 15 matches as Konata
Miyuki Miyuki Lucky Star Play 15 matches as Tsukasa
Yuko Yuko xxxHOLiC Play as Mokona 15 times
Doumeki Doumeki xxxHOLiC Play as Yuko 15 times
Zashiki warashi Zashiki Warashi xxxHOLiC Play as Watanuki 15 times
Himawari Himawari xxxHOLiC Play as Zashiki Warashi 15 times.
It2 Roy The IT Crowd Play 15 matches as Moss
Richmond Richmond The IT Crowd Play 15 matches as Jen
Applejack Applejack My Little Pony Play 15 matches as Rainbow Dash
Rarity Rarity My Little Pony Play 15 matches as Twilight Sparkle
640px-FluttershyHiRes Fluttershy My Little Pony Play 15 matches as Pinkie Pie
L death note L Death Note Play as Light/Kira 15 times
Misamisa Misa-Misa Death Note Play as Ryuk 15 times
Shimei Ryomou Shimei Ryomou Ikkitousen Play as Hakufu Sonsaku 15 times


Image Name Series Description
Tom rock Tom My Little Pony Makes an opponent carry the rock, slowing them down for 20 seconds.
Elements of Harmony Elements of Harmony My Little Pony Deals 40 damage to all opponents(RARE)
Zap apple jam sandwich Zap Apple Jam Sandwich My Little Pony Heals 5 damage
Assist Trophy Assist Trophy Super Smash Brothers Summons an assist
A Death Note Sidoh's Death Note Death Note Deals 50 damage to selected opponent. (RARE)
Gelus saves Misa Gelus' Death Note Death Note Heals the user completely (RARE)
Rem writes in Death Note Rem's Death Note Death Note Deals 10 damage to selected opponent.

Assist Trophies

Image Name Series Action
N preferer posture Near Death Note Deals 20 Damage to opponent.
Cadance Princess Cadance My Little Pony Shoots opponent with magic, dealing 30 damage.
CutieMarkCrusaders Cutie Mark Crusaiders My Little Pony Crashes a cardboard cutout onto the opponent, trapping them until they press a 25 times.
Spike S1E24 Spike My Little Pony Breathes on the opponent, teleporting them to another part of the screen, much like he does with Twilight's letters to and from Princess Celestia.



Image Name Series Description
The Castle, From the inside Canterlot Castle My Little Pony Inside of the Canterlot Castle
Shinigami-realm Shinigami Realm Death Note The Realm in which the Shinigami live in.


Image Name Series Description How to Unlock
Near in wammy's house Wammy's House Death Note "Wammy's house", where children are brought up to become the next L. Play in the Shinigami realm 15 times
Saw Saw the Ride Thorpe Park/Saw Thorpe Park's 100° rollercoaster. Play 15 matches


This game's gameplay is similar to the online of Grand Theft Auto IV, where each player can go around all of the area, unlike 2D fighters like Mortal Kombat where you only go in a line.

Wii U

On this, without online, you can only have two people playing (and CPU). One on the Tv, and one on the gamepad. You can also go online.


On Steam (PC) you can only play on single player (against CPU), or online.


The 3ds version is similar to the Steam version. This uses spotpass, like Mario Kart 7 for the online, or if you select it, you can use 3DS download play (but only with starter characters and locations)

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